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Author: Kee'manee Carter

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This is the LegallyBlack Podcast, hosted by Kee'manee Carter. Legally Black is an eclectic, new aged podcast. We will cover everything from relationships, sex, being biracial, sexual health, religion, financial literacy, rape culture, going to college, black owned businesses, living in your truth and being open about your sexuality.. all from the black prospective.
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This is the intro to the LegallyBlack Podcast, hosted by Kee'manee Carter. LegallyBlack is an eclectic, new aged podcast. We will cover topics like relationships, sex and sexual health, being biracial, financial literacy, religion, rape, culture, being open about your sexuality, black owned businesses and living in your truth... all from the black perspective. 
College, why even go? Is it for you? I think all of us at one point were considering going to college or not. I feel like if you’re going to go, college has to make sense for your life and the career you aspire to have. If you’re going just to impress your friends or satisfy your parents, you will quickly and easily burn out. Your decision has to be for you in order to make the best out of either situation. You can be successful whether you to college or not, but the key is you have to have a plan in order to obtain your goals.   Featured Songs:  Madam Butterflii “Hell of a night”  Coca Vango “Sauce all on me” 
The women of hip hop have always played a vital part in black culture. In the last two to five years there has been an influx of women challenging sexism in the industry and rightfully getting the credit they deserve. For years, women have shown that they can manage their own careers, businesses, and brands, while having families and still reign at the top of the rap game. According to Billboard, 2019 brought forth a record breaking number of women rappers with Hot 100 entries this entire decade.This episode of LegallyBlack will highlight a few women with big impact and even bigger influence on the state of the culture.  Songs: Nicki Minaj “Itty Bitty Piggy” Megan Thee Stallion “Hot Girl Summer” Instagram Handles @_carterville @MadamButterFlii
These days, it seems like everybody has kids and raises them in their own unique way. Times have changed and ass whoopin's have become a very sensitive topic. The question is, do you feel as though a little switch to the rump is necessary when it comes to discipline or is it crossing the line?    Follow us on Instagram! @_carterville & @madambutterflii Featured Songs: Summer Walker & Usher - Come Thru  Da Baby & Nicki Minaj - iPHONE
It's funny how in today's age everybody has this care free attitude and anybody can sleep with whomever they want. However if you're man, a black one at that, restrictions may apply. In this episode we're discussing the double standard between women being sexually fluid without being judged, and men being ostracized when expressing interest in the same sex. What are your thoughts on this topic? Follow us on Instagram and let us know! @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii @MadisonGaleee Featured Songs: Chance The Rapper - Ballin' Flossin' Russ Ft. Bia - Best On Earth
People have been struggling with substance abuse since the beginning of time, and as we evolve so do the drugs. These days kids have access to almost anything you can imagine via their smart phones, drugs included. In this episode of LegallyBlack, MadamButterFlii and I will be discussing the tragic death of Juice WRLD and the role that drugs played in his life. We also discuss alternatives to dealing with life stresses, apart from drugs.  Follow us on Instagram! @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii Featured Songs: Future Ft. Juice WRLD - Fine China Playboi Carti Ft. Nicki Minaj - Poke It Out
New year new me head ahhh lol but no seriously Happy New Year. As this new year and new decade commences reflect on not just the previous year but the previous decade. Learn from those mistakes you thought you made, turn those L’s into Lessons and manifest them into blessings for your future. What you’re currently doing right now is going to effect you 10 years from now... remember that when you feel like slacking. Enjoy this episode where Madam, our good friend Geilin and myself talk about what’s to come in the year 2020. Featured Songs: Skip Marley Ft. H.E.R. - Slow Down Davido - Risky  Follow us on Social Media! @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii @Geilaaaa
Have you ever been in a public place and people just can’t seem to get your name right. They try over and over and over and it’s a fail every time lol trust me I get it, I’ve been there. In this episode Essence and I discuss the daily woes of having an extremely ethnic name, a culture specific name, or a name that seems ghetto to the masses. We talk about how important your name is and how you should have a sense of pride when people say it, and if you’re still not content change it or get a nickname. Whatever you decide to go by should be your choice at the end of the day and you shouldn’t just like it but you should love it.  Follow Us on Instagram! @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii Featured Songs: Stunna 4 Vegas - Ashley FT. Da Baby Brian Mcknight - Hold Me FT. Kobe Bryant    
These past 3 months have felt like a lifetime. 2020 has definitely gotten off to a rough start. In this episode, Madam and I do a brief recap of black history month, sound off on what's been upsetting us in our everyday lives and speak on how we are literally sick and tired of Ms.Corona (COVID-19) also known to the culture as "La'Shay Da'Virus". Featured Songs:  Tokyo Jetz, Tokyo Vanity and VickeeLo - S.O.D.D.  Megan Thee Stallion - Rich
Don’t let your pride contribute to your downfall. Being too prideful can block your finances, your relationships and overall.. your blessings. Get into this episode where Madam and I discuss how being too prideful, can negatively impact you.    Featured Songs:    LPB Poody - “Address it”    Chris Brown, Young Thug ft Gunna -    “She bumped her head”     
Look, my people and I are tired. In this episode we discuss the current state of America and living while black. We speak on the brutal murder of George Floyd, and other unarmed black individuals like Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. A few of our Instagram friends chime in via IG live (@legallyblackpodcast) and voice their opinions as well. Tap in to this much needed episode and feel free to join our live stream every Thursday.    Featured Songs: Donald Glover - This Is America   Follow Us on Instagram! @legallyblackpodcast @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii  
Look, my people and I are tired. In this episode we discuss the current state of America and living while black. We speak on the brutal murder of George Floyd, and other unarmed black individuals like Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. A few of our Instagram friends chime in via IG live (@legallyblackpodcast) and voice their opinions as well. Tap in to this much needed episode and feel free to join our live stream every Thursday.    Featured Songs: Joey Bada$$ - Land of The Free   Follow Us on Instagram! @legallyblackpodcast @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii  
Do you and your significant other agree on everything? What if you both didn’t agree on anything? Is it possible to have meaningful relationships with different views? In this episode we discuss the deal breakers when in comes to healthy relationships. Should you fight for your relationship and come to a middle ground or throw in the towel because of irreconcilable differences?  Featured Songs: The Carters - Friends Buddy - Black  Follow us on Instagram! @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii
To much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48). Black men are strong, intelligent, strategic, protective, rugged, outspoken, influential, and beautiful. I love being a black man, I love every aspect of my being. I love how we command attention when we enter spaces. And when we put our minds to a cause we’re more than likely unstoppable. Even though I know we’re beautiful the world may not see that all the time. So it’s imperative that we operate respectfully. There are so many negative stereotypes associated with black men, so let’s prove them wrong. Let’s raise our kids, let’s start businesses, let’s accept accountability for our actions, let’s be open minded to different groups of people and their way of life. Let’s create a different narrative that they don’t want us to have. Let’s show them our beauty.    Songs: Lil Wayne - Earthquake  Chance The Rapper - Sun Come Down   Socials @Madambutterflii @_Carterville   
Karen [Kair-in] - Karen is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people's behaviors. We’ve all probably dealt with a Karen at some point in life. But recently they’ve been popping up like wildfire. In this episode Madambutterflii and I discuss different situations where Karen’s come out in show their true colors. We also discuss what would happen if we ever encounter a Karen.    Follow Us on Instagram! @_Carterville @MadamButterFlii   Featured Songs:  “Girls in the hood” -Meg Thee Stallion   “Knuck if you buck” - Crime Mob 
Over the past two weeks Will and Jada Smith have been the talk of social media. Tune into this episode where Madambutterflii and I discuss  people who swing, three way relationships, and would we be in them.    PartyNextDoor FT. Drake - “Loyal”    Rasheeda - “ Marry me”
In this episode our guest Kagan, Madambutterflii , and myself discuss the the effects of cancer, and what to expect when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. We also discuss how you should take care of your mental if you are a caregiver. Tune in and listen to get some insightful tips with coping. Thank you again Kagan for your insight and Rest In Peace to Ms. Catrina Green.    Music:  Childish Major- “Wife you”   Jkeshaun- “Bad as you”    Social Media:   @thenameiskagan @Madambutterflii @_Carterville
Join me and MadamButteraFlii as we discuss the social media phenomenon called cancel culture. We discuss how we feel about it, is it really effective, and the difference between cancel culture and accountability. We also have a special feature from from one of our good supporters @jeremystalling.  Socials media:  @jeremystalling @madambutterflii @_carterville    Featured Songs:  Migos- “Gang Gang” Guapdad4000 FT. Chance The Rapper & Charlie Wilson - "Gucci Pajamas"
In this episode of legally Black Madambutterflii and myself are accompanied by one of our favorite supporters, and hot girl educator herself Ms. Aquilah Scott. We dive right into what it’s like being a young, black, millennial educator in 2020. Amidst a pandemic, virtual learning, and being asked to go above and beyond for your students in these crazy times. Come listen to this conversation and see what Ms. Scott had to say and how she’s adjusting to what is our new normal.    Songs:  Cardi B ft Megan Thee Stallion - Wap Tony! Toni! Toné! - Anniversary    Social Media:  @MadamButterFlii  @GlitteryGangster @_Carterville   
Take a glimpse of the energy we’re bringing for Season 2! This episode we got to chop it up with Jaquiel, a singer and motivational/inspirational speaker. Join us as he takes us through his journey of growing up in one of the poorest cities in America to filming a TED Talk to traveling to China and ultimately creating his newly released album “Summer Nights in the Southward”. Follow Us on Social Media! @MadamButterFlii @_Carterville @imakesoulmusic
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