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Not Really Hungry Podcast

Author: Tanya Blankenship

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Do you ever eat when you’re Not Really Hungry?! Are you tired of being “on” or “off” your program? Are you sick of crash diets? Are you ready to learn how to eat and lose weight without stress and fear? This podcast is the place for you!

The Not Really Hungry podcast explores how to Eat Mindfully, Lose Weight, & Change Your Life. Tanya has worked through many of her weight loss struggles and has years of experience to share with you. She will teach you how weight loss can be easier than you think and how to lose the weight one last time! She is supportive and understanding while helping you face your stuff and be honest with yourself.

The podcast covers topics such as mindful eating, active lifestyles, formal exercise, healthy eating, meal planning, meal prep, forming good habits, and more!

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5 Episodes
Plan & Reflect

Plan & Reflect


Episode 4: In this episode, you will learn about the second habit in the Core Four Method - Plan & Reflect. Find out the benefits of planning, why we resist it, and how to do it the Core Four way as I explain the Weekly & Daily Plans along with the Daily & Weekly Reflections. The full show notes are available on the blog:
Unfiltered: In this mini-episode Tanya rants about why cheat meals suck and explores a better way to think about eating and indulging. You don't have to cheat if you make realistic plans. Check out the blog: and subscribe to the podcast.
Handle Your Hunger

Handle Your Hunger


Episode 3: This episode digs into the first habit of The Core Four method – Handle Your Hunger. I discuss mindful eating, why we overeat, and The Core Four Hunger Scale. I also give you four steps to follow to Handle Your Hunger. The full show notes are available on the blog:
The Core Four

The Core Four


Episode 2: In this episode, I explain the foundations of The Core Four method. You’ll learn how the method was created and how it can help you get started TODAY. The Core Four includes four habits: Handle Your Hunger, Plan & Reflect, Drink Water, & Sleep More. The full show notes are available on the blog:
The Introduction

The Introduction


Episode 1: It's happening! I'm finally starting a podcast! I've been thinking about it for years and I'm done being scared. In the first episode, I'm telling you all about me so you know what I've been through and why I have something valuable to share with my community. I'll discuss the 10 most common questions that inquiring minds want to know! The full show notes are available on the blog:
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