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The Leader Equation

Author: Linzee Ciprani and Christy Belt Grossman

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Join Linzee Ciprani (CEO of Round Table Real Estate & Ciprani Consulting) and Christy Belt Grossman (CEO of Ops Boss Coaching) for our podcast all about the Entrepreneur- Leader relationship. We chat with Owners, Founders, CEOs, Sales Leaders, COOs, Ops Leaders - both inside real estate and beyond. Here’s what we’ll be discussing:➕What adds to the leadership formula?➖What subtracts?➗What divides?✖️Most importantly how can YOU multiply your results?There’s art. There’s science. What works? What doesn’t? Do unicorns exist or are they a figment of your imagination? Is there a model? How do Entrepreneurs find “the one” to partner with? How do “the ones” choose their Visionary? The questions are endless.We will explore it all. Plus. Minus. Divide. Multiply. What’s the formula for success?We call it. . . .The Leader Equation💫
34 Episodes
Join Linzee and Christy as they chat with Lisa and Mark Ramsey of the Ramsey Group and their VP Rebecca VanderKolk. This a family run team and they’ve been working with their VP for 15 years. There's a wealth of knowledge to learn from this trio!
Join Linzee and Christy as they interview Kristin Schaad Francis and Brandi Browning. They discuss communication issues, the right hire versus the wrong hire AND how you know you're the right fit together as a team. This dynamic duo is close to our hearts. Their main mission is to GIVE financially to some amazing charities. Their hearts are BIG, their mission is STRONG and their relationship is flourishing.
Join Christy and Linzee as they speak with Adam Hergenrother and Hallie Warner from the Adam Hergenrother Companies and Authors of The Founder and Force Multiplier. They literally wrote the book on the Entrepreneur and Shot Gun Leader Relationship! Christy and Linzee met Hallie years ago when the three of them were on a panel together at Keller William's Family Reunion.  They immediately knew that all three would do bigger things within the Operations Community.  Fast forward to today, Hallie is the Chief of Staff of Adam Hergenrother Companies and a best selling author, Christy owns and operates Ops Boss Coaching and Linzee Ciprani owns and operates The Linzee Ciprani Team and Ciprani Consulting. Adam Hergenrother has built an empire and we can't wait to hear how his relationship with Hallie helped to do that (they wrote an entire book about it). Check it out or buy it here-
Normally we discuss the leadership equation talking about the relationship between the Entrepreneur and their shotgun leader. This week, we will be changing the topic slightly to talk about how recent events in our world have raised our collective awareness about unconscious bias and how we can use this awareness as leaders to be the change we want to see in the world.
Matt Miale and his Director of Client Care Allison Dahlman of The Miale Team and join Linzee and Christy to discuss all things leadership amidst COVID and more!
On this episode of the Leader Equation, Linzee and Christy interview Noah Ostroff and his partner in KW Philly Jeremy Bowers! They discuss all things leadership during Covid-19. This duo has attracted some of the best in the business into their office. They are consistently at the top in KW for recruiting each year, and they have some of the best training classes and schedules anyone has seen for Real Estate Agents. They've also got communication issues they need to work through at times. They're both real and honest and big time business guys so we're sure there might be some butting of heads at times.  Listen to find out how two powerhouses have learned how to work well together.
Linzee and Christie are back with Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada from Lab Coat Agents to discuss Leadership in the midst of the Covid-19 and the most recent Protests. They’ve been leading together for 6 years and have multiple businesses and multiple groups they are in charge. They discuss how they help "keep the peace", overcome communication problems, and lead well during these historic changing time.
On this episode of The Leader Equation, Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani will interview the talented duo of Peter Chabris and his Director of Operations Mellissa Andre. 🦄They've been working together now for over 7 months. A lot of their organization has changed due to Mellissa coming in and restructuring the team. Here are some of the things they'll discuss together:✅How their communication has changed from day 1 to NOW.✅How Peter "let go" and allowed Mellissa to make some changes in staff and the organization of the team.✅What their communication issues were at first as 2 dominant leaders.✅What big changes they made in staff.Learn from what we believe is one of the best new leadership teams out there!
Join Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani as they interview Wendy Papasan and her DOO Angie Hanna. Wendy leads real estate teams in Austin and Houston, Texas as well as Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and St. Louis, MO. After just 9 years in the business, she has sold more than 850 homes totaling more than $325 Million. In addition to her real estate business, Wendy produces the popular Austin podcast InsideATX, owns multiple income-producing properties, and is a partner in a Memphis real estate office. She is a sought-after real estate speaker coach aligned with MAPS, who consults with agents across the country. She is particularly passionate about seeing women succeed in business and helping everyone grow their wealth.
Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani interview 2 amazing leaders: Gaurav Gambhir and his Operations Director Kate Gledhill. Gaurav is a serial Entrepreneur as the Owner and Executive Director of The Condo Shop managing over 80 Real Estate Agents, the Owner and Co-Founder of TCS Management Services, Partner with Keller Williams Philadelphia and more. With COVID-19 Pennsylvania Agents have not been listed as "essential" and he and his multiple teams have been front and center in helping his Agents navigate these new waters.
Sarita Lahoti Dua and her Listing Project Manager Jered Noonan join us to discuss their team dynamics (which are definitely different) & bring some great leadership advice in today's crazy market. A little about Sarita: Sarita is based in Portland, Oregon, and has been selling real estate for fourteen years after fourteen previous years in high tech sales and marketing. She manages a small but powerful team of buyers agents and administrative coordinators that are focused on big results. She was named the exclusive listing broker for the Ritz Carlton Residences coming to Portland, Oregon (estimated completion in early 2023). Some fun facts: Sarita has been featured on stage with Gary Keller numerous times | Her team model is different and effective | Featured in Inman multiple times | One of the founders of Amplify Event with the Dolls.
ENTREPRENEURS - This might be the most important broadcast we've ever done. This is be relevant to many, and we received questions about how we're leading in the midst of this chaos. Vija Williams is the Director of Growth of Ben Kinney Brokerages, and leads more than 1,300 agents. She also happens to live in Kirkland, Washington - Ground Zero of COVID-19 in the U.S. Christy Belt Grossman & Linzee Ciprani consult & coach the top teams around North America. Vija has been on the frontlines for almost a month already, and we have been coaching clients on this for weeks. We want to help you navigate these uncertain waters!
Join Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani as they interview the Loken Group. You’ve heard the saying, “Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.” We deep dive into that thought with Lance Loken, Karina Rohrer Loken and a bunch of talented Leaders they have developed in The Loken Group!
Join Linzee Ciprani (flying solo) as she interviews the serial entrepreneur Michael Ferraro and his Assistant Jess Rubin. We discuss how Jess helps manage Michael's crazy schedule with a Luxury Real Estate brand, Coaching Company, Marketing Company and more. What have their communication challenges been, both in the beginning and now? How did they come together and what drew them to each other as colleagues? How has she helped build his empire? How did they launch into the Luxury Market so quickly and how did he build his amazing brand? Michael launched from scratch only a few years ago and has taken his brand to the next level and now teaches people how to do the same. 
Jennifer Schiff joins Linzee Ciprani & Christy Belt Grossman to kick off the New Year! Jen Schiff has led multiple businesses. She has helped to build a number of start ups. She is co-owner with her amazing husband Michael J. Schiff of The Schiff Home Team of Keller Williams Legacy. Jen is the founder/owner of Manifest Consulting. Jen worked for the Five Doors Network and has built an amazing brand for herself. Join us for this special episode where Christy, Jennifer, and Linzee talk openly about building others' businesses, their own businesses, & how to find, keep and direct talent!
Join Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani as they interview Jon Pugh and his Director of Operations Anita Cruz. They're a force together and you'll see why in this episode. We ask them questions like: How did they choose each other to be in business with? How have they grown together as they've gotten to know each other better? What communication issues have they worked through? How have they grown as leaders together? Jon is one of the admin for the Messy Middle Mastermind helping Agents all over navigate the "messy middle."
Don't miss this episode where Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani interview Haro Setain and Kayla Slice and get REAL about the challenges that many of us face as we build these small businesses. We'll discuss all kinds of leadership lessons including: the challenges that come along with growing a big team, failing forward, communication issues and how they've worked through them, fast growth, downsizing, and restructuring, AND MORE!
Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani interview Kris Bertagnolli and Stephanie Perry Brackett from Anderson Hicks Group. Stephanie is the Chief Operations Office and Kris is their Chief Revenue Officer. There are so many amazing questions we have for these two on how they run the business, how they joined forces (2 teams combining into 1) and what challenges they faced during that time. 🚀 We are seeing team growth, team mergers, and expansion all over the industry. There are BIG partnerships happening. We're predicting a whole new landscape next year, and these guys have pioneered what we will be seeing as a trend that’s about to snowball. 
We were off last week for Thanksgiving but we're coming back with two powerhouses! Join us for an interview with David Osborn and his Chief of Staff (or as he likes to call himself Air Traffic Controller) Matt King! Matt controls David's life and David has a VERY BIG LIFE. They're a team that you don't want to miss hearing and learning from.
On this episode of The Leader Equation, Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani interview Eliza Michiels and Skye Michiels from Real Estate With Heart- Compass. Learn how they've worked together as Brother and Sister. Learn about their struggles, wins and communication tactics. Learn how Eliza has helped run Real Estate With Heart as Skye has taken on a new role within Compass. And MORE!
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