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"It's A God Thing!" Radio Podcast

Author: Chuck Cooper

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“It’s A God Thing!” podcast is a weekly, non-denominational show devoted to interviews with believers in Jesus Christ who have experienced God in a very unusual, often dramatic and sometimes humorous way. All story-tellers claim that God moved mountains in their lives that they were unable to move themselves. They also say their “modern-day miracles” can only be described as a “God Thing!!” Ready for a real blessing? Alrighty, then let’s do this “God Thing!”
88 Episodes
The wonders of Heaven are almost incomprehensible.  Just think of it!  Jesus, himself, welcoming us to Heaven! A new Earth with the most beautiful scenes ever! Streets of Gold!  Walls of Jasper! Homes prepared specifically for us by Jesus! Reunions with our Christian family and friends! The wonder of it all intensifies our yearning for our permanent home!  Walks in the garden with Jesus! Mysteries revealed to us! Talks with our Biblical heroes! Are you prepared for this?  Time is short!  Listen now to what Heaven will be like for us Christ followers presented by Dr. Fred Lodge, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in Blairsville, GA!
Imagine this!  The Bible says that when we get to Heaven there will be no more seas of turmoil, unrest, sadness or separation…no more tears other than joyful, happy ones…no more death…no more sorrow or crime…no more pain or suffering…no more night…and no more curse like Adam and Eve caused on present Earth by their disobedience to God! Great googamooga! Who on this Earth would not want to spend eternity in Heaven?  This eternal home is FREE to all who sincerely accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Heads up! Not to worry! That tingling in your body is causing goosebumps because of your excitement!Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
Heaven is undeniably real!  Really! That’s what we’ve learned from the first three episodes of  this eight-week Bible-based study of Heaven. And, there’s much more coming! So far we’ve learned about the various places in the Universe mentioned in Scripture where men and women go when they die.. places like  Heaven, Hell, the Three Heavens, The Pit, Sheol, Paradise, Hades, the Lake of Fire and others. That's impressive, but, for me, the most assuring  thing I’ve learned is that when all believers in Christ die physically we will instantly be with Jesus in a place called “Paradise.”  And, get this! We’ll stay there until He takes us to Heaven!  That’s incredibly great news!So, where is this Heaven located?  Good question!   Listen now to Dr. Fred Lodge, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Blairsville, GA as he shares what the Bible says.  Heaven’s location is amazing!
Okay, I give....what the heck is cosmology? Well, I looked it up! Technically it is defined as "the study of the evolution and structure of the Universe." Biblically, it identifies the various places in the Universe mentioned in Scripture...places like  Heaven, Hell, the Three Heavens, The Pit, Sheol, Paradise, Hades, the Lake of Fire and others. They are places where men and women go when they die.  Listen carefully as Dr. Fred Lodge, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Church in Blairsville, GA explains what the Bible says about cosmology.  You will likely learn bunches about things you haven't heard previously which will guide you to the Biblical truth about what happens when we die physically!Buckle up, we go! 
So, there are tons of ideas and opinions about whether or not  there is a real Heaven! Many believe Heaven is a myth...many aren't sure...many are curious...and some don't give a rip!  The Bible says Heaven is real, describes it in detail, quotes a man who was sent to visit it and says that Heaven will be the eternal home, after death, for those who follow Jesus.So, for those of you who are unsure that Heaven exists, we share the first of eight weekly Bible-based discussions presented by Dr. Fred Lodge, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Blairsville, GA. This "Overview" episode will start you on the path of discovery of details of what your future looks like if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ. If you are not a Christ follower you will likely face a very hot future!Enjoy and Learn!
 In the Spring of 2016, 24-year-old Kaitlynn Heinl, of Cuyahoga Falls, OH, was diagnosed with an extremely rare intestinal disease which prevented food digestion. The disease created severe weight loss because she was unable to keep any food down. Here, she shares the incredible story of how her unwavering Christian faith and constant prayer from believers around the world allowed her to eat again without expelling all she ate.Tissues are needed!!UPDATE! Since we aired this interview with Kaitlynn, this ugly disease has reared its ugly head again.  Kaitlynn has lost much more weight, but she has not lost her dependence upon God's will for her life!
 Gary Franklin of Melbourne, FL is the former high tenor in Trust Quartet, a traveling gospel group based in Okeechobee, FL. Here, Gary shares the incredible story of having spent 14 years in a recliner while puzzled doctors tried to determine the causes of his dangerously high pulse, his several heart attacks, his addiction to drinking water and his numerous other health challenges. Be forewarned: You are going to feel Gary’s heartache and pain as you listen to this amazing, miraculous story. 
Questions?  1.  Do you believe that God created Earth in six literal days?  2.  Do you believe the Earth was covered with a literal flood?    Undeniable evidence that both of those accounts in Genesis are accurate and have been verified by "Answers in Genesis" scientists. They are presented to the public at the Creation Museum ( and Ark Encounter ( attractions in Northern Kentucky. Sweet Sue and I visited there a while back and strongly encourage each of you to put a visit to both attractions on your "bucket" list. You will be blessed to learn the truth! Here, spokesman Patrick Kanewske gives insight into the "genesis" of Biblical truth!
"Called To Share!"

"Called To Share!"


HAPPY NEW YEAR!Sweet Sue and I gave up New Year Resolutions long ago. We quickly learned that they don't work if we don't make them work!So...because so many of you have asked how and why we got started with our radio/podcast ministry, we kick off 2020 by airing the interview we did early on with Carol Henry, owner/manager of WKTO-FM in New Smyrna Beach, FL.Carol was the first one in the radio industry that we contacted with our God-directed  program idea. She strongly encouraged us to forge ahead...and WKTO was the first to air our weekly programs.We know that we know that God called us to record and share "God Thing!" stories more than 10 years ago!  Sharing your story or one you've heard is an extremely effective way to to fulfill Jesus' command to share the "Good News" to the World.We pledged to serve Him this way and we are both totally "all-in" until He leads us somewhere else or takes us home to Heaven.Enjoy the interview!Chuck & Sue Cooper, HostsP.S. Your story needs to be told! Send a summary to us at: We will respond quickly!
For 90 long minutes operating room personnel in Franklin, TN, frantically performed constant, but unsuccessful CPR on Henry Ray who's heart had flat-lined while undergoing shoulder surgery.  Giving Henry up for dead, they stopped all efforts to revive him and began cleaning up the surgical suite.  Meanwhile, Henry's wife, Suzanne, gathered with a large group of fellow church members praying fervently for divine intervention to save Henry.  Listen as Suzanne and Henry share their amazing, incredible and inspiring story of how God supernaturally gave Henry a new heart and a new life! 
 Are you battling an addiction that you can't seem to overcome? Are you an alcoholic?  A work-aholic? A food-aholic? A drug-aholic? A smoke-holic?  Other "aholics?" Well, stay tuned...Dorothy Clark of Decatur, GA and Kent Cooper of Columbia, TN both battled addictions for years!  Both claim they couldn't overcome their addiction on their own and that only God's intervention put them on the path to recovery! Hopefully, their stories will inspire you to ask God to lead you (or a friend) to a new life like He did for them!
Last week we learned that Michael Carruthers survived a vicious gang attack and was left for dead. His best friend, Jimmy, died at the scene. Michael, a God-mocker, prayed constantly that Jesus would give him a second chance while docs battled to save his life! Those fervent prayers were answered in a mighty way, causing Michael to promise that he would serve God the rest of his life!!This week we conclude Michael's amazing  "God Thing!" story.  God called him to be a traveling evangelist. HINT: Listen to the end - Michael's story ends tragically!
Angie Gossage of Marietta, GA and Catherine Anliker of Fayetteville, GA reveal how they learned God’s secret to handing money and how to survive the economic downturn our country faces. Both say He “miraculously” taught them a critical “money management” lesson which has proven to them that God is faithful in fulfilling His promises! 
We have two incredible “God Thing!” stories on this week’s podcast. Both show how God takes care of those who love Him!  First, Pam Outz, of Blairsville, GA tells how and why she made the decision to volunteer one of her kidneys to a close church friend who needed a transplant or face certain death. All tests answered lots of prayers by proving that Pam’s kidney was the only perfect match among the numerous possible donors! Her story is one of God’s guidance, love for a friend and a servant’s heart!    Secondly, Martha Tomlinson, now from Farmers Branch, TX shares how God orchestrated events that led to a Godly surgeon who saved her life! Others claimed nothing could be done. Her surgeon, dependent upon God, miraculously discovered, diagnosed, and healed her heart. That healing led to her personal ministry!
For more than 30 years, Sabrina (full name and location undisclosed for privacy) struggled to locate her son who was born out of wedlock when she was a teenager.  Forced by her Father to give the infant up for adoption, Sabrina constantly wondered where her son was and asked God to reveal to her that he was okay.  This amazing, heart-wrenching story of their eventual reunion will touch your heart!
Our friend Jan Reynolds of Blairsville, GA  recently succumbed  to Stage 4 cancer after nearly 13 years of intense treatments. She survived three times, but the fourth time God took her home.  During this time, Sweet, but strong, Jan, witnessed openly about her faith in Christ to all she encountered including the numerous doctors, nurses, medical technicians and fellow patients.As a tribute to her strength, her faith, her humor and her positive attitude, we present  this interview with Jan we did in 2017!Her "God Thing!" story is certain to inspire you!
Just a few hours after she gave pre-mature birth of her first child, the 20-something sister of Linda Lane of Jacksonville Beach, FL, was diagnosed with a ruptured brain aneurysm.  Emergency test results revealed too much blood on the brain for surgery.  The family was told there was little hope and the Doc gave up on saving her.  But, Linda, with her four year old daughter, refused to give up and spent the night in the hospital room praying for healing.  Here Linda shares the miraculous events of the next morning.  You'll need tissues for this one!
"Part 1: Imprisoned For Murder; Called To Preach!” At age 18, Maury Davis was convicted of the brutal murder of a 51-year-old woman in Texas. While serving a life sentence, Maury was introduced to Christ by his attorney. Here, with his permission, is the first installment of his two-part story of how God called him to preach and miraculously released him from prison. Maury is the now retired long-time (some say “controversial”) pastor of Cornerstone Church in Madison, TN.
So, mostly out of curiosity you sign up for a free heart check up sponsored your local hospital OR you get a reminder notice from your doctor that it's time for your annual checkup! Little did you know then that your exam would reveal a totally unexpected result requiring critical heart surgery. No known issues!That's exactly what happened to both of our guests:  Susan Brown, the leading operating room surgery nurse at the local hospital here in Blairsville, GA and Dr. Fred Lodge, Senior Pastor at Blairsville's First Baptist Church share their amazing unexpected heart journeys!
For many years, Clare Kimmel now of Blairsville, GA, endured the threats and rants of her husband promising that he would kill her if she left him. She was afraid to leave. But, one day, she had enough and took off running as he chased her with a knife.  But, God intervened and led an unknown neighbor rescue her. Also, Frank Rosendahl of Ham Lake, MN tells how his wife, Kathy, refused to marry him until he went to Church with her, became a Christian, quit smoking and gave up alcohol!.  He did, She did!!
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