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Even when we’re not going anywhere, we’re planning our next adventure. As a global leader in travel, Expedia has created this entertaining podcast offering travel information and ideas so you can learn and get inspired. Before you embark on your next trip, join host Nisreene Atassi to swap tips with travel experts and industry insiders, as well as people just like you who have great travel stories to share. Subscribe today, and learn to navigate the online travel booking space and Out Travel The System.

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Only in Chicago

Only in Chicago


This is it - the start of Out Travel the System’s ‘Only In’ episodes, where we focus on some of America’s best cities to visit. First up, the Windy City itself - Chicago. Host Nisreene Atassi is joined by Mary Krosnjar of Sportsanista to dish about all the things they love about their hometown, including almost fighting words about deep dish pizza, where to shop, and how and how you can get a taste of Chi-town even if you’re nowhere near the Midwest.  They even give you the local’s perspective on an activity typically considered to be only for tourists: the architectural boat tour. Don't forget to check out one of Mary's other favorites, the Art Institute of Chicago. Make sure you listen in to hear about the things you can do only in Chicago. See for privacy information.
We know there are a lot of questions and some uncertainty about what travel looks like these days - Out Travel the System is here to help! Host Nisreene Atassi takes a closer look at the current state of travel with the help of Oneika Raymond, aka Oneika the Traveller. Raymond shares some perspective as someone who has been traveling during the pandemic, and as someone who has grown and evolved her traveling style in the process. From what it's like to travel with a young child to recognizing the privilege involved in being able to travel, the conversation is candid and wide-ranging. They also discuss how the desire to travel is manifesting. Here's something that may help guide your planning whenever you decide the time is right for a trip:  a Travel Smart checklist that will have you covered for 2021 and beyond. See for privacy information.
We get it - it can still feel like a big world of unknowns out there when it comes to travel. Who better to ask about this than Expedia, and our community of travelers who have 'been there and done that'? Host Nisreene Atassi chats with commercial pilot Garrett Ray (@flywithgarrett) and former Olympian, current awesome human Perri Edwards, aka Perri Shakes-Drayton (@itspsd) about the itineraries they curated for Expedia Travel Week, and what essential travel has been like during the past year. Along the way, we talk about why Perri is splitting her time between London, UK and Lagos, Nigeria, and how Garrett is adjusting to a temporary pause in airline pilot tradition. We also delve into their hopes for the future, both for travel and in their own lives. If you're looking for more tips and tricks to hack your travel budget, have a listen to these past Out Travel the System episodes about Shoulder Season, the Reverse Road Trip, and Travel Trends. Here is Perri’s hotel pick in Grenada, and Garrett’s hotel pick in Las Vegas. Garrett also highlighted Hawaii as a destination; Out Travel the System featured Hawaii in a full episode. See for privacy information.
Actress, director, producer, and podcaster Rashida Jones joins Out Travel the System to talk about some of her most cherished travel memories, including traveling as a child with her parents, celebrated music producer Quincy Jones and the late actress Peggy Lipton. Jones shares her bucket list of travel destinations with host Nisreene Atassi - hint, entire continents are involved - and how the pandemic has helped her realize how important travel is to her very identity. Listen in for her overall thoughts on travel companionship, and check out this blog post if you're looking for travel companions that could make your next trip go a little more smoothly. See for privacy information.
Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun... please imagine the Jaws theme song as we circle... closer... to... unpacking some travel bags that have sat, virtually untouched, for TWO YEARS. Yes, in this episode of Out Travel the System, we are literally taking you inside host Nisreene Atassi's baggage. Learn what this incredibly seasoned traveler makes sure to pack every time, and why 'Inception pouch' may be your new mantra as you get ready to think about traveling again. It may just be the prompt you need to refresh the items on your packing list. Don't forget Nissy's trick of pre-measuring shampoo, lotion, etc., to ensure you aren't lugging around bits of product that you won't need on your travels. We'll also engage in a flight of fancy to envision what it would be like to prep for a trip - something that may be the right choice for you this year. Here are some items for your travel bag that you may not have thought of before: -two in one hand lotion and hand sanitizer (yes, both in one product) -a spray and cloth to clean off your cell phone -two sets of headphones, one compatible with airplanes, and one for regular use See for privacy information.
Here we are, once again, thinking about what travel means during a pandemic. What's different about Season Three of Out Travel the System though, is that we feel as though we can expand beyond inspiring and informing, and — cautiously, optimistically — talk about dreaming and actually going when the time and circumstances are right for you. Host Nisreene Atassi is joined here by Out Travel the System's associate producer Katie Doten. Together, they pull back the curtain on some of the travel topics and destinations we'll be exploring in Season Three - as well as some of the realizations they've come to, about the value of travel to them. Katie tells a story about a side hustle she's seriously considering, and shares a tip that you may never have thought of - she would be delighted if you bite her style! ps if you want to know more about Katie's Alaskan camper van pick, please check it out here! See for privacy information.
Season Three Trailer

Season Three Trailer


Want to know what Out Travel the System is all about? Here it is, in a snack-size trailer - what we want to do for you as listeners, and what we love most about talking about travel. Let us know what you're thinking at any time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — we're @ Expedia! See for privacy information.
Here we are already so soon - the last episode of Out Travel the System for Season Two! Through all of the changing conditions, it's been a major goal to inform and inspire. With this episode about Bucket List Travel, we're hoping to do not only that, but also get you thinking about how to take concrete steps to make a bucket list trip a reality - when the time is right. Host Nisreene Atassi is joined by Sarah Austin Jenness, executive producer of The Moth storytelling collective, and Cory Lee, who blogs at Curb Free With Cory Lee. Listen in as they take you through some of their most hilarious and thought-provoking stories - and tell you where they're hoping to go to next. This feels like the perfect time to dream about bucket list travel, so please listen and dream along with us! See for privacy information.
If you are one of the millions of travelers with a flight credit in your account, you may not be sure how to use it. In this special mini-episode of Out Travel the System, host Nisreene Atassi is joined by Michael Meschke, a Sr. Product Manager at Expedia. Together, they walk through the different types of flight credits and the various ways you can use them - when the time is right for you to travel again. At first glance, it can seem like a bewildering array of options. Luckily, we've found a shortcut that will only show you the options that work for the credit (or credits) that you have. Head here first for some useful background information, and then head here to access your customized experience.  This travel guide may also be helpful. Listen as we explain why - this one time - we're not trying to Out Travel the System!       aVSL7kWiygvFU9gP3UhE See for privacy information.
Japan isn't just the Land of the Rising Sun - it's a place where you can explore the latest and greatest technology, traditions that date back centuries, and artisan craftsmanship taken to its very highest levels. In this episode of Out Travel the System, host Nisreene Atassi delves into the infinite possibilities of Japan with the help of Rie Homura, Japan Area Manager for Expedia, and Shayla Silva, a social media manager for Expedia.  Take in their tips for how to start researching the many, many, many things you can do in Japan, when the time is right for you to travel. That includes where to stay, what to see, and how to save yourself some money - like the JR Rail pass specifically designed for tourists. From cherry blossoms to hidden gem dining spots to when you can spot Godzilla, this episode of Out Travel the System takes a deep dive into your next dream vacation. Here are a few more useful tips, right from Nisreene's desk: -when using taxis, it can be helpful to have the exact address and phone number of your destination written down -it is not the usual custom to tip in restaurants -many places are strictly 'shoes off', so make sure you're wearing clean socks in good condition! See for privacy information.
Just ahead of our full episode about Japan, we thought it might be handy to show you how we at Out Travel the System stay on top of changing travel conditions. This mini-episode takes you through navigating an extremely useful page: Expedia's COVID-19 travel guide. You know we love to inform and inspire, so please take a listen through in advance of Out Travel the System's next episode. These other links may also be handy as you dream of traveling to Japan:   See for privacy information.
Winter is here and that means new opportunities to re-think what a 'staycation' can mean, in this episode of Out Travel the System. From setting up a little oasis of self-care at home, to strapping on some snowshoes and heading out into the frosty blue yonder, it's shaping up to be a great time to get in touch with some of the things you've always wanted to do... but haven't had time to do. Host Nisreene Atassi gets tips on planning a winter staycation and how locals are being courted by attractions from Nathan Lump, Expedia VP of Customer Marketing, and Olly Stringer, Director of Partnerships at Expedia. For more winter staycation inspiration, check out Things to Do From Home See for privacy information.
It's that time of year again - where we settle down on the couch with a plate of snacks and a favorite beverage, and watch ALL.THE.HOLIDAY.MOVIES! On this episode of Out Travel the System, we're living vicariously through picture-perfect scenes and solvable plot problems, and doing some advance research for future destinations to fully get into the Christmas spirit.  Along for the (sleigh) ride with host Nisreene Atassi are Tracy Lanza, Senior VP of Integrated Marketing for Brand USA, and Ron Oliver, a long-time T.V. and movie director, screenwriter, and producer. You may have already watched this, this, or this from him. We talk about small town vs big city for splashy holiday celebrations, and ways to get that holiday movie look and feel in your life this year. Listen in to gather up some inspiration to mark the occasion. There are some specific hotels mentioned in the episode as well, and you can find out more about them here: -The Plaza in New York -The Drake in Chicago -The Fairmont in San Francisco -The Boulderado in Colorado See for privacy information.
Chances are, you or someone you know has spent time in Mexico before. But if you were asked where the country's most beautiful beach was, where to get the best seafood tacos, or where you could soak in some beautiful architecture, would you know what to say? These are just a few of the ideas that permeate this episode of Out Travel the System. Nisreene Atassi learns about a whole host of options for things to do and places to go, thanks to help from Christian Villalva, Sr. Business Development  Manager for Expedia in Mexico, and Colby Holiday, a U.S. expat blogging about her life in Merida, Mexico. It's a big area well worth exploring, so listen in to figure out where's the right place for you to visit in Mexico, when the time is right. See for privacy information.
Ever wished you had a crystal ball that could show you the future in travel? This episode of Out Travel the System is the next best thing, because it's a deep dive into Expedia's Travel Trends report. It's based on a foundation of billions of data points about travelers, flights, accommodations, and various local attractions. Join host Nisreene Atassi, Christie Hudson, Sr. PR Manager for Expedia, and Chuck Thackston, Managing Director of Data Science and Research for Airlines Reporting Corporation (aka ARC), as they take a look back on what 2020 looked like in the travel sphere, and project those trends into the next year. As always, there are some signature tips and tricks about how to ensure you're accessing big travel savings, so make sure you listen all the way through! See for privacy information.
Turns out host Nisreene Atassi and guest Nilou Motamed really, really love talking about food, travel, and all of the great memories still waiting to be made. Here is a bonus episode of Out Travel the System, continuing the conversation from Season Two's Episode Seven, A Trip Down Food Travel Memory Lane. See for privacy information.
Consider this fair warning - snacks are going to be necessary while listening to this episode of Out Travel the System! Join host Nisreene Atassi as she and guest Nilou Motamed - who you may know from Top Chef and her time as Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine Magazine - discuss how they're re-living key travel memories through the meals they're making. Their conversation touches on memorable meals through previous travels, and how food connects us all through the globe. They talk about bringing home bulging suitcases of tasty souvenirs, and the particular charms of eating like a local in destinations around the world.  Make sure you listen for Nissy's hack for bringing home a taste of your travels - Nilou might steal it, and you can too! See for privacy information.
Road trip season doesn't have to end when the summer does - in fact, there are many reasons to get out onto the open road all year round. In this episode of Out Travel the System, host Nisreene Atassi gets the insider scoop on where and when to time your car rental to coordinate with your larger travel plans or score epic reverse road trip savings. She's joined on the journey by Paul Tomasiello, Expedia's Sr. Director of Global Car Supply, and Megan Lundquist, an extremely expert road tripper. Listen in for tips on road safety, packing like a road trip superstar, and even their confessions about road trip indulgences - all that and more in this episode of Out Travel the System. See for privacy information.
Hawaii is a bucket list destination for many. Even if you've been there before, there is always something new to discover, and something refreshing for the soul in the aloha spirit. This episode of Out Travel the System is all about helping you not only dream about heading to Hawaii, but giving you practical trip-planning advice that you can use to make your trip a reality now, or at some point in the future. Join host Nisreene Atassi as she speaks with Damon Fairchild, Expedia Sr. Business Development Manager for Hawaii and South Pacific, and Valerie Akiona, a flight attendant, and life-long hula dancer. Valerie even gives a quick Hawaiian language lesson that you won't want to miss! See for privacy information.
Shoulder season is one of those travel terms that you may have heard seasoned travelers bandy about - but when does shoulder season actually happen? The short answer is: it depends on where and when you're traveling. Join host Nisreene Atassi for this episode of Out Travel the System to learn some of the best-kept secrets for taking full advantage of shoulder season deals, including why going against the flow of traffic could be your best bet. She is joined in this episode by Christie Hudson, Senior PR Manager for Expedia, and Katherine Fan, Senior Travel Features Reporter for The Points Guy. Katherine takes us through some of the epic shoulder season deals she's scored before, including this trip to New Zealand. See for privacy information.
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