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Hugh Gallagher, President of The Gallagher Search Group, joins Eric to talk about recruiting and job seeking during COVID19.  This conversation is important for both employers and job seekers as we navigate a new normal.Please visit The Gallagher Search Group at www.gallaghergroup.usSupport the show (
Patriot Boot Camp CEO Jen Pilcher joins Eric to talk about the Patriot Boot Camp story and mission.  Please visit Patriot Boot Camp and the show
Eric is joined by Dean Wegner, the Founder & CEO of Authentically American, acompany that celebrates patriotism, believes in the American worker, and honors our American heroes by supporting American made manufacturing.  A West Point graduate, he served 7 years as a helicopter pilot and Ranger and holds an MBA in Finance from Cal State.We have a great conversation on the origin of Authentically American and Dean's ongoing mission to create jobs with high quality, American Made goods.  Dean is working to move the needle on the fact that only 3% of textile products are made in the US by squashing the misconception that American Made means overpriced.    This is a great episode for entrepreneurs looking to make their own dent in the world!Dean has graciously offered LLL Listeners a one time 25% discount on your total order.  Take advantage of it and check out their awesome quality.SHOP Authentically American:*Discount Code: FOUNDER = 25% off total purchase*one-time-only purchaseSupport the show (
Eric is joined by attorneys Sarah Sawyer and Jon Wachs, both with the firm Offit Kurman, to discuss contracts and employment law in light of COVID 19.  Jon does a great job laying down the foundation for our discussion around contracts and provides excellent examples.  We talk about Force Majeure and why it isn't a default defense for failure to perform under a contract.  Jon discusses a number of other approaches and details that you'll find helpful.Sarah gives an excellent rundown of the current state of COVID 19 impacts on employment law from both the employer and employee perspective.  She helps us gain a view of what remains to be worked out in the courts as we get back to work.  This is a great segment for both employers and employees.You can connect with Jon and Sarah at Offit Kurman through the following - Jonathan​ Wachs  Principaljwachs@offitkurman.comSarah​ SawyerSarah.Sawyer@offitkurman.comwww.offitkurman.comOffit Kurman also offers an excellent COVID 19 information page at: the show
Special Guests Jim Wetekamp, CEO of Riskonnect and Tom Lebamoff, CEO of Exactus Advisors discuss Risk Management in light of COVID-19.COVID-19 has highlighted the need for companies large and small to consider adding a  Risk Management System (RMS) to their toolset. Companies that are using an RMS will have additional use cases to implement based on the lesson to be learned from COVID-19.  COVID-19 has impacted the ability of employees to work, suppliers to perform, customers’ ability to pay, and reduced demand for products/services, and more.  The reality that all of these risks came to fruition at the same time and from the same event, makes remediating the risk exponentially more difficult. “What are the odds that could really happen?” had changed to “We never thought this would happen, how to prepare for it again?” Jim and Tom share great insight that is valuable to all of our listeners.Visit Riskonnect at www.riskonnect.comVisit Exactus Advisors at www.exactusadvisors.comYou can find all episodes of LeaderLivingLife at subscribe and share!Support the show (
Eric is joined by special guests Nate McDonald and Dan Maillard of Irreverent Warriors to discuss the origin and mission of Irreverent Warriors.  The discussion has a few moments of raw emotion as we discuss veterans' suicide and how we've been impacted by it personally.This episode is dedicated to the memory of Jeffery SlossJeffery served under me during the PGW and was the guy that kept us all laughing when the suck was deep. We called him “Snuffy” because no matter where we were, he could sniff out a good time.    He was the guy that gave me the nickname Sgt Rock because no one could get my last name right.  Sgt Rock stuck and there are folks today that don’t know me by any other name.We lost touch a few years after the PGW.  He went on to become an SC State Trooper while remaining in the SC NG and built a family with his wife Pamela.Jeffery committed suicide on May 27, 2004 – 5 weeks after he returned from Iraq.It doesn’t get easier to talk about, he was a great guy and it is crushing for me when it comes up.  I guess it’s a good thing from the perspective that he really mattered.  However, I keep feeling that I left him hanging as life got busy and we lost touch.  This is who I was thinking of that led to my mini-breakdown at the being of this episode.Please visit to learn more about the mission and to support them through a donation.  We have to end 22 a day and these guys are working hard to that goal.  Support the show (
We continue with Part 3 our Marketing series with Lori Blatt and tackle some important questions about what Marketing is and how to be effective in your efforts.  Lori reveals the "THIS" that you can't go without!  Be sure to check out the YouTube video of this episode as Lori shares some great slides.What is marketingHow I help clients build a planWhy you need it one or you're wasting money!The problem: Ready - fire - aim!A plan provides the framework to focus and say NOQuestions to ask yourself and the firms you interviewVisit our podcast website: www.leaderlivinglife.comSubscribe to our YouTube Channel: can reach out to Lori using the following #podcastlife #leaderlivinglife #marketing #dontstop #elementsleadershi Support the show ( the show (
We are joined by special guest Jason Johnson, the founder of Project K9 Hero.  Jason shares the origin of this great charity as well as the great work they are doing to give good lives to our K9 heroes.  He reveals the stark reality of what happens after these highly trained K9s are removed from service due to injury or age, and how he is changing that course.Please visit and show them your support!Visit our podcast website: www.leaderlivinglife.comSubscribe to our YouTube Channel: the show
This is part 2 in our series on Marketing, featuring Lori Blatt!  In this episode, we discuss -What is the buyer's journey and how it’s been unequivocally disrupted What’s the PIVOT?Knowing who your audience is/creating an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)The key step often left to chance How mapping can give insight & help the entire company own their role in the relationshipBreaking down the segmentsAwarenessExploreEngageServiceLoyaltyThe journey AFTER the sale – Joey Coleman / Never Lose a Customer AgainThe buyer’s journey while linear when depicted graphically is a dynamic rolling wave of touchesIt’s not a one size fits all – understand where your audience is and meet them thereUnderstand their pain points – LISTENInvolve your entire team fro the front desk to the shipping department Find ways to nurture the relationship after the sale and create a client for lifeLori generously provides us more valuable content that you can start acting on NOW.Visit our podcast website: www.leaderlivinglife.comSubscribe to our YouTube Channel: can reach out to Lori using the following #podcastlife #leaderlivinglife #marketing #dontstop #elementsleadershi Support the show ( the show (
Join the Leader Living Life Podcast and guest Lori Blatt as we dive into a marketing series about how business owners can pivot their marketing to serve existing & prospective customers where they are in this new business environment. And we first look at why, in the quest to trim expenses, marketing is the last thing you should cut right now. This episode releases Tuesday, May 5.Visit our podcast website: to our YouTube Channel: can reach out to Lori using the following - #podcastlife #leaderlivinglife #marketing #dontstop #elementsleadershi Support the show (
We take a break from our COVID19 series to have a great discussion with Sabina Nawaz, Lisa Cantrell, and Alex Reibsane.We all learned a great deal about improving our public speaking skills and Sabina provided valuable insight and coaching to us all!  Email Sabina at with the word Subscribe from LeaderLivingLife in the subject to receive her latest articles on leadership from Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Thrive Global PLUS a free guide to Making Work-from-Home Work. You can also follow Sabina on LinkedIn, Twitter (@sabinanawaz), or Instagram (@sabinacoaching). Support the show (
Eric is joined by a group of experienced educators and two students that are all dealing with the new reality of Learning From Home - distance and virtual education.  The panel provides a great deal of information to help parents and students succeed in a tough situation.  Thank you to Alex Reibsane, Daniel Reibsane, Carla Reimert, Mellisa Rapposelli, Michael Fisher, and Rick Stalnaker for being guests on the episode and sharing great information!Support the show (
Eric is joined by Lori Blatt of BlattCom, Lisa Mitchell of Power Body Language, Cheyenne Bennett, PhD of Compass Point Consulting, Taylor Murphy of Exactus Advisors, and Alex Reibsane who is a student at UNC Charlotte.The panel has a fun and informative conversation about their experience in surviving and thriving while working from home.  We cover time management, routines, tools, boundaries, dirty dishes and much more!A special thank you to Alex for his hard work producing the podcast and Daniel Reibsane for the awesome guitar intro. Support the show (
Eric is joined by a group of high powered thinkers in the leadership world.  This episode has four combat veterans that have personally succeded at Leading through Chaos and Uncertainty.COVID 19 is presenting leaders in America and across the globe with an unprecedented opportunity for leadership.  The team shares important insights, experiences, and guidance to help everyone navigate the complex landscape we are all facing.Don't miss this episode!Andrew Wittman, Ph.D., is a United States Marine Corps infantry combat veteran, a former Police Officer, and Federal Agent. As a Special Agent for the U.S. Capitol Police, Wittman led the security detail for Nancy Pelosi and has personally protected Hillary Clinton, King Abdullah of Jordan, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Sir Elton John, as well as Fortune 20 CEOs.  As a security contractor for the State Department, he taught high-threat diplomatic security to former Navy SEALS, Marines, Rangers, and Special Forces. Wittman is the founder of the Mental Toughness Training Center and is the author of the books, “Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You” (2016) and "Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents" (2018). - www.getwarriortough.comDave Cooper is a former Navy SEAL, an experienced Chief Operations Officer with a demonstrated history of leading in complex environments and shaping culture to create value on numerous fronts, for the company, the clients, and the employees. Skilled in leadership and management coaching, team building, shaping and aligning culture, change management, organizational health initiatives, Operational Risk Management, Emergency Management, and Intelligence. Dave has a Master’s Degree focused in Complexity Science, Psychology, Sociology from Oxford / HEC. Jimmy Blackmon is an author, professional speaker, leadership consultant, and Managing Partner at Exactus Advisors. Having spent 30 years leading soldiers in the U.S. Army, he has led high-risk missions all over the world including serving as the air mission commander on the operation that netted #2 and #3 in the famous Iraqi deck of cards. Amazingly, Jimmy also served as the aviation commander during the battles in which four Medals of Honor were earned in Afghanistan – in the very valleys where the attacks of 9-11 were planned and rehearsed. Jimmy is the author of several books, the most recent of which is "Cowboys Over Iraq"- Mike Fisher is a retired USMC Master Sargent, a former Drill Instructor, an instructor at the Officer Candidate School, a Marine instructor at Virginia Tech, served as an advisor to congress, and is now an ROTC instructor. Mike has spent his career developing leaders tempered to handle the most difficult and challenging situations that warriors can encounter Support the show (
Many people are having their first experience working remotely for an extended period.  Eric and Alex are joined by Haley, Reed, Darian, and Taylor from Exactus Advisors to share their tips for working remotely.LeaderLivingLive has a series of podcasts coming in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to tune in!Support the show (
Eric is joined by members of the Exactus Advisors team to discuss Misconceptions of Millennials.  The panel of men and women for this conversation is composed primarily of Millennials, with Eric and Tom Lebamoff providing views from an earlier generation.We'd like to extend a special thank you to Exactus Advisors for making available the panel members and we hope to have them back for more episodes.  You can learn more about the Exactus team at the show
John Hedley is a retired US Army LTC, Vietnam Combat Veteran, and accomplish business leader.  Eric, John, and Rhonda enjoy a few glasses of good scotch as they discuss John's experiences.  We spend some time talking about John's book "Saddle Up - The Story of A Red Scarf"Special thanks to all our listeners - we are now heard in 162 cities across 15 countries!www.leaderlivinglife.comSupport the show (
Andrew, Taylor, Nyada, and Eric talk about building commitment and engagement in your team.  We talk about Andrew's HBR excellent article "To Reduce Burnout on Your Team, Give People a Sense of Control"Visit Andrew at www.getwarriortough.comYou can find the home of the podcast at, Share and Subscribe!  We have listeners in over 120 cities and 12 countries!Support the show
Veteran's Day Special!

Veteran's Day Special!


A special thank you to my brothers and sisters in arms!  Also a big thank you to my listeners - LeaderLivingLife is now listened to in 121 cities across 12 countries!    Support the show (
Eric is joined by Special Guest Dave Cooper, Taylor Murphy, and Nyada Baldeh for an awesome discussion around building an intentional culture, as well as how to navigate the pitfalls along the way.The topic was instigated by Dave's excellent article titled "It’s Not Just the Culture of Special Operations That Needs to Change", which you can find at the link below. can find Dave on LinkedIn as well as through his company's website - www.verge.coachShare, like and subscribe!Support the show
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