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Author: Gabrielle Corbett

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A podcast by women in the music industry, helping to DEMYTSIFY our industry, INSPIRE more bodacious babes to get involved & CELEBRATE one another 💕Presented and produced by me, Gabrielle Corbett (@justonecorbetto).
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36 Episodes
Negla is General Manager at Ministry of Sound (Doja Cat, London Grammar, DJ Fresh, Riton, Tate McCrae, and more). Prior to this role, she was the Head of Digital, where she oversaw the strategy & execution of all digital campaigns across the label’s roster including multi-platinum selling singles. What we talk about ✨ Negla's current and past role at Ministry of Sound Record Label ✨ Artist's she has worked with, including; Sigala, London Grammar, Doja Cat, Tate McRae, DJ Fresh, SAINt JHN, dodie, and more. ✨ Pathing your own way like Negal. Like putting on talent nights, & club nights) immersing yourself in what you love, street teaming for DJ Semtex ✨ The varying structures of Record Labels (what roles make up the team) ✨ The role of the General Manager & Head of Digital ✨ Tips on CV building, what labels are looking for, how to build your knowledge & connections ✨ Advice & tips working in a digital team at a record label ✨ Shout outs: Rihanna, Yari Shahidi, Celine Dion, Amy Wheatley
Working with Lava La Rue, Lux, Girli, Ed Sheeran and with broadcasters such as BBC, ITV and Sky television, CNN, CNBC, and Iran International. Ruth is a freelance celebrity film and TV hair & makeup artist born in Scotland, based in London. WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ **Why** Ruth became a Hair & Make-up Artist? ✨ Ruth's **path** into being an artist ✨ Clients: Lava La Rue, Lux, Girli, July Jones & more ✨ Vegan & cruelty-free: **Charlotte Tilbury**, **Kevin Murphy**, **Elf**, **NYX** ✨ Building your **portfolio**  ✨ Charity **NHS Morale Boost**
✨ Helen's path to now, includes working at Domino Record Co. (Business Affairs Assistant/ Paralegal), previous to that at EMI Music Publishing (as a Para Legal) AEG, Sound Advice and so much more since WE'LL TALK ABOUT: ✨ Advice to become a music lawyer ✨ What is a Band Agreement? ✨ So, why do we actually need a Band Agreement? What issues should a Band Agreement cover? ✨ Music Copyrights - Publishing Vs Recording ✨ And as ever, some shout outs to other bodacious babes Link to Helen's website with more advice and band agreement templates
Halina chats about her podcast 'A Sonic Hug ', a podcast that hears from people from different walks of life who deal with, experience, and battle mental health issues. ##WHAT WE TALK ABOUT ## ✨ Why she started doing the podcast ✨ How in Scotland, people do not talk enough about Mental Health ✨ The phrase "Man Up" ✨ The little things that make us feel better ✨ The importance of humour ✨ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) ✨ Mental Health resources (see links below) ## GUEST ## Halina works in music and here are just some of her projects: ✨ Podcaster & Music Writer @ podcart - a Glasgow-based music blog and podcast ✨ Mental Health Advocate @ ASonicHug ✨ Volunteer @ Scot SWIM Check out her website for more information. ## MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES ##: Some resources that Halina kindly curated for me to share with you: ✨ Samaritans - []( ✨ Mental Health Foundation - []( ✨ MIND - []( ✨ Anxiety UK - []( ✨ Safer Scot - []( ✨ SAMH - []( ✨ Breathing Space - []( ✨ SHOUT - []( ✨ Mental Health Course - [](
Talking 'The Making of a Music Video' for the band HYYTS, which Ainsley directed earlier this year and more. WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ How & when she became a Director ✨ The pitching process as a freelance director vs when you are working in a production company ✨ The role of a production company (access to resources, edit suites, a network, etc.) ✨ The Process of Making A Music Video ✨ Advice for Music Video Treatments ✨ Shoutouts to other bodacious babes!
Talking software advice, building your portfolio, and more.
Love fruit 🍉 & veg 🥬 & Synths? Want to play Led Zeppelin's Kashmir using water? This weeks episode we talk about: 🍌 Banana synths 🎨 Conductive paint for musical Twister 🤖 3D audio 🎸 Using a conductive instrument called a 'Makey Makey' to play Led Zeppelin's Kashmir using water
Producer of TUNE, previously worked on Later…with Jools Holland, Glastonbury, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Top of the Pops and various BBC Four music documentaries. Lori is also an associate lecturer in Commercial music at UWS and has produced independent events - including the annual sell-out Day of the Dead Glesga - worked across coverage of music events for BBC Scotland and produced short films for BBC Three.
✨ Mira has her own agency and management firm called FORT. ✨ Background and expertise is in live touring, an artist agent and artist manager (a lot of that role is development & marketing) ✨ Currently also helping to produce her artist's music videos ✨ Also co-writes for a comic book series, called [Kissaten](, which her best friend, Gandhi Delsoin created. W E. T A L K. A B O U T. ✨ A supporter of an artist building organic friendships with other artists ✨ Tricky to tell who is genuine in the music industry ✨ Growing up in Saudi Arabia and pirating radio stations from Bahrain to dub music like **Trip-Hop**, **Hip-Hop**, **Jungle**, **Garage** from those radio stations (Bahrain used to bring in British DJs) and listening to electro **Arabic Beats** ✨ Initial dream job was to work at NASA ✨ Being a woman, especially a woman of colour, and having many doors slammed in her face trying to get into the industry Listen back to [Ep 10] for more on Nova Scotia Music Week and the role a **Special Projects & Conference Manager** for the festival with my guest Dana Beeler.
Talking NME, Top of the Pops, Fandom, inclusivity, and the joy of freelancing. Jenessa wants to demystify music journalism - it is not a gang, it is not impenetrable and not just in London. If your work is good and you have a good attitude about it you are going to be fine!
A career focus podcast, speaking with women in the beer 🍻 industry. The goal is to highlight what roles there are in the industry and that females hold them. It's a chat over a beer - giving listeners the opportunity to learn more about the industry and know who to contact if interested or just learn a bit more about the beer.
'Say your peace - have no regrets'. Host & producer of 'No Regrets' podcast Aniya Das, whose day job is working at BMG in London, joins me to share bitesize chunks of information about her podcast, free image editors (, pixlr), and audio tips (socks & duvets). She notes inspiration from Elizabeth Day's podcast How to Fail.
A&R "sissy-in-law" Jelly(A&R Scout at Communion Records)and Ophelia (Head of A&R at Marathon Artists. Currently in lockdown together, they joined me for a chat about what an A&R role involves: signing new artists, tik tok, marketing, PNL, record making process, and more.
Lockdown learn on FREE bio link LinkTree 🌲.A step-by-step guide on how to set up and why I 💚 that it connects my audience to all of my content with just one link. Perfect for my Bitesize Bodacious Babes Instagram Bio. Another way to share some good vibes from lockdown.
BITESIZE PROFILE: a snapshot into other podcasts 👀 First up Tom Stabb who co-host Money Tennis Podcast 🐵(an Alan Partridge Fan podcast) shares bitesize chunks of information on Acast, Simon Greenall, Ko-Fi vs Patreon as a means to support your podcast and more.
Raissa Pardinisa created artwork with bands including: 💙Pond 💙IDLES 💙Squid Designed book covers including: 💜Velvet Mafia (gay producers behind the music scene in swinging London) 💜Dolly Parton's 'Not Dumb, Not Blonde' 💜Pamela Des Barres "I'm With The Band" Talking #typography #womensaid & recent collab with @BOTWevents @brohoodmedia & launching new font ‘GROUP’ to raise money for @WHO #COVID19 funding. Lucky me, and lucky you as she is my guest on this week's Bitesize Bodacious Babes Podcast - join us with your ears here:
What a lot of artists do realize there is a lot of fees that you are due and entitled to. Sentric finds what royalties you are owed. Both my guests work at Sentric Music. Head of Legal Loren McShane and Head of Business Operations Sabine Douglas. We talk about the tech and legal side in creating a more transparent and fairer playing field for artists and songwriters.
Our first cross Atlantic chat via Zoom with my guests Georgia Roberts (SKIDDLE, UK) & Shanna Jade (DICE, North America) sharing their experience in the industry and working at ticketing platforms. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What do you do in your job? ✨ How did you get into the role you are in now? ✨ Day to day tasks in their roles ✨ BBC Bitesize - Georgia talked on a panel, and discuss this ✨ What do you think would be useful skills to have to get into your jobs? ✨ What job sites they recommend people look at ✨ Shout outs to other bodacious babes they admire
My guest Helena Gee (BMG) & Zoë Ellen Bryant (Carbon Logic) tell me how they came to work in music licensing for TV shows like Derry Girls, Peaky Blinder, Save Me. EPISODE GUESTS: ✨Helena Gee ✨ Senior Sync & Creative Licensing Manager at BMG, from Leeds, UK specifically for TV ✨Zoë Ellen Bryant ✨ Music Supervisor at Carbon Logic (a company founded by Pete Saville) : PEAKY BLINDERS SEASON 5 / DERRY GIRLS SEASON 2 / MARK RONSON: FROM THE HEART / BLINDED BY THE LIGHT WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What do you do in your job? ✨ How did you both meet? ✨ How TV Music Licensing works e.g Derry Girls Series 2 (Take That, East 17) ✨ Increase of high quality shows coming out of the UK - and people appreciate the value music can bring ✨ Music plays an important part in telling stories ✨ How did you get into the role you are in now? ✨ Advice ✨ Shout outs to other bodacious babes
Songwriters Hannah Yadi & Josie Man talk about their process. Join us at the start with a Chakra meditation led by Hannah. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨How did you meet? ✨Case study - the process of how you guys wrote together for Colours + Baby Pink & Blue song ✨What inspires your songwriting and music? ✨Inner Ryhtm in your head ✨How they got into music, what instruments they play/played ✨Storytelling SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Safiya Knight ❤️ Sarah Kwan - illustrator @sarahkwanartist ❤️ Josh Scarbrow - writer/producer @josh_scarborw ❤️ Sam Tsang ❤️ Rob Milton ❤️ Oscar Scheller ❤️ Jonny Lattimer (songwriter) ❤️ Phoebe Gold (Josie's manager) @phoebefold_ ❤️ Mamie Lowther (Hannah's manager) @mamielow EPISODE GUESTS ✨Hannah Yadi ✨ Hannah and I met via a mutual friend at a women's event and Hannah and Josie met over Instagram A signer and artist but focuses on songwriting now. Songwriting making her happy and where she can help elevate other people ❤️ ✨Josie Man ✨ A singer-songwriter who makes alt-pop, 80s vibes gems Josie not only writes her music but has taken a leap in writing the treatment for music video 'Colours' grew up in Orpington with both British and Chinese root recorder, flute at school. Mainly plays guitar and piano CHAKRA MEDITATION ✨Root Chakra - red ✨Sacral - orange ✨Solar plexus - yellow ✨Heart - green with a flicker of pink ✨Throat - sky, bight blue ✨Third Eye - indigo ✨Crown - violet with some white light
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