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Caroline Speer

Wonderful show ladies love hearing about your experiences. Truly gifted Mediums.

Oct 23rd

Caroline Speer

I really did enjoy your show always interesting and yous are truly gifted Mediums and im glad they are longer now i could sit and listen to yous and your experiences all day long. Thanks for doing these podcast for us and taking time out of your busy day. God Bless Yous.

Oct 11th

Diana Brown

Hello. 24 years ago this past July my husband passed away quickly without notice or illness from a heart attack. Before his sudden death, he and I were struggling in our marriage. I feel it was my fault and know he was hurting. I have not heard from him or felt him around. Is it possible that he has left and hasn't looked back? He doesn't want to be in touch or doesn't look out for me? We have 3 children together and I just don't believe he would turn his back on us. He was a good father. I would so want to hear from him and feel him by me. I do miss him so

Sep 19th
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Carol Lynn Iyer

So good to hear your voice, Marilyn! Miss you and I hope all is well on the other side of this planet! Great podcast

Sep 16th
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Susan Burrows

I had not heard of Rudy Hunter previously. He has had a very profound impact on me. His description of depression being anger turned against itself was very profound and truly resonated with me. Thank you Catherine and Marilyn.

Sep 15th
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Paul Alexander

Always grateful to hear Rudy share his healing work. I've worked with grief and loss through my hospice days and with music . It is beautiful to have tools and healing opportunities.

Sep 13th
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