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Revival Within

Author: Pastor Brian Guzman

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Revival Within is a podcast made just for you. In this weekly episodic podcast, Pastor Brian will tackle many topics with insight from the Word of God. Whether you have been a believer for many years or are just starting this walk, you will receive the tools needed to live a life for God during these difficult times. As we know, in order to reach our purpose we must continue renewing our minds and our spirits. So open your minds, open your heart and revive within! And remember...... the Glory belongs to GOD!
4 Episodes
Praising God

Praising God


Why is it important to praise God? The Bible teaches us some great things occur when we are able to worship our God!!Facebook Page: @revivalwithinpodcast



Why must we face trials in our lives? What does Scripture tell us about them? Many times we feel like giving up in the middle of our trials. But God is telling us to have faith because those trials will produce something greater in our life!
Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear


Have you ever encountered fear? How did you overcome it? Well join us in this episode as we will talk about the purpose of fear and how us believers can overcome it! Church Website :
Brian Guzman introduces his new podcast, Revival Within 
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