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A Raw, Quirky and Authentic show for single women who want to overcome emotional discomfort with being single understand the fear of being alone and transform it to self love while celebrating this season with joy passion and PURPOSE!! Each week we'll explore topics on how to optimize your season of singleness in the CORE FOUR AREAS OF YOUR LIFE and become who you want to attract.

In a world where becoming a wife is considered the ultimate success for a woman, its hard to grasp the gift of singleness. This is a powerful time for a woman...for this is a season to build foundations, break soul ties, heal past hurts, disappointments and insecurities. This is a season to uncover and change limited beliefs and walk in your true Divinity and personal power!!

-This podcast will include Goal Setting, Challenges, and Action Steps that can be used in practical ways.

-Special Guest with women who are building empires, businesses and making divine moves while single!

-Special Guest with single men on topics that elicit deep thought-provoking conversations

Topics that include:
-Dating Single Mothers
-Texting/Phone Calls
-Friend Zones
-The L words (lust and love)
-Spirituality and much much more!

Grab a chair and come sit at the table with Coach Trici Noel!
33 Episodes
End of Season One of Wait on Purpose Podcast Just wanted to say thank you to all my guest on Season One of Wait on Purpose, a podcast created to encourage single women how to optimize, build and heal through their season of singleness strategically. It's not only about becoming who you want to attract but becoming the best version of yourself for yourself and those you were put on this earth to serve. Everyone ushered in some beautiful energy on the show and I appreciate our connection. One thing I did before every show was pray with the guests. I wanted to protect the energy and positive intent of my show. I also asked each guest to share what God means to them. I have composed a compilation of each response. Let me say...its very powerful and inspiring to listen to what each guest shared. I learned something from everyone who graced this platform. Thanks again for allowing me in this space with you. I wish you all so much abundance, prosperity and success in all of your future endeavors. We're part of something WAY BIGGER! God bless you all. Love, Peace and Light! Season Two is in full effect starting in July/August 2020. An entirely new direction! If you are looking to promote your services, products or expertise and would like to become a guest on this show. Please contact me at Let's talk!! Thanks for your support. *************** Blog: Join my Online Book Club: New Books Coming Soon: Wait on Purpose: How to Optimize Your Season of Singleness Sweet Dreams: The Power of Prayers and Affirmations Book written and illustrated by my sons Contributing Author Love Letters to My Girls: 100 Black Women Speak to the Hearts of Black Women and Girls Anthology Support and follow the project by signing up at Check out my podcast on iTunes, Podchaser, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Castbox or on my website: Life Coach Services: Divine Feminine Kits, Yoni Steam Herbs and T-shirts ******* Background music: Beyonce's Bigger
What in this season of your life is not producing fruit and Why? In this episode I share 7 reflection questions to determine if you are producing a bountiful harvest. Seed-A Vision, Dream, Desire, Goal Harvest-What you pick, gather and reap from the seeds you plant 1. The Right Seed Are you planting the right seed? 2. The Right Soil What are you putting your seed in to nourish it to grow? 3. Sunlight Are you blocking sunlight from reaching your seed? 4. The Right Environment Are you in the right environment for your seed to grow? 5. Right amount of Water Are you providing the right amount of water to your seed? 6. Consistency Are you being consistent with tending to your seed? 7. Crop Killers Are you aware of the crop killers surrounding your seed? Check out my blog:
****Dessert Course**** Join me as I connect with my last special guest of Season One. If you have a solution to a problem in your community and want to start a non-profit organization, Inacent is the person to connect with. She also shares her journey in her walk with God and leaves us with some powerful words of wisdom you don't want to miss. Inacent Saunders is a native of Brooklyn, NY, currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the founder of Groundwork for Change LLC, a nonprofit consulting practice that helps nonprofit leaders start, grow, and scale their organizations. A lover of the written word, Inacent is the author of From Pain to Praise, the Prose and Poems of a Daughter in Process - a personal anthology of poems, stories and journal entries published in 2015. An Elder in her home church, she has a heart for God and enjoys discipling young adults - particularly young women who are often drawn to her approachable nature. These days, Inacent is working on her next book, continuing to build her business, and is always looking for opportunities to be a light in a dark world. To learn more about her services visit: Support by purchasing book:
****Dessert Course**** If you are a black woman who loves, supports, and cares for other black women and girls and you have a message that will inspire, motivate, challenge, or move our sisters (young and old) this is a great opportunity to share that message. Join Dr. Cherita and I as she share her latest movement and anthology "Love Letters to My Girls" Learn how you can be a Contributing Author at Support and follow the project by signing up at Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon is a coach and speaker who works with purpose-driven women who want to launch a six-figure business as a coach, consultant, speaker or author. As a six-time author with an International Best Seller, Cherita has self-published three books: Go! 10 Powerful Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals & Living the Life You Desire, Five Smooth Stones: Defeating the Giants Within, and Avoiding the Leadership Trap: 12 Traits that Will Derail Your Career and Diminish Your Leadership Impact. Cherita has also been a contributing author and she is a senior contributor and copy editor for Women of More Magazine and has helped other authors achieve their publishing goals through the New Castle County Association of Aspiring Authors and as an editor and Done for you Publisher. Services for Authors: Business Coach Services: Self Published Books and T-shirts:
Ep: 28: Self-Sabotage

Ep: 28: Self-Sabotage


****Appetizer Course**** Of course you want to show up in this world as the BEST VERSION of yourself. You have goals, hopes and dreams but what is holding you back and keeping you from reaching what you know is good for you? What if I told you, YOU are getting in your own way would you be able to accept that? In this episode I touch on a few of the common reasons why you haven’t reached that long standing goal and one reason is FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of the opinions of others and maybe the fear of success. Yes! Success! When these fears come up we use a defense mechanism that is known as SELF-SABOTAGE. Self: an individual's typical character or behavior Sabotage: deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something or someone) Self Sabotage is not deliberate, its subconscious and we're going to go over What is Self-sabotage? Why do we self sabotage? What are some of the behaviors associated with it and most importantly How do we overcome it? ************************************************** Check out my Blog on Self Sabotage:
****Dessert Course**** In this episode, Clarissa and I talk about depression, the struggles and strengths of being a single mother and the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle. Clarissa Martin, a single mother with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and a minor in Emergency Management knows a thing or two about hard work and dedication. After struggling with her weight for so long, she is proud to say she has lost 45 pounds through discipline and consistency. Originally from the south side of Chicago, Clarissa was raised by her mother and brothers and lived as she puts it "an interesting life." As a woman, she's very ambitious, passionate, dedicated and driven to pursing what makes her happy. Her goal is to make an impact in her community and world to make it a better place. Music has also been a huge part of her life, that allows her to express her feelings and thoughts. She is raising her son Kaiden with love and understanding and she believes that no man or woman is perfect, though it’s that one percent we put in each day to become a better version of ourselves that matters. Social Media:
****Dessert Course**** Roquella and I dive into turning your pain into purpose, signs of depression and the importance of having someone as your safe place . A place where you can be your worst around but they still see the best in you. Roquella is an up and coming, on the rise Inspirational Speaker. Through many trials and errors, ups and downs she has learned how to use pain as a catalyst and push into her greatness. Roquella's relaxed but in your face style, propels women of all walks into their self truth and greatness. She's also a thought provoking and insightful content writer, providing the following writing services with grace, finesse and efficiency. Professional Letter Writing/ Courier Service/SpeechWriting/ WeddingVows/ShortBio/ Obituary/Inspirational Please send All Inquiries Via: e-mail, to: Social Media: Speaking Power to your Truth:
****Salad Course**** As parents we understand the importance of teaching our children about sex and drugs, we teach them how to be a team player by putting them into sports. We teach them responsibility by giving them chores but why do we shy away from teaching our children about budgeting, compound interest, investing and healthy money management? Money management is not one of those kitchen table conversations. It's a mindset that starts young. Money Management wasn’t something I was taught at a young age. I knew how to earn it but I didn’t have an ounce of knowledge about growing it and saving it. By the time I was 21 years old, my credit was poor and I adopted poor money skills that became second nature to me. If I knew at least half of the things I know now growing up, It would’ve prevented so much headaches, stress and mistakes I’ve made in my adult life concerning my finances. As parents its our responsibility to lay the foundation of healthy money management habits for our children. Every step they take or choice they make from high school to college to retirement will be influenced by how they manage their money In this episode i discuss a few seeds we can sow into our children about money, as young as the age of 3, that has the potential to grow them into financially savvy and healthy young adults. Financial Resources for Children: The Black Business School: (Highly recommended!!) NerdWallet: Prosperity4Kids: Center for Economic & Financial Education (CEFE) Sense and Dollars: *********************** Check out Bros with Goals (A small business started by two brothers with future goals) T-shirts on sale Fruit and vegetable cups and small gallons of alkaline water to promote health! Find them in a barber/beauty/nail shop and gym near you! Looking for an awesome illustrator? Champ has mad skills. Contact us for a free consultation. Tell us your vision for your project (book, website design, logo, etc and) we'll make it happen. New book coming soon; Written and illustrated by my sons: Champ and Duke) Pre-order sales opens February 1st!
***Salad Course*** I am in no way a financial guru or an expert when it comes to money. I’m not going to pretend like I am, In fact I was struggling so much in the past with my finances I started thinking it was meant for me to live in poverty, paycheck to paycheck, scratching and surviving, and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Until I discovered and tapped into my limited beliefs about money and realized how they were sabotaging how I was managing my money. It wasn't until I started applying the things I read in financial books and the things I learned in financial literacy workshops consistently that I started witnessing the needle move towards my financial stability and freedom. This stuff works if you work it! Money can't buy you joyfulness but it can buy you more and better choices that can lead you to a type of freedom that can't be denied. And Let's face it, problems hit differently when you broke. In this episode I talk about limited beliefs that you may have been carrying since childhood that has affected how you manage your money. Remember beliefs form into habits. I also talk about day to day budgeting tips that you can implement TODAY to help you earn, grow and save your money. 2020 is your year towards financial freedom and it starts with taking the first step!!
****Dessert Course**** In this episode Daniel and I talk about Black men and interracial dating , The "Friend Zone" and Intimacy from a men's perspective. Daniel Dantzler, the youngest of 4 children, grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago in a small neighborhood called Phoenix, IL. He didn't have much growing up but his parents made it work. Daniel comes from a big family and was one of the few to graduate high school and the only man to graduate college. He has earned a Bachelors Degree from Columbia College in Art Entertainment and Media Management with a focus in music business. He has a love for music with plans on making a career working in the music industry. Social Media:
****Dessert Course**** In this episode I connect with Valerie Smith and we discuss the benefits of Toastmasters, the power of finding your voice and the importance of leaving a legacy. Valerie Smith is a Visionary Leader, Leadership & Speech Coach, Business Strategist and Speaker, who empowers others to become great within their strengths, communication and leadership skills. She believes, that everyone has a purpose why they are here on Earth. She is ambitious to see individuals grow and shine! She says, "True Leadership is maturity and discovering it's not about you, it's all about THEM" LinkedIn: Valerie M. Smith "Rise Up To Leadership" Connect to read articles and positive posts Leadership post Facebook Page: Power To Living For Today This is a page dedicated to followers,to live a Mindfulness Livelihood. Be Present- Live For Today-Live A Positive Life ------------------------------------------------- Find a Toastmaster's Club near you:
****Appetizer Course**** Definition of Self: A person's nature, character, personal interest. etc Definition of Care: A state of mind in which one is concerned Definition of Love: A profoundly tender,warm attachment and passionate affection for someone Definition of Preservation: To keep alive or in existence; Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Preservation is not selfish nor does it look the same for everyone. Come join me as I discuss the importance of discovering what these look like for you and why practicing them consistently can shift how you view yourself and help you find your purpose.
What is your sign? Its more complex than you think....We all know our Sun signs but did you know your moon and rising sign is just as important and play a strong role in your personality? Astrology is an ancient language that utilizes planetary bodies, houses and zodiac signs to communicate a unique cosmic signature known as your birth chart or natal chart. Your Birth chart map out the position of the Sun Moon, Planet and Stars at the specific time and place of your birth which provides a framework for your individuality, relationships and your life purpose. Tune in as i dive deep into the true meaning of the question What's your sign? And at the end I share your ROOT POWER based on your sign! Find out your Moon and Rising Sign: Learn more about your natal chart and receive 25% off with discount code HOLIDAY until Jan 1, 2020. Astrology: A Look Inside
Adrienne and I talk about her season of singleness, her journey with weight loss and how she manages being a CEO of many successful businesses. Adrienne has almost 40 years of astrological experience, and is known online by thousands as CAPRICORNTIGRESS of Astrology A Look Inside. She runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant. Adrienne Obey has proven that she is a woman of indomitable spirit and willpower. She was once 500 lbs and in a wheelchair for over 7 years. She willed herself to walk again and eventually DANCE! Her dancing caused massive weight loss and she dropped over 40 dress sizes, going from a size 54 to size 12 dress!!! Adrienne believes that our MIND and OUR INNER BELIEF SYSTEM plays a major factor in creating the life we want to achieve. BUSINESS BASED WEBSITES/SOCIAL MEDIA:
****Dessert Course**** LaVerne and I talk about the "Gift of Singleness" and how she optimizes this gift. She also dispels the misconceptions regarding hypnotism. LaVerne Henderson is a hypnotist, voice over talent, editor, and confirmed bachelorette. She is passionate about using her God-given talents - including her calm, melodious voice - to enrich the lives of others. LaVerne has a B.A. in English from Rutgers University. LaVerne is launching her first online course, called Behind the Hypnotic Curtain, on January 1. The 30-day course will include information, education, and lots of Q&A on what hypnosis is and is not, as well as what it can and cannot do. Additionally, enrollees will receive a 20-minute, online hypnosis session, so they can actually experience hypnotherapy. It’s 30 days, for 30 students, for $30. Learn more here: Website: Facebook business page:
****Dessert Course**** Join my buddy Matt and I as we talk about long distance relationships, looks vs substance and pornography and how each of these topics can affect the dynamic of any relationship. We also dive into our opinions on why relationships and dating have become so shallow and surface level. Matt, a single father is building his kingdom with the stones and rocks thrown at him by society. He is a Library Clerk, Entrepreneur and Kingdom Builder. Contact and Social media Info:
****Dessert Course**** Join Vercilla and I as we discuss , the gift of singleness, the Ketogenic Diet and the benefits of making this a lifestyle. V went from taking medications for High Blood Pressure and Pre-Diabetes to removing these medications from her life entirely while on the Keto Diet. Vercilla Granville a doting mother of 2 beautiful children, a Cordon Bleu Chef, A Financial, Health and Wellness Advocate, Creator of Keeping it Keto and Cooking 80/20 with V. Vercilla is on a mission to empower others about the positive effects of the Keto Diet and how to improve your relationship with food to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. Social Media: **************************************************************** Disclaimer: Vercilla nor I are physicians or medical health professionals so Please consult with your doctor before trying anything discussed on this episode,
Most people don’t look at birthdays as a celebration and look at it as just another day. And while to others it may be just another you, it signifies so much. Living in this world can be so hectic and there’s a lot of things going on from day to day and to get through 365 days deserves a celebration and an acknowledgement. I truly believe we were all put on this earth for a unique purpose and mission, and your birthday indicates that God saw fit for you to keep going towards that unique mission and fulfilling that unique purpose It's a reminder that God still needs you each time you celebrate that anniversary when two people were brought together at a specific time and place to create you and all your beautiful features. It doesn’t have to be this extravagant celebration, but a time to reflect and acknowledge that you are wiser and stronger. Let's talk about YOUR BIRTHRIGHT and why you should always celebrate it!
***Main Course*** Your aura is like a magnet picking up vibrational energies all around you. Your aura is reflective of your Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Health. and since we are in contact with so many different people and we are in so many different environments that carry unique energies and frequencies, it's very important that we are aware of how powerful and important it is to cleanse our energy fields. Not everyone carries a positive or high frequency or vibration. In fact, Low vibrations and frequencies can attract low vibrational beings, thoughts, emotions and actions to you affecting your choices and how you show up in this world. In this episode I talk about how to know when your area is damaged, the affects you can have because of it and one powerful way to cleanse your aura that can bring optimal healing and protection. Invest in a Divine Feminine Spiritual Kit Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit Reflections: Leftover and Optional Action Step: Perform a Spiritual Bath and set intentions to release and heal from negative energies and attract more positive energies
***Main Course*** Single ladies, have you ever met a man that outwardly seemed perfect? Intelligent, attractive, charming, witty and well groomed but for some reason, you felt very uneasy being around him? Or the interaction felt kind of awkward? Did you brush that feeling aside as paranoia and dated him anyways? Why do we ignore red flags as false warnings when more often than not, they are guided in the truth? Are these red flags stemming from our intuition or fear? Let's talk about the difference of each and why leading your life with intuition is one of the most healthy things you can do. Intuition: Inner Knowing Fear: An unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger leading to fight or flight.
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Jacquelyn Robinson

Great topic! I never heard of a spiritual bath cleansing but I am going to try it. I’ve been doing a little meditation lately just to clear my mind and stay in tune and balance and listen to God.

Dec 6th
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The Introverted Empath

Stepping outside of comfort zones

Oct 24th


Great podcast Trici!!!! Great resources and the message flows!!!

Oct 11th
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