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Pure Simple Confidence - Sandee Lea

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This podcast is meant for teens and adults who are tired of struggling with lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, jealousy, trust issues, sabotaging, comparison, rejection, bullying, anger issues and so much more!

Whether or not you realize it, your thoughts create your feelings, which in turn create your actions and results. If you want to change your results, you need to change your thoughts. Once you change your thoughts and learn to access the pure simple confidence that is within yourself, you’ll be amazed at the changes that will start happening in your life. This podcast is for you! Join Life Coach Sandee Lea for this weekly 15-20 minute podcast focused on giving you tools and solutions for attacking all of the most common areas of personal problems at their root---your thoughts!
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How does needing validation harm us instead of help us? Sandee Lea shares what validation is and how it is an addiction. Needing validation is a quick fix for feeling love. It’s not the real deal! Loving yourself comes from within and not from someone telling you or complimenting you. Through thought work, you too can find the love and peace you have always wanted. Information is available on for Sandee’s coaching programs. Sandee offers a FREE confidence guide to help get you started.   Resources/Links:
Sabotaging Ourselves

Sabotaging Ourselves


Your podcast host, Sandee Lea, shares an intimate story of how she sabotaged her relationship last weekend with her fiance` Mike, because of fear and rejection. Sandee shares how thought work can help us not to resort back to faulty thinking and to use thought work, coaching instead, to help us through those difficult times when we want to sabotage ourselves. website, provides a FREE Confidence Guide to help you get started gaining confidence TODAY! Sandee offers three coaching programs.   Resources/Links:
This week, your host of Pure Simple Confidence Sandee Lea shares why it is important to have emotional resilience and maturity in a romantic relationship or any relationship. Sandee discusses what it is like to be emotionally mature and shares steps on how to become more emotionally resilient. Sandee offers three coaching programs, self-study course, monthly membership program and one to one coaching. Her website is Here you can find a FREE confidence guide and a Weekly Wisdom newsletter delivered to your mailbox each week. Resources/Links:
Sandee Lea shares ways to deal with bullying and having back to school confidence! Sandee will share how your thought process will determine how you feel and your actions brings you the results in your life. She continues to teach how our thoughts determine our results in our lives. Sandee also shares her three coaching programs. She offers a self-study course, a monthly coaching program and one-to-one coaching. Her website has a FREE confidence guide and a Weekly Wisdom newsletter to sign up for. Resources/Links:



Podcast host Sandee Lea shares how our ‘thought’ patterns creates the results and the reactions we have in our daily lives. Some of these patterns are healthy and productive for us while some are not and may harm us and others. Breaking patterns or habits are not always easy, but with doing thought work we can change the results or reactions. Our brains are capable of changing the way we think, which will change the way we feel and act creating the results we desire. The first step is to change our thought patterns. YOU be the change, instead of expecting everyone else to change. Changing your thoughts, will change how you feel and act and giving you the desired results that you want! Resources/links:
Let’s Begin

Let’s Begin


Podcast host Sandee Lea continues to share in the pure simple confidence podcast how to choose to live a life from a place of confidence and love instead of letting fear and insecurity be in control.  In this podcast, Sandee begins to share how powerful and flexible our brains are. She explains the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind, and which one controls almost everything you do! After listening to this podcast, you will understand what is the one thing holding you back from achieving your desired results. Resources/links:
Podcast host Sandee Lea discusses in this episode what confidence is and where does confidence come from. Sandee shares a story from her past life, which details how her past was shaped mostly from insecure thoughts. Now, after years of counseling, education, and experience, Sandee shares how we all can be more confident by changing how we think about ourselves. And, it doesn’t have to take years to learn how! It is never too late to learn or choose to be more confident! Information is provided regarding PureSimpleConfidence website, how to sign up for Weekly Wisdom, and receive a FREE Confidence Guide. Sandee Lea offers three coaching programs nationally and internationally.   Resources/links:
This is the first podcast episode for Pure Simple Confidence. In this Episode you will learn about the host Sandee Lea, her back-ground as a coach, and what you can expect to learn from listening to the Pure Simple Confidence podcasts. This podcast focuses on how you can change your thought patterns and by doing so create positive and ever-lasting changes in your life both personally and professionally.  Information is provided regarding PureSimpleConfidence website, how to sign up for Weekly Wisdom, and receive a FREE Confidence Guide. Sandee Lea offers three coaching programs which are described in this podcast. Resources/Links:
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