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In the fifth episode of season two, John Cruft & Dr. Del visit the land of temples - Cambodia. They speak to a local ELT manager about their transition from teaching to management before discussing their own ideas and solutions for some common challenges. Enjoy the usual country quiz!
In the fourth episode of season two, JC & Dr. Del visit the land of smiles, Thailand. They speak to Alex Taylor about his rapping teenagers, before discussing the difference between projects and project-based learning. Also, see how JC does in Dr. Del’s tough country quiz. Enjoy!
In the third episode of season two, JC & Dr. Del visit the land of noodles, coffee and motorbikes - Vietnam. They speak to 2 local teachers about their take on creativity before discussing their own ideas for creativity. Enjoy the usual country quiz!
In the second episode of season two, John Cruft & Dr. Del visit Indonesia. They speak to talented teachers there, discussing the differences among error, mistake and slip. Meanwhile, they dig further on what kind of strategies should be used against these three types of situations faced by teachers in the classroom. And as usual, enjoy the Indonesia quiz.
In the first podcast of season two, the academic duo John Cruft & Dr. Del speak to local master trainer Nurhezrin Anuar about the CEFR in the Malaysian primary school context, considering a variety of challenges for teachers raised by transition to new curriculums and alignment with the CEFR. Also tune in to listen to Dr. Del challenge JC with his Malaysia country challenge quiz.
In this NILE (Norwich Institute of Language Education) special John chats to Johanna Stirling (Online academic manager, NILE) on their 3 city China tour. Johanna discusses the what, why, when and hows for the flipped classroom to help teachers get started. Mixed in with a few practical tips and useful websites. Check out the ideas here and start experimenting with new ideas for the Flipped Classroom. What’s your experience of the Flipped Classroom? Have any great tips or activities? Email John:
When and what to teach in the early years of language learning is a topic of much debate. In this upgrade podcast, John talks to author Caroline Linse about the four key areas of early year’s development. Caroline defines what is meant by cognitive, socio-emotional, physical and creative development and puts forward a few tips for the classroom.
What is a global classroom? How does culture affect training? How do Chinese government schools approach training? What is a TEFL Lemon? …and who is Alan Partridge? In this Upgrade, John & Jake finish their journey around the world with interviews from fascinating trainers from all over the globe. This is our longest and most ambitious episode yet. There is a lot to hear and to spark ideas for you on your own training and development. Check out part 1 to give you some further background and fascinating insights. Part 2 features: • Tracy Yu (China EF DipTESOL Course Director) • Suzanne Savage (Director of Education at International Education Agency of PNG) • Stuart Allen (In your pocket ELT Legend and TEFL Lemon Creator) • Johanna Stirling (NILE Online Academic Manager). Thank you to all the interviewees for sharing to stories and experience with the eltupgraders. You can follow the links below to learn more about out interviewee. The Norwich Institute of Language Learning excellent bite sized ideas, blogs, videos and podcasts International Education Agency of PNG official site jobs, ideas, and other ELT goodness
Are you being trained or developed? What’s the difference between qualification and certification? What is the newest country in the world? (and would you teach there?) In this Upgrade, John & Jake start a journey around the world to hear from fascinating trainers from all over the globe. Listen to part 1 of this 2 part episode and get a taste of how training and development in education works from perspectives others than your own. This episode features Anna Hasper, Joe Macdonald & Ben Beaumont and takes us from Dubai to South Sudan to London, UK. Stay tuned for part 2 coming very soon. Music by The DongXis
Are your learners in control of their learning? Are you in control of your teaching? Why aren't your students getting better at English once they leave your class? In this Upgrade, John and Jake discuss theories and practices around learner autonomy. You will hear about a model relating to control from Phil Benson. They also discuss ideas relating to choice and technology with autonomy. This episode also features former FLTRP Training Director, Nicole Ren. Nicole gives some insights into a fascinating group of learners she teaches and how she integrates choice and social media into the learning process. Check out the ideas here and start experimenting with enhancing your learner's autonomy today. Music by The Dongxis
What is CLIL? What are the 4Cs of CLIL? How can CLIL help your students truly learn English? In this episode, John & Jake discuss the core feature, theories and principals relating to CLIL. Listen now and get some practical ideas for starting your CLIL classes today.
What should we be teaching the next generation of students, and how should we be teaching? What can we change now to give our learners the best opportunities for the future? Listen to Jake’s interview with educational thought leader Charles Fadel to answer these questions. Charles Fadel is the co-author of Four Dimensional Education- The Competencies Learners Need to Succeed & 21st Century Skills – Learning for Life in our Times and founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign. Charles is a driving force internationally for the much needed change in education. Pick up a copy of Four Dimensional Education and get inspired to start making changes today. Check out the Center for Curriculum Redesign website here.
In classrooms all over the world, dealing with mixed ability classes is an ongoing issue. In John & Jake's travels in the Asia region, they both meet teachers looking for strategies and solutions for this exact challenge. Download this episode for some great ideas on how to prepare for and be proactive when facing mixed ability groups. Learn how to turn this into an advantage and Skill yourself UP to ensure your students get the best learning opportunities. Email John & Jake: are teaching a class with 50+ students! How do you ensure all those learners get something out of the class? How can you do collaborative group work? How can you deal with Large Classes? Listen to John & Jake’s ideas and tips on dealing with Large Classes from their experiences around Asia. John gives some insights and reflections from his own beginnings teaching 120 students in Nepal and what he would do differently now. Download this Upgrade and Skill yourself UP to better cope with those mega classes!
Viv Lambert and Mo Choy are the authors of the hugely successful Macmillan Story Central series. The authors found time out of their busy schedule touring Asia for Macmillan Days in Beijing, Shanghai & Tokyo to visit Jake in the eltupgraders home base for an interview. Listen to their insights into the benefits of reading for English language learners and how reading can develop a range of skills. John & Jake give input and ideas from their own experiences from teaching phonics to extensive reading.
Motivating students to learn English is a constant battle for teachers in ELT. Recent research conducted here Asia shows that there are differing opinions on how to motivate our learners. Listen to this podcast to find out the top methods and approaches teachers from Asia use to motivate their students. John & Jake debate the value of stickers and rewards systems and give you some key strategies from their experiences to help you motivate your students in the classroom.
Featuring pronunciation guru and Macmillan methodology series editor Adrian Underhill, this podcasts tackles the big questions of teaching pronunciation in Asia. John & Jake explore ideas and theories relating to syllable and stressed-timed languages, single sounds verse connected speech, using the IPA chart, and why teachers sometimes shy away from teaching phonology. Get some cool ideas for your classroom from John and Jake’s experiences and passion for integrating pronunciation into every class. Adrian Underhill is the author of Sound Foundations (the phonology teaching bible), series editor of Learning Teaching and other Macmillan ELT Methodology titles.
John Cruft & Jake Whiddon introduce each other on this Zero Edition. Find out more about the hosts why they make the eltupgraders podcast.
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