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We're wrapping up Season Three of Out Travel the System on an extremely high note - by interviewing none other than  Ryan Reynolds  and  Rob McElhenney! Although you may know them best from their antics on both the small and big screen, the topic at hand is their new project,  Wrexham AFC  - one of the oldest football clubs in the world.   Listen in to our last episode of the season as they talk about their business bromance with host Nisreene Atassi , ably supported by Wrexham AFC executive director  Humphrey Ker. The fellas talk about what they sincerely admire about each other, their hopes for the team, and what there is to check out in town, should you have the opportunity to go to northern Wales to watch a match in person. Along the way, they share details about some of their favorite travel memories (why is Ryan running around Paris at 3 am), poke fun at Humphrey, and drop a few cusswords (please don't mind the bleeps.) They also confirm why they're likely to be using Expedia in the near future! Here are handy links to a couple of things mentioned within the episode: A Ryan Reynolds-approved place to visit and stay A hotel Rob McElhenney wants to check out the next time he's in Philly
Ooh la la, it's time for the last deep dive into an international destination this season - get ready for it, Out Travel the System is heading to France! In this episode, host  Nisreene Atassi  draws on the expertise of  Jackie Kai Ellis , an author, designer, and classically-trained pastry chef with a home base in Paris, and  Antoine Walter , a Director, Market Management in France for  Expedia , to suss out everything you need to plan out a jaunt to live la belle vie. Listen in as they list off all of the many places you can dream about visiting, from world-class museums, houses of high fashion, and the prehistoric art of the Lascaux cave. Take in the sights that inspired Monet, Brancusi, and Rodin, and make sure to make time to stop at a cafe for a restorative coffee and pastry every so often. They share their inside tips on how to access the best of French history and culture, outdoor adventure, and family-friendly fun. From how to get around to what days to avoid visiting museums, it's all right here in this episode. Here are just a few handy links to inspire your planning inspiration in France: Paris Travel Guide Brittany for beach time Rodin Museum MuCEM in Marseilles
In all of the conversations we've had this season, a couple of threads keep resurfacing:  how much we appreciate the ability to travel, and how to really maximize a trip. Well, we thought it was high time to devote an episode specifically to this! Out Travel the System host  Nisreene Atassi  dives into the idea of splurging while traveling, and how that can mean different things to different people. She is joined by expert travel planner  Sarah Groen , host of the Luxury Travel Insider podcast, as well as  Tomiko Harvey , Vice President of the  Black Travel Alliance , and writer at Passports and Grub. They'll take you through how a splurge - whether it's adding on a private tour, upgrading your seat on a flight, or making sure your home away from home has everything you need - can make or break the way you remember your travels. Sarah shares how to plan out the 'arc' of a trip (hint, save the best hotels for last), and Tomiko talks about some of her favorite splurges. So go ahead, book that second massage at your vacation hotel, line up that private tour, and borrow a page out of Sarah's book by really upgrading your rental vehicle - take this episode as the encouragement you need to say yes to your next travel splurge!
It's time to wrap up the 'Only In' series we've been taking on this season of Out Travel the System, by heading to Hollywood South. Yes, it's Austin's turn in the spotlight, and you know we had to line up an extremely special guest for this - none other than  Becca Tobin , of The Ladygang, among many endeavors. She takes host  Nisreene Atassi  through why she left the bright lights of L.A. to make Austin home, and what makes it such an incredibly special place. Just off the top of her head: the thriving music and arts scene, a bridge where you can see a spectacular aerial display from bats, and did we mention breakfast tacos? Don't miss her insights on when to visit and what to check out, especially if you're Only in Austin for 24 hours. Here is a list of some of the things mentioned within the episode: Entertainment The Paramount Stubbs BBQ Nightlife The Line Hotel The Proper Hotel Redheaded Stepchild The Beez Kneez Dining Joe's Coffee (My Name is Joe) Umi Sushi Aba Mattie's BBQ  (because this deserves its own category in Austin): Stubbs BBQ Salt Lick Terry Blacks BBQ Franklin's Places to check out Lady Bird Lake Barton Springs Pool
Well it's official, Out Travel the System fam - Pumpkin Spice Latte Season (PSL Season) is underway. What better way to mark it than by mapping out your route to check out fall foliage, head out on a quick road trip, or indulge in your favorite fall activities and dishes? Listen in as host  Nisreene Atassi  chats with 'Queen of Fall'  Steffy Degreff  of Steffys Pros and Cons, and writer and content producer Andrea Romano. They share their thoughts on why fall is the best season, and how to thoroughly 'PSL-ize' your life, if you're in the mood. Put on your coziest chunky-knit sweater and wooly socks, and sit back to listen, PSL in hand - you'll never believe how many ways there are to celebrate PSL Season. Here is some inspiration from the episode: -Andrea's article on fall foliage destinations -Steffy's Instagram and TikTok -"Falloween" with reportedly the most haunted place in New York City
To cruise or not to cruise - that is the question a lot of travelers are asking themselves these days. It's a big topic, and one Out Travel the System host  Nisreene Atassi  is grateful to tackle with the help of experts. Captain Kate McCue  shares her insights into life on board and in charge of Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Edge through her incredibly popular TikTok account. (She had 2.6 million followers when we recorded this episode of Out Travel the System, and that number keeps climbing!) John Mast  has been on more than a hundred cruises, for both fun and work. As  Expedia's Sr. Director of Global Cruise Marketing, he has his finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry. Listen in as they share their insights into how to pick the right cruise for you, how cruising has modernized, and some of the many places cruising can take you. They make the case that cruising may just be the vacation that can keep everyone in your traveling group happy. Not sure where to start with cruising? Access more expert and free advice here.
Parents with young kids, we get it, we really do - the world of travel with your little one may seem like it is full of so many potential pitfalls. Let us give you the tips you need to succeed when you listen to this episode of Out Travel the System. We're especially here for you, first time parents who may have never traveled with their kiddo before! Host  Nisreene Atassi  digs into the highs and lows of traveling with kids under the age of 5 with  Monet Hambrick , who blogs about her family adventures at The Traveling Child, and  Christie Hudson , Sr. PR Manager for  Expedia.  They share some of their favorite travel hacks when it comes to having kiddo in tow, including what gear to bring and what to leave at home, and how to pick the right accommodations for you (hotel vs vacation rental is always a hot debate.) Check out Christie's pick from her most recent trip. Learn about some of the amazing experiences Monet has been able to share with her children - start with the spitting elephant, and stick around for the sense of homecoming they felt thousands of miles away from home.  You may just find travel with kids under 5 represents a wealth of opportunities you never considered before! Here are links to gear traveling parents may find helpful: Car Seat - the Cosco Scenera Ultra-portable booster seat - the Mifold A car seat alternative on flights - the CARES harness Lightweight stroller alternative - the Snap N Go A sleep aid - the Slumberpod
Get ready for a flight of fancy as Out Travel the System takes you Down Under. Yes that's right, host  Nisreene Atassi  is taking you to Australia on our latest deep dive into a destination. Thanks to the help of  Grace Rietbergen,  Associate Market Manager - Canberra & Hobart at   Expedia , and longtime travel journalist  Celeste Mitchell , this episode will take you through the huge range of options to fully explore Australia. Listen in as they debate the restaurant scenes in Sydney and Melbourne, detour through wine country and cocktail culture, and dive into the huge range of delicious experiences available in Oz - how about drinking sparkling wine and eating oysters while standing in the ocean? They also explore the beauty of slow travel, the power of connection with Indigenous culture, and even why visitors should consider taking in a Aussie rules football match - it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Put aside some of the animals you may have associated Australia with, and instead think about diving into experiences with whale sharks, humpback whales, kangaroos, and quokkas - see why Nissy is literally squealing with delight over the last on the list!
It's not quite Christmas in July, but we at Out Travel the System definitely want to make sure you're as prepared as possible for your holiday travel plans this year. Between anecdotal evidence at airports across the country and what we're seeing in  Expedia's booking data, the holiday travel period this year is shaping up to be one of the busiest in quite some time. Where can you still book, how can you skip some lines, and are there any ways to save some money while still getting the experience you want - we tackle all of these questions and more. Join host  Nisreene Atassi  and Out Travel the System favorites  Christie Hudson , Sr. PR Manager for  Expedia , and  Katherine Fan , Sr. Writer at  NerdWallet  for a wonderful conversation about holiday travel, and traditions new and old. In addition to reminding you how to pack your patience - something you may have gotten out of the habit of doing in this extended period of limited travel - they'll dig into all of the reasons why holiday travel is absolutely worth exploring now.
Out Travel the System is taking a big bite out of the Big Apple with this episode, showcasing what you can do Only in New York. Join host  Nisreene Atassi  and her guests, original Real Housewife of New York  Jill Zarin , and  Greg Young  and  Tom Meyers , hosts of The Bowery Boys, a podcast all about New York's history. Ever wondered about why they're called boroughs, or wanted to visit the restaurant where  Bethenny Frankel  said she was going to poke Zarin in the eyes? Or maybe you want to hear about two of Brooklyn's best BBQ joints, or vote with your wallet among three choices for New York's best pizza... then this is the episode for you! From hidden gem restaurants to insider secrets about where to get the most out of your New York experience - including where to get the best shot for your Instagram and which islands to visit - you won't want to miss this. Listen in so you can design your next trip to do what you can do Only in New York. Here are links to a couple of Bowery Boys episodes mentioned in this episode of Out Travel the System: -an audio walking tour of the High Line -the history of four cocktails
When we talk about the magic of travel here on Out Travel the System, we often mean it figuratively... but this episode is literally about travel magic - yes that's right, it's time to get the inside scoop on planning your trip to  Disney ,  the Magic Kingdom! Host  Nisreene Atassi  is joined by  Courtney Quinn  of Color Me Courtney and the Instagram accounts Color Me Courtney and Color Me Magic. Listen in as we learn about Courtney's lifelong Disney fandom, and what she's looking forward to as Disney looks forward to marking some big anniversaries (the Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration alone sounds epic!) This episode will help you wrap your mind about how you want to incorporate Disney into your travel experience, whether you're heading to Disney Land, Disneyworld, or going next-level Disney with a Disney Cruise. Grown-ups can always get into the fun by  Disney Bounding  - we'll let Courtney explain that with a video from her YouTube channel here. Have your trip-planning notepad ready as Courtney reels off a wealth of huge Disney hacks, from why downloading the Disney app is key, to when to go and where to stay (she loves Animal Kingdom.) If you want to know how to make sure you get your chance to check out hugely popular attractions like the  Star Wars Rise of the Resistance  ride, or the  Toy Story Slinky Dog Dash , you've got to listen. (Shout out for other coming attractions related to  Big Hero 6  and  Ratatouille.) Get a sense of Rise of the Resistance while you're planning your next Disney adventure, by checking out our Season One episode, where we take you right inside it!
At Out Travel the System, we're here to serve as your trusted travel companion. That's why - if you have your heart set on a Labor Day travel getaway - we're advising you to get moving on your plans now. (We also have lots of inspiration for other future travel planning in our other episodes, so make sure you check them out!) Demand is in the stratosphere after such an extended period without travel, so we want to help guide your research. Thanks to  Expedia's deep foundation of data, host  Nisreene Atassi  guides you through tips and tricks for different destinations and getting the timing just right for Labor Day travel. This episode dips into the demand for city destinations in the U.S., so make sure you check out our Only in Chicago episode here: Our Only in Austin episode is coming soon!
Only in Boston

Only in Boston


We've been profiling some of America's most vibrant cities here on Out Travel the System, and now it's time to hear all about what you can experience Only in Boston. Host  Nisreene Atassi  is joined by chef Paul Wahlberg of yes, that Wahlberg family, and Alma Nove and Wahlburgers, as well as Instagram eagle eye Kate Weiser of Bucket List Boston. Follow along as these two Boston insiders take you inside the city's past, present, and future. They include suggestions to follow the Freedom Trail and visit Faneuil Hall, taking in a sporting event, or just heading out for a meandering long walk or bike ride. Start planning out itinerary options for yourself for when you're ready to head to Beantown next, thanks to the great suggestions from our guests. Things to experience: -the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum -Boston Common (and the swan boats) -Fenway Park -the New England Aquarium -Boston Museum of Fine Arts -Boston Children's Museum -Museum of Science, Boston Places to eat: Toro Bricco Limoncello Legal Seafoods Union Oyster House Sully's Regina's Chinatown Krasi How to get around: Blue Bikes Boston transit
As anticipation grows for international travel, we at Out Travel the System thought this would be the perfect time to profile   Spain. It's one of host  Nisreene Atassi's  favorite places in the world, for a long list of reasons. Joining her on the delicious way through this episode is Chef Ramon Martinez, culinary director of Jaleo Restaurants, which operate under the umbrella of Chef  Jose Andres' ThinkFoodGroup, as well as Nacho Alonso, Spain Area Manager for  Expedia. They dish on why Chef Ramon is calling in from the dry goods pantry of the restaurant, and how even that showcases a Spanish specialty. From the best beaches, to Spanish history and culture, and why a winter visit could be a good bet, this episode has it all. Listen in for tips on when to travel to maximize your budget, and for the last word on where to get a truly authentic paella - and what exactly that means. This episode of Out Travel the System is your go-to guide on planning your first or 50th trip to Spain, and finding hidden gems even locals may not know about.
The unhurried lapping of waves, the sweet sounds of birdsong, and the wind curling its way through the trees - that's right everyone, it's time for the lakes episode of Out Travel the System! Settle back in the hammock to listen as host  Nisreene Atassi  talks to  David Hernandez  and  Tereasa Surratt , the husband-and-wife team behind Camp Wandawega. They delve into the key elements of what makes a lake vacation so special, and how it's different from say, a vacation involving a beach or a pool. Fishing, boating, swimming, or simply doing nothing at all - there's nothing quite like the traditions involved in this style of vacation, whether it's the first or the 50th time you've headed to the lake. From what to do to what to eat to how to create your own lake aesthetic, this episode has it all.
As vaccination efforts continue to roll out and countries consider which COVID-related restrictions need to stay in place, the minds of many are turning to the possibilities of international travel. Join host  Nisreene Atassi  for this mini- episode of Out Travel the System, as we harness the power of Expedia's data to see where demand for international destinations is rising . We also give smart travelers a little inside scoop on when and where to book. It's all part of how we love to help travelers on Out Travel the System! As mentioned in the episode, here is a link to the Expedia virtual travel advisor: [>\ This is a handy resource as well: [>\ While you're planning, this is a listen to how Shoulder Season traditionally goes, if you want to keep planning for future future travel:
Unique Places and People

Unique Places and People


When we started researching this episode of Out Travel the System, we wanted to focus on a way to combine the love of travel with a love of the great outdoors, so naturally our thoughts turned to yurts, treehouses, cabins and the like. Host Nisreene Atassi  gets into all of that and more with travel vlogger  Drew Binsky  and  Nathan Lump , Expedia VP of Customer Marketing and the former editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure. In their conversation, they talk about what makes places and travel experiences truly unique, from the accommodations you choose, the people you meet, and what you prioritize most. They also tackle the key question of whether glamping really 'counts’. Listen in for travel paths you may have never thought about taking, and to get inspiration for your next adventure.
If you're thinking about getting out of town for the Fourth of July, you're not the only one! In this mini-episode, we tap into the power of Expedia's travel data to figure out not only where people are going, but when - and what that might mean for your own trip. We'll explain why heading out from the Thursday to the Tuesday might be your best bet this year to 'beat traffic.' Listen in as host  Nisreene Atassi  gives you all the details you need for smooth sailing July 4th, right here on Out Travel the System. From getting away for a long weekend, to how people are heading out for a week for the Fourth of July, this is your quick handy dandy snapshot of information. Speaking of handy dandy, here's a link to our Chicago episode: Make sure you also tune in to the Out Travel the System episode on New York later this season!
Only in Chicago

Only in Chicago


This is it - the start of Out Travel the System’s ‘Only In’ episodes, where we focus on some of America’s best cities to visit. First up, the Windy City itself - Chicago. Host  Nisreene Atassi  is joined by  Mary Krosnjar  of Sportsanista to dish about all the things they love about their hometown, including almost fighting words about deep dish pizza, where to shop, and how and how you can get a taste of Chi-town even if you’re nowhere near the Midwest.  They even give you the local’s perspective on an activity typically considered to be only for tourists: the architectural boat tour. Don't forget to check out one of Mary's other favorites, the Art Institute of Chicago. Make sure you listen in to hear about the things you can do only in Chicago.
We know there are a lot of questions and some uncertainty about what travel looks like these days - Out Travel the System is here to help! Host  Nisreene Atassi  takes a closer look at the current state of travel with the help of  Oneika Raymond , aka Oneika the Traveller. Raymond shares some perspective as someone who has been traveling during the pandemic, and as someone who has grown and evolved her traveling style in the process. From what it's like to travel with a young child to recognizing the privilege involved in being able to travel, the conversation is candid and wide-ranging. They also discuss how the desire to travel is manifesting. Here's something that may help guide your planning whenever you decide the time is right for a trip:  a Travel Smart checklist that will have you covered for 2021 and beyond.
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