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"Now We're Talking Real Estate" is series of interviews that take you on a deep dive into the DNA of top producers in the RE/MAX INTEGRA network. The Q & A and lively discussions will give you VIP access into the mindset, the techniques, the experience, and the passion of some of our most successful REALTORs.

Season 1 is comprised of 20 episodes released bi-monthly and hosted by Fiona Petrie, Executive Vice President & Managing Director of US Operations, and Christopher Alexander, Executive Vice President and Regional Director, of our Ontario-Atlantic Region.

We invite you to discover some of the common strategies these super-stars all share as well as the surprising and unique insights that make each of them stand out from the pack in their own way.
10 Episodes
From humble beginnings come great things! In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, you’ll meet four of the family members who built up, and are building onto, RE/MAX INTEGRA. Sharing stories from his ‘wild west’ days, Walter dives into some of the sacrifices, risks and lessons he learned during the forty years of building a business. Plus, discover the passions of the next generation as they express their thoughts on the future of real estate technology and trends, the value of experience and empowerment, and the ongoing evolution of RE/MAX INTEGRA.
From a buyer’s agent to the owner of a boutique brokerage, Suzanne Damon has come full circle to find her niche as a team leader. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Suzanne talks about how growing a team is like dating - what questions agents should ask team leaders and how team leaders should approach new recruits to find the right match.
With a team of 40 and on track to close 760 deals this year, The Peggy Hill Team turns heads. But when Peggy started out in real estate 16 years ago she had to borrow listings and money. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Peggy shares how taking out a loan for advertising, investing in a business coach, and eventually making the move to RE/MAX changed everyone’s perception.
Rob Golfi is a man on a mission. But when he got into real estate 20+ years ago he didn’t know how to get there. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, Rob shares how asking for help changed his course, why he continues to lean into others to grow his business and the best RE/MAX advice he ever got - that everyone should use.
Marcel Bartley is a self-proclaimed “cheap son-of-a-gun” and doesn’t like spending money when he doesn’t have to. In this episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate he shares his thoughts on investing his time rather than money on lead generating activities, why he’d rather invest in property than people, and why sometimes you just have to say “no” to get ahead.
Greg hails from Connecticut, working in a market where the price needs to be right to move the inventory. Operating with the philosophy that a lead is not dead until they are actually in the ground, Greg discusses what it takes to be relentless about keeping your roster running. Using a mix of both new and traditional sales techniques, this episode explores what it means to "put in the work" in order to see the results.
What’s it like to rebuild a team during the busy spring market? Just ask Josh Muncey, who one year later now has a thriving team of 9. In this episode Josh talks about learning to let go and how investing in your business is really about investing in your growth. Hashtags: same as before, change out the names or offices for the above.
Alexa Kebalo Hughes shares how she got out of her comfort zone and into her go zone by leveraging the RE/MAX referral network, making connections, nurturing relationships and asking for business.
Iconic RE/MAX luxury REALTOR, Barry Cohen, goes deep on pull vs. push closing and the importance of knocking on the same 30 doors.
This episode looks at how two stars in Toronto's hot east-end market migrated their successful strategies in "hipsterville" clubland to a booming business in residential Leslieville. Guest hosted by John Dowbiggen.
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