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Author: David L. Peterson

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The Innovation Driven Growth podcast is hosted by fintech pioneer, entrepreneur and author, David L. Peterson, and features interviews, insights, and ideation focused on how to unleased our inherent creativity to produce Innovation Driven Growth. Each episode is about igniting strategic innovation in work and life—no matter your skill set or job title.
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😊 Kevin's background and the story about a bad hire day. 02:23🤯 Making innovative culture interesting: Putting bank regulations in a song "No sleep till Brooklyn, by the Beastie Boys". 05:11🧐 Consumers are coming to the salesperson more educated about products and services than 20 years ago. 08:06🔬 Sales professionals now have to know all about the industry, research trends globally, and expand their knowledge base a lot.  09:56😅 ArgosRisk technology solutions for B2B credit risk management, enabling companies of all sizes to proactively manage and monitor risk. 11:50🕵️‍♂️ ArgosRisk and daily third-party vetting - checking out on another business. 14:14🩹 China syndrome and having only a yearly report of your business partners. 16:23👍 Having a daily financial report of business partners during pandemic helped ArgosRisk's clients so much.19:02🎯 How innovation is played out in ArgosRisk evolving? 27:12🤖 The level of insights that allow businesses to make more informed decisions on who to do business with will expand in the future. 32:42🪡 Allowing people to use your products, data, and services, tailored is pretty important.40:09⚠️ Every kid coming out of college is should read the book Innovator's dilemma 43:28😎 Looking for ideas on how to innovate? Learn from professionals and join product🤩Three nuggets Kevin shares. 46:56 🙃 Gold Leaf's library of funny innovative videos. 49:09😇🙃📚💻🎥"The China Syndrome" film -🔗Connect with David: 💥🗣️📖 David’s book Grounded -
🎸David played background music for Linda Baskin’s art show in Dayton. 01:14🖼️ Stepping out of the comfort zone: Linda's paintings had a theme and the show had its own concept. 04:52🎯 Professional artist and professional musician. 07:39🙋‍♂️ Welcome, Linda! 09:12🎨 The Radical Acceptance art show was about acknowledging the hard times in life but also good, joyful things. 11:29😃 Linda decided to start painting just 18 months ago. 15:36🌸 One more example of Linda's stepping way out of her stepping zone. 18:04🌞 Not knowing everything is the most important to step out of the comfort zone. 22:18🖌️ Painting 'Faces' was the only painting at the show that was not for sale. 25:01🧪 Linda's formula for creating a great product. 28:53🤓 The difference between innovation in a flash or an inspiration of genius, and experimental or interpretive innovation. 35:19🤩 Cézanne an experimental painter vs. Picasso's flash of inspiration 38:40🖍️ Linda is Picasso.  43:03🔥 Be a Picasso or a Cézanne, just don't give up. 43:43Painting 'Faces': Studios Gladwell – Revisionist History – Hallelujah episode with David: david@davidpeterson.comLinda Baskin painting: to David’s book Grounded -
😇 Aviv likes to wake up in the morning and try to solve a problem that nobody else is trying to solve.1:50👦 He was inquisitive as a child and asked so many questions. 2:56🌞 The idea behind Solar Simplified. 5:02✅ Aviv was not in the solar business before, but he was drawn to it. 🤝 Solar Simplified connects consumers with solar power plants (solar farms) 8:21➗ Half of the countries in the US have deregulated markets where private companies are part of the market. 11:08🔆 Even it is a young company Solar Simplified serves over 1000 households and growing in upstate New York.19:26☀️ How Solar Simplified works? 20:21💰 How to get a guaranteed discount on your energy bill? 21:33 ⭐ In recent Texas events, a megawatt per hour price increased about 500 times more than what it should be. 25:39💡 The three major challenges in sharing the green wealth with society. 28:53😎 Bill Maher issues with getting solar energy and how Solar Simplified would help in that case. 31:23💚 Solar Simplified has an idea to be green and save money too as many people as possible in the future 5 years. 35:32👍 Continue asking questions, continue to be curious, and learn what money is and how the system really works. 37:53🖥️ Take a minute to sign up on a Solar Simplified site so we can spread our network and save you money. 41:48
😂 Gatherings with my sister Linda and brother Larry are always filled with fun, jokes, and love. 🎨 My sister Linda is an amazing painter. 3:06🖼️ Linda Baskin Art Show preparations. 5:35 🎶 David is going to do background music for Linda Baskin’s upcoming art show on March 27th.   6:15🎸 David Musical background – learning to play guitar is not easy. 8:17🎼 David has never performed a “concert” alone, but he embraced music from his college days until today. 11:09👌 Popular music sets an “expectation” of what those songs are supposed to sound like. 15:06🤔 David's book Grounded. Word Grounded has positive and negative meanings. 19:52😨 We get stuck in our comfort zone because of fear of failure, or fear of embarrassment. 24:38👣 4 steps to get out of your comfort zone. 26:50🌠 Wisdom from Roger von Oech - Whack it!  31:16👆 Get support and get rid of excuses. 33:44💪 Flesk your risk muscle. 34:27🗓️ Set a deadline and Be Persistent. 36:12Connect with David: david@davidpeterson.comLinda Baskin painting: Baskin Show: to David’s book Grounded - from Roger von Oech – “Whack on the side of the head” - 
🛫 Ryan is an ex-naval flight officer and after the military, he started working in the banking niche. 1:01 🚖 Driving for Uber and Lyft after the military was an amazing experience in gig working and gig economy for Ryan. 3:03💵 Gridwise app is focusing on the ride-share and delivery area of the gig economy by helping drivers boost their profits. 4:34🙃 When Ryan worked as a gig driver, he realized that the core problem is in the fragmentation and inaccessibility of key data drivers need to have. 09:08👦 Ryan was intrigued with sales from a young age, and he continued with his entrepreneurial ideas in sixth grade too. 12:27✨ What can you do to affect the young population and spark innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in them?  14:03📱 How GridWise was made, and how the app succeeds to answer all needs drivers have. 18:13😇 Gridwise app helps, even with estimated tax deductions for drivers, and it is free. 24:06🛣️ Marketing for the app started from personal advertising all the way to digital advertising channels. 29:01  📊 Harvesting metadata and analytics from the app are valuable for other stakeholders but also a significant source of new revenue income. 30:53📅 About the future of gig drivers. 35:14💲 Gridwise will help drivers earn more profit directly from their platform in the future. 37:40📈 In five years from now, Ryan plans to add more insurance products, financial services, income protection, phone protection, in healthcare and other benefits to his app. 39:04🔥 Ryan's advice for future entrepreneurs. 45:30✌️ Do not forget to tip service drivers in these hard times and mention Gridwise to help them even more. 49:07 Links🔗Connect with David:david@davidpeterson.com 
🤯  A large number of products were discovered by a mistake. (Roundup, Play Dough, Men's Rogaine etc)  1:04🙈 Why are we so afraid of failure? 5:26🙃 Being A student or F student: Being a successful innovator means you have to have a ton of bad ideas. 9:11✌️ Start off by thinking failure is good and don't let anybody limit your ability to come up with an idea.12:00👀 People who come up with ideas will get noticed by time. 13:42☝️ There is a big difference between error in innovation and error in execution. 15:17🤓 Success can create additional problems. 18:49😲 Success can breed overconfidence. 23:15🔴 What happens if you get stuck in the 'Numbing effect of routine' with no adjustments of processes? 26:04🔎 Examining the effects of a new idea or project, especially negative effects. 28:00🙋‍♂️ Be boldly ready to raise your hand and offer up an idea. 31:49📘 Book 'A Whack on the Side of the Head':📚 David's book 'Grounded!':
👨‍🌾 Farmers are experiencing all challenges related to a business, plus they have soil and weather issues. 1:11💻 Justin Fisher is a FinTech guy, with experience in farming 2:47🤓 How is hemp different from marijuana?   6:46😳 Because of legislation issues, you can plant hemp legally, but it can grow to be illegal. 10:00📈 About the legal framework of farming hemp and growth of interest for hemp in many agricultural states. 15:54👂 Cannabinoids: CBD is challenged, as the FDA hasn't set clear regulations around it. 18:34🪴 'Training the plant' is something that all businesses need to think about to achieve their goal.  23:37💰 Looking at the side of the financial services and issues farmers have to get financial products (bank accounts, loans, insurance) 26:26🌞 How RiskScout helps banks in high-risk businesses and also farmers who want to grow hemp? 34:45 🤑 The first person who develops an iPad for measuring THC levels in hemp will be a billionaire. 38:04🏦 Community banks will have to rethink what their purpose is and innovate too. 41:09  Get in touch with Justin: to IDG podcast on
😲An engineer working for Tesla has re-engineered the chocolate chip! 0:56👍He did it better but it took him a few years. 02:31💪Salesman invented the extension of a wing for a sailboat. 4:06✨What really matters--find ways to make improvements. 4:50🎯Every single individual in the company needs to be innovating. 6:25📣How you get those ideas heard? 7:40✌️Allow time for innovation in your company and people will be engaged. 13:52🔔Innovation Challenge as a path for all HR issues with the long term benefits. 19:51📈It's about improving the gross margin, not only about team building. 22:44👀How to convert creative ideas into innovations? 28:53    🔗Connect with David: david@davidpeterson.com 
🔀 Marketing and PR may not overlap. Being channel-agnostic. 02:42❄️ "We are used to personalization." 04:49😷The Covid-19 crisis impacted the ways we interact with brands. 09:43💣 How to tailor a message that will not be offensive to anybody? 13:58 ⏰ Algorithms and recommendations. How they save time.  21:25🏅 Innovations in the financial industry. Behind the scenes. 27:46🛍️ B2B vs. B2C and factors that influence customers' decisions. 30:57✨ Importance of representation and diversity in marketing. 34:47🌱 Young millennials and Gen Z people are natural digital communicators and marketers. 40:41👩 Find Binna on Twitter, LinkedIn and learn more about Vested 44:55  
🦠 Public activities during COVID-19 01:32👏Kudos to the City of Montgomery: Innovative 4th of July parade. 2:24⚽Innovation from Argentina: human foosball. 5:36🙌Don't be afraid: find the intersection of necessity and opportunity. 8:40👦My grandson's creation and working "with a purpose". 11:11 🌷When a young person shows any creativity, encourage it, and let it flourish! 14:06😲Kelvin Doe aka DJ Focus - a 15-year old innovator. 16:08🌱David Senge's ongoing program for young innovators. 17:36💥Be the spark that sets innovative fire. 19:29🔗Connect and links:  and 
Welcome, Wayne Miller. 1:30The core concerns every business needs to do well. 4:39🤝The Venture Center: supporting the entrepreneurial community in the state of Arkansas and beyond. 8:00Collaboration with universities, technical schools, and other corporations. 10:02 What are ICBA and FIS?Venture Center is working very closely to find business leaders and companies for FIS. 13:20Accelerator Program - How it helps startups? 20:20 Venture Center success stories. 24:50Future of innovation in financial services. 25:30Future of community banks: innovation implementation of High touch and Hitech.  27:48Getting beyond the curriculum: Student Education Entrepreneur Collective (SEEC) 33:11Fulfilling the gap between startup enthusiasm and business wisdom.   35:29The challenges of being an entrepreneur: Wayne's advice to innovators in financial services: 37:53Contact and   
Good example of getting creative to problem solve* 01:16"Creativity is going to get us all through this." 04:05 How can I get innovation started at my organization? 04:26 🏼Immediately fall back into the numbing routine. 06:28 Three innovation categories. 08.34 Express ideas clearly: boosting speaking ability with Toastmasters. 12:09🪁Forgiveness is easier to get than permission.13:38If you are blocking others in innovation: Stand aside.15:23Encourage and harvest all ideas, even if not all of them are winners. 16.55What should innovators try to accomplish?Don't punish  the ones who are trying to innovate. 19:20 Make innovation a part of the employees annual review process.Be the spark of innovation.2110*},**
Introducing Daniel P. Simon 1.43 Daniel's book: “The Money Hackers—a group of misfits took on Wall Street and changed finance forever” 2:55 The financial industry should empower everyone, not just the richest 9:57 Financial crisis: East coast bankers and West coast thinking technologists 11:16 The refreshing style in writing: engaging and light 15:27 The role of financial advisers 20:00 Human qualities will be the reason people stick to a financial institution 23:12 Wake Up call for community financial institutions–need to step up digital banking presence 23:36 What services will change in the future? 27:40 Get the book Money Hackers 35:26
Did you plan scenarios like COVID19 in your business strategy? 1:56A Black Swan Effect  2:38Planning for a catastrophic event 4:26COVID19 Canceling speaking engagements and ripple effect throughout the entire industry.6:18  Virtual conference. It's a reasonable alternative. 09:01Bankarshub - a good example of online innovation. 11:29Don’t let the virus leave your organization on the sidelines. 12:20 Concerts and sports events canceled, but here is an alternative. 13:03 The innovation brought by Streamers and eSports *** 15:56 Charitable giving and online Galas 17:32Silver lining to COVID19:  outdated models of business 20:10Don’t let this wave of inactivity damage your business, get in touch with experienced innovators 23:00*******
How is the "Flight, Fight or Freeze" response wired into our physiology? 02:29 You can train yourself to respond instead of reacting 04:15 How to keep your head in any crisis, big or small? 05:06 Fishing on the raft experience 05:58 How can you practice this response vs. reaction in your everyday life? 11:05 Which situations require an immediate response to remediate the crisis? 12:47 Don't make decisions based on what others might think of you or your response. 13:20 If you're a senior leader, you can work specifically to change reactions into responses.15:42 Navy Seal Breathing technique to keep you calm in the times of the greatest stress 17:27**
How to get creative and harvest ideas for potential innovation? 00:08🧠 What is the value of creative and strategic thinking? 01:25The definition for innovation is “creativity: expressed, manufactured and consumed” 02:45Why you need a specific systemic method to come up with and harvest creative ideas? 04:06 What are the four elements required to allow true creativity to flourish? 05:02What spaces can you use as your “space for thinking”? 05:30 Why is it necessary for you to specifically allocate time to think? 10:25Why do you need to relax and let your mind settle first before you start thinking? 13:55🙃 Why is it critical to capture your ideas, no matter how silly or insignificant they might seem? 15:13 Take time to develop your ideas further, and give your right brain time to be creative 17:57 Nothing kills creativity, more than self-doubt 24:50Tips to unlock creativity if you are a manager or an office clerk 27:52Stop trying to think of good ideas and just think of ideas 31:53
  Is the model of Higher Education going to radically change? 00:45 Autopilot thinking – how many decisions do you make in a day? 04:05 More experience - less chance of coming up with innovative ideas 05:42 What is the numbing effect of the routine process? 07:01 Why is the autopilot thinking the killer of creativity? 07:11🧠 How the left brain and the right brain work together? 07:22🤯 How to remember the insights that your right brain provides? 12:56 Developing an ability to look for ways to do things differently 13:42 Important - get outside input on your products and your processes 17:10 Why autopilot thinking is not enough for our future success 24:18 Why we must find ways to unlock our right brain 25:16
Where innovation falls in a business 03:25 // Innovation and creativity 04:17 // Innovation vs invention 05:10 // How connections between technologies are driving economic growth 06:39 Understanding and dealing with the gap between seemingly unconnected technologies when starting and running a business 08:11 //The concept of exomorphosis. This idea that change is happening around us. 11:55 Why is it important to listen to people who work with customers? 13:48 Why is it beneficial for older generations to appreciate the new generation's fresh points of view? 15:20 //   How virtual classroom is covering the gap between teaching explicit knowledge and practical knowledge? 19:30 // Business plans: How do you make small mistakes that enable you to learn without your business dying?  22:05 // A business simulator: how well would you do in a competitive environment? 26:10 Making a team: why cross-functional teams work best? 30:18 //Successful teaching stories: how to be an effective leader and how to impact the effectiveness of a business? 35:35 // Self-organization: what drives people to work together to make creative innovations? 39:17 //  Innovating out of one’s passion: helping people connect with what they really enjoy and love. 42:38 //
The difference between innovation and creativity—and why it matters. 01:54 Why we should brainstorm just ideas—not only earth-shattering ones. 4:26 What the Wesleyan Quadrilateral has to do with innovation. 6:25️ How tradition impacts our behaviors (aka why we’re on autopilot). 10:10⛰️ The birth of velcro, and how to use the experience as inspiration. 12:43🧠 How to harness your creative brain with reason. 15:11What is exomorphosis and how it impacts the way we live and work? 19:08 How exomorphosis can apply to the financial world (let’s talk about Venmo). 24:21 What we can learn from the fatal flaw of the taxi industry. 25:39 Why we must listen to the newest employees to stay ahead of exomorphosis. 28:41 Advice for Millennials: how to communicate with older generations. 33:04 Why you have to create ideas (even bad ones) to get to innovation. 38:17*Wesleyan Quadrilateral**Birth of velcro: 
🤔We need to think about innovation differently. 0:00How innovative are you—really? 1:42Why are we playing the innovation blame game at work? 3:18What a candy bar taught me about innovation. 5:03Why innovation doesn’t have to be a big, disruptive breakthrough. 7:48What to do if you do have a revolutionary idea. 13:01You may not have any big ideas, but you can still have incremental innovations. 14:36What sailing in the 1800s can teach us about innovation today? 18:17My official definition of innovation. 23:37Creativity vs. innovation—as demonstrated by jumping to the Earth from space. 29:14What does it take for innovations to be wildly successful? 33:18How to come up with innovative ideas. (Hint, it takes a lot of bad ones!) 37:50Why small innovations are crucial. 39:49Will you be innovative? 41:36
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