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Author: Gabrielle Corbett

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A podcast by women in the music industry, helping to DEMYTSIFY our industry, INSPIRE more bodacious babes to get involved & CELEBRATE one another 💕Presented and produced by me, Gabrielle Corbett (@justonecorbetto).
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22 Episodes
BITESIZE PROFILE: a snapshot into other podcasts 👀 First up Tom Stabb who co-host Money Tennis Podcast 🐵(an Alan Partridge Fan podcast) shares bitesize chunks of information on Acast, Simon Greenall, Ko-Fi vs Patreon as a means to support your podcast and more.
Raissa Pardinisa created artwork with bands including: 💙Pond 💙IDLES 💙Squid Designed book covers including: 💜Velvet Mafia (gay producers behind the music scene in swinging London) 💜Dolly Parton's 'Not Dumb, Not Blonde' 💜Pamela Des Barres "I'm With The Band" Talking #typography #womensaid & recent collab with @BOTWevents @brohoodmedia & launching new font ‘GROUP’ to raise money for @WHO #COVID19 funding. Lucky me, and lucky you as she is my guest on this week's Bitesize Bodacious Babes Podcast - join us with your ears here:
What a lot of artists do realize there is a lot of fees that you are due and entitled to. Sentric finds what royalties you are owed. Both my guests work at Sentric Music. Head of Legal Loren McShane and Head of Business Operations Sabine Douglas. We talk about the tech and legal side in creating a more transparent and fairer playing field for artists and songwriters.
Our first cross Atlantic chat via Zoom with my guests Georgia Roberts (SKIDDLE, UK) & Shanna Jade (DICE, North America) sharing their experience in the industry and working at ticketing platforms. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What do you do in your job? ✨ How did you get into the role you are in now? ✨ Day to day tasks in their roles ✨ BBC Bitesize - Georgia talked on a panel, and discuss this ✨ What do you think would be useful skills to have to get into your jobs? ✨ What job sites they recommend people look at ✨ Shout outs to other bodacious babes they admire
My guest Helena Gee (BMG) & Zoë Ellen Bryant (Carbon Logic) tell me how they came to work in music licensing for TV shows like Derry Girls, Peaky Blinder, Save Me. EPISODE GUESTS: ✨Helena Gee ✨ Senior Sync & Creative Licensing Manager at BMG, from Leeds, UK specifically for TV ✨Zoë Ellen Bryant ✨ Music Supervisor at Carbon Logic (a company founded by Pete Saville) : PEAKY BLINDERS SEASON 5 / DERRY GIRLS SEASON 2 / MARK RONSON: FROM THE HEART / BLINDED BY THE LIGHT WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What do you do in your job? ✨ How did you both meet? ✨ How TV Music Licensing works e.g Derry Girls Series 2 (Take That, East 17) ✨ Increase of high quality shows coming out of the UK - and people appreciate the value music can bring ✨ Music plays an important part in telling stories ✨ How did you get into the role you are in now? ✨ Advice ✨ Shout outs to other bodacious babes
Songwriters Hannah Yadi & Josie Man talk about their process. Join us at the start with a Chakra meditation led by Hannah. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨How did you meet? ✨Case study - the process of how you guys wrote together for Colours + Baby Pink & Blue song ✨What inspires your songwriting and music? ✨Inner Ryhtm in your head ✨How they got into music, what instruments they play/played ✨Storytelling SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Safiya Knight ❤️ Sarah Kwan - illustrator @sarahkwanartist ❤️ Josh Scarbrow - writer/producer @josh_scarborw ❤️ Sam Tsang ❤️ Rob Milton ❤️ Oscar Scheller ❤️ Jonny Lattimer (songwriter) ❤️ Phoebe Gold (Josie's manager) @phoebefold_ ❤️ Mamie Lowther (Hannah's manager) @mamielow EPISODE GUESTS ✨Hannah Yadi ✨ Hannah and I met via a mutual friend at a women's event and Hannah and Josie met over Instagram A signer and artist but focuses on songwriting now. Songwriting making her happy and where she can help elevate other people ❤️ ✨Josie Man ✨ A singer-songwriter who makes alt-pop, 80s vibes gems Josie not only writes her music but has taken a leap in writing the treatment for music video 'Colours' grew up in Orpington with both British and Chinese root recorder, flute at school. Mainly plays guitar and piano CHAKRA MEDITATION ✨Root Chakra - red ✨Sacral - orange ✨Solar plexus - yellow ✨Heart - green with a flicker of pink ✨Throat - sky, bight blue ✨Third Eye - indigo ✨Crown - violet with some white light
My guest Hen Heimdal (CD Baby) & Sarah Johnston (FUGA) talk about their job roles in, their paths to their current roles, and gives advice and insight into distribution services. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨What their roles and day to day of their hobs are ✨The difference in services between distribution services that are available ✨What do you need from your distributor? Know what you want as that will affect the partnership you negotiate with your distributor ✨Advice to artist and labels about music distribution + advice to get into a similar role ✨Shout outs to other bodacious babes in production they admire As I was visiting from Scotland, today's "dinner" was a rare Scottish delicacy...dark chocolate Tunnocks Tea Cakes.  EPISODE GUESTS: ✨HEN HEIMDAL ✨ Market Development Coordinator UK & EU (CD Baby) ✨ From Norway, lives in London ✨Hen's main job is building brand awareness across these countries for CD Baby ✨Previously worked at WIN for Music (an international trade organisation for Independent Record Labels - like AIM here in the UK. Worked closely with Merlin tobuild new trade associations for Indies around the world. Where she met Sarah! ✨SARAH JOHNSTON ✨ ✨Client Services Account Manager (FUGA) ✨From Scotland, lives in London ✨Her job is to look after clients, that are made up of record labels and distributors, and make sure that her clients can get their content delivered to all the stores like Spotify, etc. Predominantly looks after the UK but also German, Russian, West and East African. ✨Worked at Merlin (a global licensing agency) previously for 5 years. The role was Member Services Manager - where she met Hen. *CD Baby is an online independent distributor originally started in Portland, US **FUGA is a Dutch-based distribution company and supply chain technology company
My guest MISH MAYER talks about her path to her current role, and gives advice and insight into TV & Online Production. Current role Executive Producer & Commissioner for Vevo, UK.  In her current role Mish oversees production as a whole, its quality control Mediating between Vevo's global teams is an important part of the role. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨Tell us what you do now in a few words ✨Mish's previous experience pre-Vevo, aka her path to now ✨Advice about production roles ✨Shout outs to other bodacious babes in production she admires ADVICE: ✨ Be available and willing to learn. Show people you are interested to learn what they do. ✨ Sometimes you need to move sideways to move forwards and sometimes just being in the building is the way to do that1 ✨ Don't be afraid to ask ✨ Look after yourself! ✨ Hiring is 90% around personality and attitude, experience is always something you can get. Shoots are long, you need to get along with people! ✨ Don't get bogged down with where you want to be. Best ops can come from taking a side-step. And you may surprise yourself with what you end up loving. ✨ You can always leave a job, you can always change your mind. Nothing is permanent. SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Sasha Nixon who runs her own prod company called Forever Pictures. She used to be lead rep at Partizan ❤️ Yemisi Brookes who is a British Director based in New York ❤️ Joy Elton who was Creative Director at Polydor until quite recently. Now freelances as a Commissioner, Producer, Creative Director
We talk local and national radio presenter role + running a club night and being a TV presenter and more! Podcasts alumni Rhonagh O'Donnell introduced Abbie and I ahead of the recent Dublin Music Week. Abbie met Rhonagh when she was working at the BBC filming the session for BBC Introducing. The magic of women helping women and sharing the love! EPISODE GUEST: ✨ Abbie McCarthy: Abbie is from Kent and her current main job is presenting BBC Music Introducing in Kent - a weekly show on BBC Radio Kent that focuses on unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar music from her home county. She can also be heard covering shows on BBC Radio 1 & seen on your TV screen interviewing the hottest up and coming acts for 4Music. She also runs a popular monthly gig night called Good Karma Club (which turns 4 years old in Jan 2020) and Abbie recently started doing A&R consultancy for Insanity Records (affiliated with Sony). WHERE SHE HAS WORKED: ✨ RAW 1251AM which is the student radio station at the University of Warwick ✨ BBC Introducing Kent / BBC Radio Kent ✨ BBC Radio 1 ✨ BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Glastonbury ✨ Match of the Day X ✨ 4Music ✨ Chelsea FC Women ✨ Good Karma Club ✨ Insanity Records ADVICE: ✨ If you get a chance to do a student radio show, a great place to learn, make mistakes, etc. You can mess around and find out what works and does not work. Abbie also did marketing and station sounds at student radio. ✨ Use your phone to shoot content to show to TV company - they need to see you, no need to over-edit! ✨ Add your day to day skills that are relevant to your CV aka do you use Snapchat and other social media outlets and have a strong social media identity? ✨ Meet as many people as you can. Be enthusiastic, be nice and do your research! SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Jocelin Stainer, BBC Radio 1 ❤️ Courtneay Yeates (Abbie's manager at Insanity Talent) ❤️ Achal Dylan, runs Killing Moon (indie record label and do live shows) ❤️ Jacqui Rice - at Queen at Domino Record Co ❤️ Rhonagh O'Donnell (Ep 11 guest) ❤️ Millie Carter & Kelly Betts - running central introducing team ❤️ Foundation FM - Becky Richardson, Ami Bennett, Frankie Wells - focus to champion female talent ❤️ Philippa Aylott - works at BBC Radio 2  ❤️ Annie Mac - DJ, presenter and so much more - Queen! ❤️ Celeste - signer-songwriter  ❤️ Joy Crookes - signer-songwriter  ❤️ Josie Man - signer-songwriter
This week's guests are the lovely Miranda and Rhonagh who I recently had the pleasure of working with. They both met a few years ago whilst working at the BBC and I was thrilled they wanted to come on the podcast and offer insights into the production world!  WE TALK ABOUT: ✨What they do now ✨Where they have worked in the past ✨Advice  ✨Shout outs to other bodacious babes they admire 🍴DINNER: Crisps & dip + Aubergine, feta and pesto filo pie + blondies for dessert purchased from Rise Bakery London 🍑EPISODE GUEST: ✨ Miranda Swanson: Scottish bodacious babe who used to work full time in TV as a freelancer for 4-5 years. Currently, she is studying full-time ceramic design whilst also working freelance in film and music, ranging from TV shows to online content, tours, and festivals. ✨  Rhonagh O'Donnell: Irish bodacious babe who currently is a freelance producer. At the moment she is working half the week freelance at Vevo, and the other half of the week at the Horniman Museum as producer on a project about contemporary South London music. Until recently she worked as a producer and director at the BBC, which included working for BBC Introducing (new artist brand for the BBC), for the BBC Sound Of poll, Glastonbury and so much more! WHERE THEY HAVE WORKED: Rhonagh: ✨ Mirvish Productions in Toronto on Lion King and Mamma Mia stage shows ✨BBC as receptionist in the New Media department ✨Broadcast Assistant in the BBC Interactive TV department ✨Producer and director for music, comedy, and entertainment on BBC TV, red button and online ✨Talent scout for Amused Moose Comedy ✨ Broadcaster on World Service's The Arts Hour and on Radio 4's Saturday Review Miranda: ✨ Stage Runner at Glastonbury, for the Park Stage (role: get set-list, check the spelling of names of who was on stage and pass onto the director) ✨ Researcher (role: find the images, a picture researcher) + Production Runner (go through the script with the producers and order all the props) on QI ✨ Bring the Noise - New Music show for Sky 1 ✨ The Jump for Channel 4  ✨ The Secret Life at a holiday resort as a researcher for Channel 5 ✨ Geordie Shore on MTV ✨ Production Runner on Later... with Jools Holland ✨ Production Runner on Top of the Pops ADVICE: ✨ It is a lot about who you know, why not offer to meet them for a coffee when you send your CV ✨ Live as varied a life as possible, as the more you have that you can draw upon from your life, the more creative you can be as a producer and director ✨ Do not miss out interesting things about you on your CV - aka I surf ✨ Watch a variety of shows on TV etc., do your research ✨ Physically do as much as you can in your role! SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Alison Howe - Executive Producer of Later... With Jools Holland ❤️ Stephania Minici - Head of Production at BBC Music TV ❤️ Suzy Klein - Radio and TV Presenter ❤️ Dion Peters - Manager and mother of Novelist and Prem (and has two other kids) ❤️ Keturah Cummings - DJ, footballer and runs a company called Forward Slash ❤️ Serena Cross - Independent TV, film and events producer. Created The Lost Words Prom about climate change for BBC Proms. ❤️ Mish Mayer - Many years of TV production experience and currently Executive Producer, EU at Vevo ❤️ Miranda's grandmother/ Oma ❤️ Sarah Chaloner - production manager at QI PRODUCTION LINGO: ✨ VT: short film ✨ Producer Role: organising, coming up with a creative idea ✨ Director Role: thinking more about how it is going to look
Music Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Music Week 2019! I had the pleasure of being invited as a delegate to Music Nova Scotia's. Nova Scotia Music Week in Truro, Canda last week. I met so many bodacious babes, who we've shouted out on this episode.  One, in particular, Dana Beeler, the conference manager, joined my in room 408 over a local stout and chips to chat not only her role with Music Nova Scotia, but the other festivals she works with and being a badass lead singer/tour manager/manager for alt-rock Hello Delaware! EPISODE GUEST: ✨ Dana Beeler : Special Projects Manager & Conference Manager for Music Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Music Week AND is the lead singer of the alt-rock band Hello Delaware. WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ Music Nova Scotia, Canada ✨ Dana's current role + role being the lead singer in a band, in so Dana is also the Tour Manager, Manager and oh so much more! ✨Path to where she is now! Grew up around Bluegrass music, was in a family band. She did a photography course and her teacher recommend she did a Music Business course! ✨ Shout outs to ladies at Nova Scotia Music Week 2019
This week I've decided to record an episode with my good pal Euan who also has a podcast and who advised me on setting up my podcast and lent me his mic to record. Like Hansel in Zoolander, "podcasts are so hot right now" and why not? As you may know, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials, articles, etc. out there about setting up/starting a podcast. Despite this - it is still tricky to navigate through it all to get the information you need. In this episode, we are reflecting on our experiences and offering advice and tips which we wish someone had told us. Plus, some shout outs to bodacious podcasters! EPISODE GUEST: ✨ Euan Plater: currently CEO of his own Poste Media, which is a podcast-first media company that creates both editorial shows and branded content. He has his own show on Poste Media called XY which is a show about mental health in men. WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What are, why and how  ✨ Tips/advice ✨ "Content Is King" ✨ Shout outs to other podcasts! SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Euan's podcast - XY ❤️ Time To Change ❤️ - set up in Manchester PODCASTS WE MENTIONED: ✨ Fearne Cottons Happy Place ✨ Bodega Boys ✨ Serial Podcast ✨ Hi Low Podcast ✨ No Such Things As A Fish ✨ StartUp + Reply All on Gimlet Media  ✨ The Adam Buxton Podcast ✨ My Dad Wrote A Porno ✨ Grief Cast by Cariad Lloyd ✨ Rum and Records ✨ The ReWatchables - guys who review movies that are rewatchable ✨ The Daily - reviews current news by The New York Times ✨ Desert Island Discs - podcast on BBC Radio 4  ✨ David Tennant's Podcast - interview show with strong guests ✨ Table Manners by Jessie Ware ✨ Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness ✨ George Ezra and Friends ✨ Will Young's podcast Homo Sapiens
I am joined by the three women who co-founded IAFAR (Independence Alliance For Artist Rights) have long histories and knowledge in r. Ann Tausis (from Sweden originally and currently CEO of Kobalt Neighbouring Rights in London), Naomi Asher (from Los Angeles and is currently President at Wixen Music Publishing UK), Stacey Haber (originally from New York and is the owner of The Music Firm). WHERE THEY WORKED: ✨ Sweden Music (ABBA company run by Stig Anderson who was their manager at the time). It was bought by Polygram. ✨ Universal Music ✨ Kobalt ✨ Instinct Records (the first artist they ever signed was Moby) ✨ Western House Broadcasting which is now CBS TV USEFUL NOTES / TIPS: ✨ CMO = Collective Management Organisation ✨ Sound Exchange:  US performing rights CMO for neighbouring rights when recordings are played in public; these royalties are for labels and featured artists. ✨ 'The Rome Convention': The Rome Convention secures protection in performances for performers, producers of recordings and in broadcasts for broadcasting organizations. The US and Australia are among the countries that are not signatories. ✨ PRS For Music: Performing rights organisation for performing royalties earned when a composition is played in public; these royalties are for writers and publishers (PRO). ✨(P) vs (C) : P = the recording is the phonographic copyright. C = song (music and lyrics as written) is the composition copyright. ✨ PPL: UK performing rights CMO for neighbouring rights when recordings are played in public; these royalties are for labels (rights holders), featured artists and non-featured artists.  SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ MMF (Music Management Forum) ❤️ Help Musicians ❤️ The song "I Will Always Love You" originally written by Dolly Parton who wrote the song in 1973. A great example of Neighbouring Rights in action! In 1974 Elvis wanted to cover the track; his manager told Dolly it was standard procedure for the songwriter to sign over half of the publishing rights to any song Elvis recorded. She refused. She maintained the (c) composition rights when Whitney Houston recorded a rearrangement of the track in 1992. Whitney earns royalties from the recording (P) and Dolly earns royalties for her (C) composition as the writer.  N.B. - the words ‘song' and ‘composition' are used interchangeably, but ‘song' can never be used to describe the recording.
This week I'm joined by Sarah McCarthy and Becky Richardson both who work in Radio PR. Happy birthday to Sarah who turned the big 2.8 the night before we recorded, AND happy engagement to Becky - news just in! WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ Their path to now. ✨ Advice on the day to day of radio PR, skills required and insights into the music they work on. ✨ Shout outs to bodacious babes we admire! EPISODE GUESTS: ✨ Sarah McCarthy: In house radio plugger at Beggars Group. Sarah did events management at University. During Univerity, she took a placement year and interned at Coda Agency + Domino Record Co + Matador.  Dissertation - in two parts; 1. Women in Music: whether it is a glass ceiling or woman automatically leaned to roles 2. Why small festivals fail. ✨ Becky Richardson: Is a radio plugger at her own company which she co-owns called Ghost Promo. She is also an artist Manager at UROK Management and she also set up a radio station called Foundation FM. Prior to this, she was at Island Records, before that Anorak PR. She has 8 years in radio! Public Relations at Uni. Dissertation: 'The Secret Swap' ...yes, you read correct - listen to the episode to find out more... DINNER:  Coconut, chickpea, butternut squash Thai red curry with rice + buttery crack wraps + vegan chocolate cake for Sarah's Birthday! WHERE THEY WORKED: ✨ Coda Booking Agencies (nowParadim Talent Agency) ✨ UROK Management ✨ Earth Agency ✨ Domino Record Co ✨ Matador Records  ✨ Beggars ✨ Anorak PR ✨ Island Records ADVICE: ✨ Be out there, meeting people! ✨ Be Creative with your campaign ✨ Be organised ✨ Listen to the radio - know which show likes what music ✨ Be honest ✨ Manage expectations of mangers and labels ✨ You are face to face with people all the time so make sure you can talk about each artist you are working on, and where it will fit SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Siobhan Bell ❤️ Kitty ❤️ Natalie Judge - used to be General Manager at Matador Records and now owns record shop on Columbia Rd called World Of Echo. ❤️ The Secret Swap [Image below] ❤️ Franky Wells - worked with Becky on festivals, and at Radar radio. ❤️ Foundation FM ❤️ Refinery 29 Horoscope MUSIC MENTIONED THIS WEEK: ✨ Dave ✨ Charlotte Day Wilson ✨ Babeheaven ✨ RAYBLK ✨ PJ Harvey ✨ Arctic Monkeys ✨ Ariana Grande ✨ Post Malone ✨ The Weekend ✨ Drake ✨ AlunaGeorge ✨ Childish Gambino ✨ Florence + The Machine ✨ Flyte ✨ Amyl and The Sniffers ✨ Kojaque
This week we chat perms, pay ode to Legally Blonde and not being afraid to learn a new skill with my two lovely guests Emmylou and Ale who work in the Vevo UK office we me.  DINNER:  I made Thai red aubergine coconut curry with coconut rice. Emmy brought the wine, Ale her homemade chocolate salami dessert and then we opened this whiskey! EPISODE GUESTS: ✨ Emmylou - Originally from Paris and did law first, has a Master Of Law!! Emmylou has worked at Vevo for the last 4 years, currently Lead International Manager for Content & Programming for Vevo UK. Also, runs French Market: the label relations with all French Labels and producing content for France ✨ Alessia - Originally from Milan. Senior Manager of Content & Programming for Italy, looks after label relations and artist bookings for Italy, Italian productions, editor for playlists, programming social media. WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What the role of an International Content Manager is ✨ Their path to now  ✨ Advice  ✨ Shout outs to bodacious babes we admire! ADVICE: ✨ Embrace your origins ✨ Be prepared to multitask  ✨ Don't be afraid to go into a field you do not know - as long as you are curious and passionate you can learn! SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Legally Blonde ❤️ PIAS Recordings ❤️ Warp (Record Label) ❤️ Disney Record Label ❤️ 7digital - streaming platform ❤️ General Assembly in Clerkenwell ❤️ Cristina Bedon  ❤️ Jay Som album ❤️ Book: Educated by Tara Westover ❤️ Circolo Magnolia ❤️ She Said So Italy ❤️ She Said So France
Lauren is Senior Digital Marketing Manager at RCA (Sony) and Anya is Head of Audience Engagement (Parlaphone Music) at Warner Music Group - when we recorded this she was Head of Digital Marketing at Syco (Sony). We talk about digital marketing at a major record label, what the role involves and discuss their career paths to where they are now. WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What Digital Marketing is + Anya and Lauren's roles at their labels now ✨ Their path to now which includes us chatting about The O.C and Dawsons Creek soundtracks! ✨ Advice to get into Digital Marketing and various job roles ✨ Shout outs to bodacious babes we admire! This week's podcast is dedicated to Phoebe Waller-Bridges : Photo above of her looking like a 1920's movie star at Emmy's after-party - surrounded by her Emmy's on a balcony, smoking a fag and drinking a margarita BODACIOUS icon GUESTS:  ✨ Anya Du Sauzay Head of Digital Marketing at Syco which is part of Sony Music Entertainment. She has been at Syco for 6 years and previous to that a Senior Account Exec for in PR for Ogilvy Group.  ✨Lauren Fitzgerald  Works in digital marketing and is currently Senior Digital Marketing Manager at RCA, Sony. Previously, freelance prior to that Digital Marketing Executive at Glassnote, Consumer Marketing at Twitter, Digital Channel Manager at Columbia. She's worked as a digital marketing and social media manager for over 5 years in the music and tech industries working with artists and brands to build online marketing and streaming strategies, create industry-leading content, and develop audiences. DINNER: Yogurt marinated chicken, then breaded in lemon rind, parmesan and desiccated coconut and Japanese bread crumbs with homemade pesto, pasta + wine!  DIGITAL MARKETING JOB ROLES: ✨ Head of Role - their role is to think of strategy, partnership. What will move the dial? + day to day management ✨ Audience Development Manager - used to be called Channel Managers ✨ Audience Development  - (used to be called Channel Management - managing channels, having logins, updating photos, website maintenance, metadata relevant). Now role focuses less on what looks like - now more strategic in terms of building an audience ✨ Digital Marketing management - Lauren's job now. Works closely with the Audience Dev team. The role now: what is the campaign? what is the overall tone? what are the right channels to do this on (aka focus on YT)? Plus, look after paid advertisements. ADVICE: ✨ Recognise the skills you already have in your day to day aka if you use Snapchat, if you have your own YT channel - you know how these platforms work - that is a skill. Have you ever done HTML? Do you run a blog? Have you ever shot a video for anyone? Start writing that list to help you figure out what job you want to apply for. ✨ The new generation is more digital-savvy than a-lot of people in the industry now! So recognise if you are and get reach out to labels! SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Ally Watson - CEO Code Like A Girl ❤️ Phoebe Waller Bridge + her sister Isobel Waller-Bridger who is a composer, artist, musician and did the soundtrack for Fleabag ❤️ Jason Reed, who I met at Domino Records Co. when we both worked there, he now works at FUGA  ❤️ Alexandra Patsavas is an American music supervisor who has worked on over sixty films and television series, most notably The Twilight Saga, The O.C., Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl.  ❤️ Code First Girls FUN NOTES: ✨ 2018 streaming became chart legible ✨ 2014 streaming became chart legible ✨ The OC soundtrack ✨  Sergey Brin - one of the Google Funders, funded a science project funding science project to create humane meat - how can you create meat without the animal? MUSIC WE MENTION THIS WEEK: ✨ Modest Mouse ✨ Phantom Planet ✨ The Killers ✨ Little Mix ✨ Imogen Heap ✨ George Ezra
I'm joined by my lovely pal Joanie Eaton and her partner in all things Mexican Summer and fun, Ami Phipps - legend! Both are Project Managers at Independent Record Label Mexican Summer. Main advice take away, "Don't be a dick" DINNER: Corn tortilla, lime black bean mix (onions, peppers, cumin, paprika, cinnamon, chipotle chilies), guacamole, homemade salsa, yogurt + BEER!   GUESTS:  ✨ Ami Phipps Project Manager at Mexican Summer alongside Joanie. Ami grew up in Bristol, loved going to record stores where she learnt everything she could about music by listening, reading CDs/LPs back to front. ✨Joanie Eaton Also a Project Manager at Mexican Summer. We met at Domino and have been pals since! She's from Tunbridge Wells and talks about the record shop in her town which used to be a hairdresser and bought come of her first records; My Chemical Romance and The Clash. The Forum in Tunbridge Wells - where you found music but can be intimidating for girls! WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ Focusing on talking about Project Management ✨ What do we do right now ✨ Path To Now ✨ Advice to get into PM at a label ✨ Shout outs to other bodacious babes loving right now PM TOOLS: ✨ Basecamp - project management tool ✨ Ami, is all about getting on the phone ✨ Trello ✨ Notion ✨ Evernote FUN NOTES: ✨ Sarah Silverman - American comedian. She has a book called 'The Bed Wetter' ✨ Jane Lynch autobiography - she was in Glee ✨Ami had tea bags made for Weyes Blood record ✨ PM Lingo: UK vocabulary 'Wheat Pasting' vs US 'Sniping' = putting posters up outdoors. Not to do with Wesley Snipes MUSIC WE MENTION THIS WEEK ✨Weyes Blood ✨ Cate Le Bon ✨The Clash ADVICE: ✨ Ask everyone everything - the older person has the knowledge and wisdom ✨ New person, help them out! ✨ Give people credit! ✨ Just don't be a dick! SHOUT OUTS: ✨ Natasha Youngs, she co-owns Resident in Brighton, runs with her partner Derry. Natasha (helps run DINKED which is coop of indie record shops across the UK. They do exclusive presses for Records - a platform to support the music they love, big or small. She also works with AIM (Association for Independent Music) ✨ Noreen McShane at Stranger than Paradise ✨ Partisan Records - an amazing label! Fontaines and IDELS nominated for Mercury 2019. Shout out to Ellie Rumbold who is a Project Manager there. ✨ Amelie Bonvalot, worked at Kobalt/AWAL, now at Domino ✨ Matt Hendon ✨ Sarah Joy (again! BODACIOUS) - Joanie stared Babelogue with her to manage bands. She runs ATC booking agency. She is an agent for Squid ✨ Risca Pardini - Italian lady, she is a graphic designer
We talk about their various jobs at the BBC, Beats, and Amazing Radio. Both my guests have or are radio presenters and producers. Emma is currently a Project Manager at Partisan Records, previous roles include radio presenting and production. Shiona is a reporter and presenter for BBC Radio. GUESTS:  ✨ Emma Snook  Who I met when she hosted a show on Amazing Radio (all new music show) and currently works at Partisan Records as a product manager. She has been there for over a year now, and before that worked at Beats 1 which is a radio station owned and operated by Apple for 2 years before. Emma also manages a band called Breathe Panel. ✨ Shiona McCallum  Has worked in radio for over 8 years. Currently, a reporter for Newsbeat BBC Radio 1 & 1 Xtra reporter, has done a couple of shows for Radio 2 called New Country from Nashville all about new country music and also a columnist for Maverick Magazine interviewing and reviewing country music. Podcast loose agenda:  ✨ Path to now   ✨ Day to day of being a radio host and producer + what radio reporter job entails  ✨ Advice to get into artist management  ✨ End with shout outs other bodacious babes we are loving right now / people doing amazing things we want to share! DINNER: Coconut breaded chicken fajitas with peeled cucumber, and salsa (tomato, olive, sweetcorn, chili, pepper, lime) in corn wrap + millionaire shortbread. SHOUT OUTS: ✨ Katie Adie - journalist ✨ Katie Jackson - a producer on Beats and host radio show on Soho Radio ✨ Dolly Parton  ✨ Annie Nightingale - first female national DJ ✨ Nick Grimshaw  PLACES THEY WORKED: ✨ Amazing Radio ✨ Beats 1 ✨ Bauer radio ✨ Virgin Radio  ✨ BBC Radio 1 ✨ BBC 1xtra MUSIC WE MENTION THIS WEEK: ⭐️ IDELS ⭐️ Carrie Underwood ⭐️ The Mavericks  ⭐️ Lyle Lovett ⭐️ Maren Morris Full podcast playlis heret:
This week we are chatting about Artist Management with Tash Cutts and Ina Tatarko. They are two of three bodacious babes that set up their own management company called Hoof Mgmt. (what a name) alongside Sinead who unfortunately could not make it for dinner and chat.  And finally, I made finger food BAO BUNS - no more cutlery sounds! Plus, we eat vegan tonight! GUESTS:  This week I had 2 of the 3 ladies that make up Hoof Mgmt. ✨ TASH - also manages a band called Squid + Lazurus Kane ✨ INA - also manages Squid and additionally manages a saxophone player and producer called Laura Misch (who I love). Ina has also just started working with signer and pianist called Martha Skye Murphy. Ina's DAY JOB (that right manages 3 bands and has a day job, the inspirational lady here) she is artist manager for End Of The Road (looks after Ezra Furman). Podcast 🎤 loose agenda: * Intros: Tell us what you do in a few words - what is artist music Mgmt * Path to now * Advice to get into music Mgmt. * End with shout outs other bodacious babes you are loving right now / people doing amazing things you want to share! DINNER: * Bao buns (6 for £2 at M&S) with smoked tofu marinated in soy/chili/ginger/rice wine vinegar/sugar and pickled veg + tomatoes & olives + wine! FUN NOTES: * Ina’s / Squid bands van - SHOUT OUTS: * Joanie Eaton (along with Sarah Joy) who both have day jobs separately but also run a label and mgmt. company called Babelogue, Joanie also is a Project Manager at Mexican Summer. Sarah Joy runs ATC Booking Agency. * Louise Healey - lovely lass, part of Modest Mgmt. * Holly Whitaker - photographer * Ally Horn - layer at Russells * Luke Ellis at PIAS * Dan Carey (producer), Pierre, Lex * Feedy - manager * Sarah Brooksbank - artist manager * Ellie Giles - artist manager (Bill Ryder-Jones) * Baddass Tour managers - Jess Clarke, Nyla Davidson * Sofia Lopes - sound engineer * Jess Partridge - runs London in Stereo * Lauren Down, one of the directors at End Of The Road * Clotilde Bayle -A&R * Jacqui Rice - Domino Records Co-Founder * Brooke Salisbury - Head Of Marketing, Domino Record Co SPOTIFY PLAYLIST OF MUSIC IN PODCAST:
Chilled chat about working in Music Publishing with my guests Arnaz Marker (A&R Coordinator at Universal Publishing)and Aoife Corbett (Audio Coordinator at NPL). Podcast 🎤 loose agenda: * Intros: what is music publishing? * Path to now - temping and volunteering as a way to get into first music job * Day to day of A&R at a music company * SOFAR sounds (gigs in intimate places around the world) * She Said So (global network for women in music) * FLEXX (a female-focused, music and creative networking event, originally set up by Jamz Supernova of BBC Radio 1Xtra and, Radio and TV plugger, Amy Collins_. * Advice to get into Music Publishing * End with shout outs other bodacious babes we are loving right now / people doing amazing things we want to share! GUESTS: * Arnaz Marker who works as A&R at Universal Publishing, set up SOFAR sounds Nottingham * Aoife Corbett who works as an Audio Coordinator at NPL DINNER: Oven baked aubergine miso (miso/honey/chili/lime/water) with pak choi, rice, cucumber + gorgonzola, apple and walnut salad + choc ices for dessert. OVER DINNER WE TALK ABOUT: * Day to day of A&R at a music company * Temping and countering as a way to get into first music job * SOFAR sounds * She Said So (global network for women in music) * FLEXX (founded by Jam Supernova, also network for women in music) SPOTIFY PLAYLIST OF MUSIC IN PODCAST:
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