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This week’s guest is the marvellous Beverley Knight, singer with 8 studio albums under her belt; she also shines brightly in the West-End. She’ll take us through her journey from being scared of dogs, to becoming an accomplished dog owner. Zain, her rescue dog has helped her look at life in a different way and she’ll tell us how her dog makes her feel truly at home.
Veterinary Surgeon, Chiropractor and Acupuncturists are only but a few of the things Dr J.Marvin Firth, BVSc (Hons.), MRCVS can do. So I was so happy to catch him between two flights. This week’s guest’s expertise in pain management is second to none. I ask Marvin how we can start recognising that our dogs are suffering from physical pain, and he tell us how we should still expect our older dogs to live a full life. He’ll also tell you what dogs, my mum and some old dinosaurs all have in common.
This week’s guest is the inspirational Caroline Yates, CEO of the charity Mayhew. Caroline will tell us how she went from working in the metal trading industry in Russia to becoming the CEO of one of the most innovative animal welfare charities in the world. After a war and years of conflict, Mayhew’s team are helping the government control and vaccinate the dog population in Afghanistan. What will be the unexpected side effects of their hard work?
On this week’s Podcast I’m welcoming the wonderful Sarah Whitehead. With an impressive 25 years experience in the business, Sarah is especially well known for helping dogs with aggression. We’ll discuss many things during this episode, including how science and Love Island can now help us understand the best way to approach dog behaviour and training. We’ll discuss why humans are generally very good a concentrating on the negatives. Yet also brilliant at ignoring all the good stuff, and how this impacts our views of dog training. Sarah will also tell us why our puppies’ behaviour at only 15 weeks, could help forge their entire character in the future.
In this Episode I welcome the wonderful Vet Ciara. Dr Ciara is part of the team at Bruce Fogle’s Vet Practice in Central London, but she also runs Vet In The City. In this episode we go over the care your puppies will need on arrival and over their first year with you. It’s daunting to look after a small defenceless creature, so it’s so useful to be aware well ahead of time of what you and your puppy will need to go through. Dr Ciara gives us some brilliant tips and advice. We talk vaccination, diet, dental care, grooming, the mistakes not to make and the tips to get the best out of your visit at the vet.
In this episode, Oli's guest is curator, lecturer and fine photography consultant Zelda Cheatle together with Iris, her gorgeous rescue podenco. Over the years Zelda has worked with some of the most influential photographers. In June 2019, Zelda curated the Photographic Dog Show in Battersea, London. The Dog inspired show included pictures for sale from Rory Carnegie, Elliot Erwitt, David George, Barry Lewis, Clare Park, Maud Sulter, Martin Usborne, Dougie Wallace and Bruce Weber. Zelda talks us through few of the beautiful pieces from the exhibition, and share some of her thoughts. She has some brilliant stories to tell.
Oli speaks with Susan Friedman, Professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Utah State University. Susan is an author, lecturer, and teacher on animal learning and consults with zoos around the world. In this episode, Susan explains what a label is, and why we should avoid using labels whilst in the process of changing an animal behaviour. Why labelling our dogs “Naughty", “aggressive” or even “stubborn” can be incredibly misleading and may even arm them. She’ll also tell you why the rat is never wrong, and why celebrating approximation is the best way to approach learning.
Oli talks to author Damian Dibben about his latest book, Tomorrow. The narrator of the story is a dog, and Damian’s book is a perfect example of how dogs can inspire us to write beautiful stories. Damien tells us about his inspiration, his research, and his love of dogs. Tomorrow is a wonderful story of love and hope. From Venice to London, from the court of Versailles to the battle of waterloo, Tomorrow transports you into a world you will never forget.
On episode 9, Oli’s guest is Strategist by day, Hero by night Deborah Taffler. Debby’s dog Noodle is a Therapy Dog. She tells us how fulfilling and brilliant it’s been for them both. Debby and Noodle work with Mayhew, but many charities around the UK, US and Australia (to name just a few countries), including Pets As Therapy in the UK can help you should you decide to do this with your own dog. More than just helping people in need of cheering up, Debby tells us what an eye opener it was to see Noodle enjoying herself whilst “working”. It was a pleasure meeting them both.
During this episode Chantal and Oli talk about how to look after dogs around Christmas. So if this Christmas is your puppy’s first, or if your older dog is starting to find loud noises a little too much to bear, this episode will give you plenty of useful tips. We’ll also talk about what to do should your dog eat something they shouldn’t and how to manage kids and dogs relationships at Christmas.Chantal Hughes is a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist based in Guilford specialising in rescue dogs.If you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover, please get in touch via instagram or email me via my website. I love to hear all of your comments and stories.
In this episode, Oli himself explains what Resource Guarding is? What does it look like? And how can we help the dog? We don’t cure Resource Guarding, instead we manage it until it disappears. It can be tricky, but once you’ve got your head around the problem, it’s easier to help your dog stop demonstrating this otherwise perfectly normal behaviour. With examples, simple case studies and human analogies, this podcast simply addresses the problem.
In this episode, Oli answers three questions sent to him by listeners. Oli helps owners with dogs who are lead reactive, barking at other dogs and sometimes people on the street (on the lead), as well as dog who bit his owner whilst she was brushing her. To help it’s important for us to understand and recognise the 5Fs, or the 5 strategies dogs (as well as humans) have available to them when in a tricky situation. Using examples and case studies Oli helps you make sense of these common behaviours in dogs.
On this episode Oli welcomes Sarah Whitehead back on to the podcast. They discuss some aspects of socialisation and clarify some facts about teenage like behaviours. Also, Sarah answers the question so many people ask all the time: “is it ok to reassure your dog?”
In this podcast Oli comes to a listeners’ rescue following her message describing how her Border Terrier jumped on her dining table and ate half a cheese platter and an apple tart whilst she was in another room. How do we train our dogs not to succumb to so much temptation? Just like humans, not all dogs are born equal, so should we use different techniques? At the end however, one thing matters above all else, trust. This comes through training, communication and collaboration. What if instead of simple cheese platter it was a child who was “attacked”?
Oli’s guest is Dr Ciara Clarke from Vet In The City. They discuss neutering and how it may, or may not help your dog. They talk about bones, dysplasia, behaviour, chemical neutering, and so much more. Deciding to neuter your dog, and if so when (this podcast is not only about puppies) can be tricky; and making sure you get that right is vital. This episode will help you get your head around this subject.
Oli uncovers three vital points linked to our dogs' happiness and healthy behaviour. We’ll discover why sleep, diet and experiencing success should take central stage in our dogs’ lives on a daily basis. We’ll talk: REM sleep in dogs, tips to make sure our dogs get restful sleep, what could happen should our dogs lack quality sleep, dog food companies marketing tools, how diets affects our dogs, ingredients to avoid, and Oli will also share practical game ideas to allow our dogs to tap into their hardwired instinct everyday in order to avoid behavioural issues long term.
Dr Marvin Firth is back again and together they explore additional therapies, such as Acupuncture, Physio, Mobility and Laser Therapy. So if you wondering if your dog would benefit from additional therapy? If you are wondering who’s the best person to advice you on this? How to find a good practitioner? How to make sure the person handling your dog is actually qualified? This episode will answer all these and more; like for example: can dogs benefit from a placebo effect?
How do we keep our dogs entertained, exercised and problem free during the lockdown? How can we socialise and care for our puppies whilst staying at home, demonstrating social distancing and making sure they grow up happy and balanced? Should we worry about future separation issues, such as separation anxiety? How can we help our dogs and puppies now, to avoid problems later?Can we learn good practice from social distancing and this lockdown? Can our dogs adapt better than us? Oli will answer it all and will give you lots of practical tips to help you and your dogs get through this happy and unarmed.
Does your dog trust you? What can affect trust and how can we promote it? Why are problems such as resource guarding and reactivity towards humans and other dogs can be linked to a lack of trust. Oli will tell you how to “ build big trust accounts with our dogs, to avoid future bankrupt relationship”
Recall... the Holy Grail of dog training. How can we train brilliant recall with a puppy? How can we help a rescue dog, or older dog, demonstrate that essential and safe behaviour? How do people do it? What’s the secret? Oli will go over the three essential parts of recall: solid training, smart socialisation & building trust with our dogs of all ages.
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Amazing Podcast Oli!! For any dog trainer, behaviourist and owner, get listening. You won't regret it!

Sep 3rd
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