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Alatqa and other Humans

Author: Alatqa

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Join Alatqa on his quest to understand mankind, tackling popular topics and issues within the UAE and the surrounding region. Expect a mixture of dry humour, cynicism and oddly misplaced hope that mankind can actually better itself. Alatqa's joined with a colourful cast of friends and guests that aim to make his life a little more colourful.
6 Episodes
Alatqa, Ahmed and your friendly neighbourhood Banana talk about qualifications and the failures of recruitment. Fighting over whether or not salaries should be high and moaning about colleagues killing time on Instagram, the group shares stories about the things they've witnessed in the workplace.
Alatqa, Ahmed and your average Banana talk about UAE nationals with parents from different nationalities. The group is in search of the sweet-spot between fanciness and condescension when it comes to names and labels. Talking about the social impacts of having foreign mothers and asking whether or not it actually matters, the group delves into personal experiences and stories.
Episode 4 - Escapism

Episode 4 - Escapism


Alatqa talks to Reem, Nada and Noura about the methods of escapism they developed during their childhood. From personal tales to personality traits and from canvas to Hyrule, the group shares their experiences and mental getaways.
Alatqa, Reem, Nada and Noura get together to talk about rampant stray cats, opting to adopt and not shop and waitresses kicking cats in the guts to keep them out of their restaurant. Tag along as the group drowns in the Catocalypse alongside volunteer workers with their hearts in the right place and their hands in the wrong pockets.
Alatqa, Ahmed, Reem and May talk about tarnished memories and the movie industry. The group discusses Disney's incessant attitude to remakes and Rihanna posing in front of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Alatqa, Ahmed, Reem and May talk about customer service in the UAE, sharing thoughts and experiences with companies and government entities. From the glaring eyes of Sephora employees and Etisalat's 101 maze, to entering through happyfaec doors and leaving through sadfaec doors, listeners are in for a treat as the group rant their way through everyone's favourite businesses.
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