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Author: Willie Lawson

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The Morning Report - News and Talk about the going on in the world of politics and culture.Your hosts are Willie Lawson and Paul Swansen.

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A hodgepodge of information and news sure to set your hair on fire this morning. The UN is investigation the United States on our Human Rights violations in the form of systemic racism! The eviction will go forth and the left is furious with Biden for not acting more like an authoritarian dictator! Obama set o throw huge 60th Birthday Nash on Martha's vinyard! Rules for thee, but not for me! Infracture bill 2.5 million to go to welcome centers for Illegals!
Covid CrazinessRepublicans Have To Abandon Bipartisan Scam
Now We know why tThe About-Face From CDC About MaksSenate To Talke Up Democrat " Infrastructure: BillStop Annointing People.
Good News About CovidNYTs Reporter Calls Trump Suporters "Enemy Of The State"Ron DeSantis Hold Panel On Masks And School Children
Former Senator Barbara Boxer Gets Mugged.Democrat Mayors Hire Private SecurityIllegal Alien Sex Offenders Pouring ACross Our Border
Covid Vaccine NOT madated in White House why in your house?Boris Johnson goes from Libertarian to Communist?NFL Players must take the mark!Democrats know they are F...ed with Election Integrity
We are hitting a number of subjects today on the conservative front. Today we talk about rmoving Peolsi from being Speaker of the to Governor Desantis doubling down on no mask mandates from the State of Florida. Oh did you hear that some informants were involved in the plot to kipnap Greten Whitmer? Yes we talk about about a great number of things today on the Mrning Report.
They ARE Coming For YOur Guns!Women's Soccer Team Loses. Texas Lawmaker Is Nuts.Larry Elder On The Ballot!!
Rand Paul calls Dr. Fauci a liar and is looking to file charges against him. Senate Democrats are hiding their true spending plans for budget proposal. The US House Democrats block bill to declassify intel on Covid origins. And in typical fashion the runaway Texas Democrats laydown slavery smoke screen.
Mr. Covid UK Screws It UP Again!Larry Elder Sueing To Be On The BallotParents Sue DC Mayor and Others for Allowing Children To Get The Jab
California Trying To Stop Elder Campaign For GovernorRunaway Dems Testing Positive For CovidOne Lib Reporter Rips WH Endorsement For SM Purges
Chairman of Chief of Staff Comparares Trump To Hitler and MAGA to BrownshirtsLA County Re-instates Mask MandatesMegan Fox Slams Cancel Culture...
MLB All-Star Game Low RatingsSenate Reject Slave LaborRepubicans Get A Win In Georgia Stacy A Gets A Loss
The California candidate for Governor spent some time with a while back. It is wonderful that Larry Elder remains consistant in his conservatism and is exactly what California needs!
Morning Report 348

Morning Report 348


NAACP Offers To Pay Bail For AWAL Texas DemsBiden Applauds Cowardly Texas DemocratsTexas Senate Passes Election Reform Bill
Trump Supports Cuban People 100%Psaki won't call Cuba Communist - WeirdCDC Weighs In on Hurricane Prep - JeezTexas Democrats Plan To Flee State To Stop Fair Elections
What is CRT and how is it playing out in AmericaLatest Poll Call For More Cops On The Street
In Defense of the Stars and Stripes - Tim BryceMaturity - Willie Lawson
Gwen Berry - Free Speech Is Often AnnoyingBill Cosby Is Free
Justice Clarence Thomas Thinks Federal Marijuana Laws May Be A Thing Of The Past.Pathetic Defense of Athletes Disrespecting Anthem Ant Flag From White House.Dr. Markay From John Hopkins Blasts India Variat Fearmongering.
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