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Author: Audria O’Neill

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An informational mini series about conscious sexuality and open-hearted living. Certified Conscious Sexuality Coach, Audria O'Neill, merges the wisdom of tantric holistic sexuality with up to date love and sex education for our modern world so we can have sex positive lives paired with connection - even in casual flings. Find out how you can have more meaningful relationships, more fulfilling sex, and experience a more liberated life by visiting
8 Episodes
Conscious Sexuality

Conscious Sexuality


Learn what is and is not healthy sexual activity.
In this episode, we examine how unhealthy sexual behavior can exist within the rules we were taught about proper sexual conduct, as well as how conscious sexuality can live outside of these guidelines. Part II of the Conscious Sexuality series.
With Guest Stella Topaz, a Sexological Bodyworker and Registered Sexual Health Nurse, we find out it's very easy to live with, or clear up, STDs. We learn all the sexy ways to easily have safe sex, making you able to partake in more exciting sexual adventure that you may have previously been weary of. Learn sexy ways to make safe sex a normal and fun part of your sex life! Learn more about Stella's work at her website
Get a deep understanding of the topics covered in this podcast, what your host has to offer, and why tuning in will lead you to happier and healthier intimacy.
We examine what real love is compared to fairy tale love and how we can have more real love in our lives.
Learn how Tantra changed my life and how you too can start living a more tantric life today.
Conscious Sexuality

Conscious Sexuality


In this episode we clarify what is and is not healthy sexual behaviour.
Here we thoroughly examine the rules we were taught about proper sexual behaviour and if they really do guarantee us a happy and healthy love and sex life.
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