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Author: Ashleigh Underwood

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A podcast about writing, faith, journaling and everything in between. I learn life one day at a time and I'm sharing it all on this podcast.
12 Episodes
Episode 12- Goals

Episode 12- Goals


Welcome back to Hasta la Pasta! Today, I’m talking about goals, my goals, and things that are important to goal setting. I am also starting a new thing where I give journal prompts in each episode. Most of these will not be episode specific, I just make up journal prompts because my hope is that […]
Happy January and welcome back to Hasta la Pasta! I took the month of December off to spend time with my family and work out some kinks I felt the podcast had. I wanted to make sure I was really putting my best foot forward in this podcast and realized some things I didn’t really […]
Welcome back to another episode of Hasta la Pasta! Today, I’m bringing my husband onto the show to talk about holidays and how ours has evolved over almost ten years worth of holidays together. We talk about how holidays used to look, what we’re trying to navigate with our families and how we’re trying to […]
Welcome to another episode of Hasta la Pasta! In this week’s episode, I sat down with my best friend, Brittany and had a good talk about writing! I also made her talk about her books and what she loves about writing. Find Brittany here: Instagram Twitter Buy her books
Welcome back to another episode of Hasta la Pasta! Today I am talking about healthy vs unhealthy friendships and why we need to be intentional in picking who is in our inner circle or village. Things I mention (in my things I am enjoying segment) Live Free Creative by Miranda Anderson She Podcast by Jordan […]
Welcome back to Hasta la Pasta! In this episode, I’m talking about mom gut, big dream like plans and the little plans it takes to get there. Thanks for listening! Until next time, Hasta la Pasta!
Welcome back to another episode of Hasta la Pasta! Today I am breaking down the top three things I think are important when you are trying to journal for self-care. If we want to love on the people around us, we need to love on ourselves first! Things I’m talking about: Instagram– where I am … Continue reading "Episode Six- Journaling & Self Care"
Welcome back to Hasta la Pasta! In this episode I talk about creativity and how creativity has changed in definition and what being creative means to me. Ignore the fact that it starts out with “guuuuuys!” I forget that I need to pause after I hit record. I just get excited. 🙂 Instagram
Welcome back to Hasta la Pasta! In this episode I talk about being an extrovert surrounded by introverts. Every single person close to me is an introvert! So how do I recharge? That is what I am talking about today.
In episode three of Hasta la Pasta I break down what good / better / best journaling and how I applied it to my life. I share the inspiration for the journaling.
In this week's episode, I talk about being task minded and how it works for me. I also talk about how I don't believe to-do lists are the enemy. I probably repeat myself a lot. … Read More Episode Two: Being Task Minded
Episode One: & Jesus

Episode One: & Jesus


In the first episode of Hasta la Pasta, I talk about my book (& Jesus) and how I use journaling in my life. … Read More Episode One: & Jesus
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