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JCSquared Presents Minds Of Mischief

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JC Squared Presents: Minds of Mischief is a weekly “Week In Review” Show with a morning radio Flair and Energy. The Mischievous Podcast is Hosted By award-winning multimedia personality Jason Carey w/ Javon “Hova” Chambers, Pedro Francois, and Jaxon Reed AKA “The Minds of Mischief.” This group of men cover a range of social events, issues that effect Men, Man vs Women Relations, Sports, Music, and Technology. Join the conversation as the fellas entertain, educate, and challenge you each and every week! Powered by The IBNX Radio Network
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On this episode the fellas are coming off of a busy weekend and looking to continue the streak of attention grabbing episodes. Yea we know, we know the cover and the title may be a bit of stretch but the guys explore the possibility that woman may not be taught how to treat a man. Listen in as the MOM crew weighs in on a controversial tweet from this past week. | Follow @Jason804 @javonchambers89 @papiifresh @itjaxon | Produced by Jason Carey
"Since You Been Gone" - The guys have been gone for a few weeks and soooo much has happened quite naturally with this group. Everyone has done traveling but no one's experience was quite like Papii Fresh's. A story you have to hear right at the top of the show. An episode full of randomness including the question J Boy poses for the Mischievous'll just need to listen | Follow @mindsofmischief @javonchambers89 @jason804 @papiifresh @itsjaxon | Produced by Jason Carey
Shove it in the Bag - Another puzzlingly entertaining foolish episode minus Hova this week. The randomness continued with 3 Mischievous minds. The tangents didn't stop by being down one man, the fellas more than picked up the slack. Enjoy this week's episode of Minds of Mischief | produced by Jason Carey | Engineered by The Dark Knight aka Blasian
"C**K in a Sock" -One Hilarious and crazy episode this week, something we all need with what's happening in the news. The fellas answer the request from the fans to finally go live with the show via FB Watch, (Youtube and website stream on the way). Hova comes in on 10 BEFORE the show and the energy continues into the episode. Jaxon brings us some incredible news about Nas in his Jaxon on Music Segment, and Papii Fresh's weird animal story takes the entire show a whole other hilarious direction!! The cherry on top of a wild first 45 minutes, J Boy drops the Mischievous conversation that gets the fellas discussing the art of Phone Sex | Produced by Jason Carey | Follow @mindsofmischief @Jason804 @Javonchambers89 @Papiifresh @itsjaxon
"Bumps for Bucks" - What a week From Derek Chauvin Case to Usher Bucks! The fellas don't miss much and always have an interesting perspective on the worlds activities. Listen in as the fellas recap the week in the Minds of Mischief way. | Produced by Jason Carey | Follow @mindsofmischief @Jason804 @javonchambers89 @papiifresh @itsjaxon on Instagram
"More Comments More Problems" - The guys are back after a busy busy March kicking into Spring and there is pollen, ideas, and controversy in the air. The biggest topics on everyone's minds this last few weeks is the weather, the Derek Chauvin Trial, and DMX. All which comes into play in this return episode for the Spring Season. J Boy makes some comments on social media that dang nea goes viral, Jaxon introduces a new word, Fresh reflects on his Miami Trip and Hova reports the stupid. Come on in and enjoy Minds of Mischief | Produced by Jason Carey | follow @Jason804 @javonchambers89 @papiifresh @itsjaxon @mindsofmischief
"Trampoline Dreams" - The M.O.M. crew returns on J Boy's Birthday week with another great rollercoaster of an episode. You truly NEVER know where the conversation is going to go when the show comes on. Today the fellas find themselves in a conversation ranging from strange Trampoline fantasies to parenting. Kirk Franklin is recorded breathing fire but most people are cool with it, so should he have apologized? Clearly March Madness is NOT just referring to basketball around this time. Tune in, share the episode, and enjoy Minds of Mischief. | produced by Jason Carey | Follow @Jason804 @javonchambers89 @papiifresh @itsjaxon
Movie Magic - Fresh off of some of the best weather of the year in ATL how did the fellas enjoy it? Papii Fresh reveals some more of is on air secrets. J Boy ask "Have you told someone you Just want them to be happy?" Jaxon drops some off beat music news and the stupidity in the headlines continue with Hova. Lastly, the fellas discuss what if the things in movies were real?? Tune in for another Mischievous Podcast | Produced by Jason Carey | Follow @Mindsofmischief @Jason804 @javonchambers89 @papiifresh @itsjaxon
"Callin' B.S." - The conversation is often hard to follow as the boys start with a plan and structure but somewhere along the way it goes of the rails...and that's how they like it! In this episode the Minds of Mischief crew navigates through truth, self-reflective moments and unfiltered foolishness. Intelligent conversation and breast jokes aside, J Boy ask a few tough questions that call for some real answers. Will they be able to keep it funky or are we "Callin' Bulls***"? Enjoy this week's episode in your Minds of Mischief T Shirt Now Available on IG. | Produced By Jason Carey |
"Almost Got Me" - after two weeks away a lot has happened, the fellas did Tampa for the Superbowl, Gorilla Glue saga has unfolded, new music has come out and there has been so many opportunities for foolishness out of the fellas. J Boy's List returns, Fresh tells us Que Pasa, Hova sparks "Story Time" and Jaxon gets into the Music all before the fellas answer the question of when they were "Glad They Didn't" | Produced by Jason Carey
"Hot Butter Soap" - Really no words for this episode, J Boy calls this maybe the most quotable episode EVER! J Boy's mind tangents this episode from the JUMP (lol). The fellas discuss bodily functions, attractions & turn offs, trading stocks, and more. This episode even made the cast laugh out loud. Strap in and send your kids out of the room for this one, the truly Mischievous Podcast this week. Follow @mindsofmischief on IG and MindsoMischief on Twitter | Produced by Jason Carey
"Tough Guy Routine" - Coming off of a successful WSF the gang is all here for the first time in quite a few episodes actually. Well you know that brings ALL the antics, Papii Fresh is not quite back in the swing yet and gets called out for it, Jaxon gives out the "ain't ish" to hip hop, Hova drops some interesting sports news and J Boy questions the validity of Tough Guy school many men attended as children. Great discussion w/ Minds of Mischief, a little bit of everything in this episode. | Available on all Streaming platforms |Follow @mindsofmischief on IG | @Mindsomischief on Twitter
"New Year Trippin" - First live show of 2021, the fellas welcome a guest, independent artist hoping to make an impact this year. New York artist "Jay4" stops by the show to talk about his career and decisions made during the pandemic of 2020. Hova is out this week with family, the guys recap the first crazy week in the US, Papi Fresh makes it back to the live show FINALLY, Jaxon talks music, and J Boy sparks the discussion on discovering new knowledge in 2021| Produced by Jason Carey | follow @mindsofmischief on IG mindsomischief on Twitter
"Kinky Christmas" - Who says the holidays have to be cold, the fellas heat it up with this episode featuring still 3 of the 4 members as Papii Fresh is on medical leave. This is definitely not an episode we can send home to LOG OFF MOMMA!!! It's time for Secret Santa and it's no secret J Boy's list may have made Hova blush a bit. Speaking of being out of pocket, Jaxon drops off another edition of "You ain't Shii" Tis the season and this episode is sure to drop off some Holiday Cheer...or something! | Follow @MindsofMischief on Ig and @MindsoMischief on Twitter |Produced By Jason Carey
"What the Ham Salad" - Couple weeks off and you know how the fellas come out of a bye week swinging. Papii Fresh is still recovering from "Hovid-19" and the fellas have NO sympathy but wishing him fast recovery. The fellas get off track with the astonishing details on plastic sex dolls with help from Brandon the content creator. Kissing kids and strangers in the mouth some how becomes topic of discussion. Again the unpredictability of each episode is what makes this show a hit so open up box and see what other surprises we have in store. | Produced By Jason Carey | Follow @mindsofmischief on IG
"Touching Yourself" - Covid is surging, the Holidays are approaching and the fellas are with all of schitss!! During this time self care is important so the conversation even when it goes off track is really about taking care yourself in various ways. J Boy's list as usual is a bit much, Papii Fresh is out with "Hovid-19" complications which serves him a bit after taking about Hov being out a few weeks ago. Jaxon is back with another segment of "You Ain't Sh!!t" and our guest from Whole Life Meal Prep comes in to talk to us about the importance of food within our self care journey. It's always a box of cracker jacks when you hit play, there will definitely be a surprise inside so enjoy!!
Skanksgiving Show - It's the holiday week and the Papii Fresh is already out of town but the rest of the fellas MORE than hold it down. J Boy's list talks up Turkey Alternatives for Turkey Day. Jaxon on Music reacts to the historical Jeezy vs Gucci Verzuz Battle and Hova takes us off the rails a bit with his announcement of a Hall of Fame WWE wrestler. The guys are full of jokes like always and a perfect holiday listen...well maybe not for the Family. Happy Thanksgiving "MoM Squad" | Follow @mindsofmischief on Instagram | Produced by Jason Carey
The fellas are back and all had questionable weekends. Hova is back off of the injured reserve list Papii Fresh returns with Biz Tech and some uncontrollable hair. Jaxon lets us know "Who ain't ISH" and J Boy has a question for the Fellas that has them making a big batch of "Hatorade" on air. | Follow @mindsofMischief on Instagram | Produced by Jason Carey
"Pursuit of Happiness" - Post Election Week and celebrating has subsided a bit, a far cry from "The City on Fire" days. Hova is out so the rest of the guys hold it down in his absence. Jaxon celebrates the release of a new single, Papii Fresh let's us know Que Pasa, and J boy ask a personal question about the teams own pursuit of happiness. May not be at full strength but when 2 or 3 are gathered there is No shortage of foolishness with M.O.M. crew. A late drop this week but a new episode nevertheless. | Produced by Jason Carey | Follow @mindsomischief on Twitter
"In Ya Mouf" - It's post Halloween, full blue moon, and Election Week so needless to say these are scary times! The guys are coming off of an amazing weekend collectively from the sounds of it and ready to tackle what's next. A lot of conversation about food, taste, and mouth work this week hence the title. Special guest G Maniyac from Houston Texas checks in mid show to discuss his brand centered around Food. He talks working with a legend and stressing the importance of content online and at the table. Longer episode than usual but hey it's an unusual time so why would Minds of Mischief be any different? | Produced by Jason Carey | Follow @MindsofMischief on IG
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