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The Old Father Williams Storytelling Podcast

Author: George A. Williams

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Each episode, Old Father Williams (George Williams) shares one (or more!) of his favorite stories. They include original stories about the people & doings of the fictional little town of "Busted Flush, Oklahoma, A Little Town About 100 Years Southeast Of The Capitol, & others present folk tales from around the world. Two episodes per month, on the 1st & 15th.
49 Episodes
S4E9 - Puss in Boots

S4E9 - Puss in Boots


Weel, being the cat lover than I am, telling "Puss In Boots" was inevitable - I just wonder what took me so long! (So does my cat, Miss Tabby...)
This is th first original story I ever told in public. It was so well received that I decided to keep telling. I hope you like it. It's called "Saint Michael & The Devil's Castle."
Gerald is a little boy who never seems to do anything right... & he's the one who will save the village from Green Haired Goblins? Really? What could possibly go wrong? Well...
An American classic about an American Political Giant & the time he argued a case against the Devil.  If he wins, he saves a man from a horrible fate ... but if he loses, well, he shares that fate for Eternity.  Based on the classic story by Steven Vincent Benet.
"Beauty & The Beast"

"Beauty & The Beast"


The French Fairy Tale of "Beauty & the Beast" first appeared 1740 & has been a favorite on stage, big screen, television, ice, & print for 281 years.  (My personal favorite adaptation is the 1976 television presentation starring George C. Scott as the Beast & Trish Van Devere as Beauty.) It is, indeed, timeless. I hope you enjoy this telling.
To me, & I'm sure most cat lovers would agree, the cat's purr is one of Nature's [erfect sounds. But where did it come from? This story answer that question...
Veko's Forest Bride

Veko's Forest Bride


A  father tells his three sons, Kai, Gunnar, & Veko, that it is time for them to marry. Because they have no idea where to look  for a bride, the father has them chop down a tree & follow where the fallen tree points. Veko's tree points to the forest, & he doubts he will find a bride among the trees... 
The Sheriff of Nottingham, subscribing to the "set a thief to catch a their" line of thought,  hires a ruthless killer to kill Robin Hood.  The Sherwood archer & his right hand man, Little John, have other plans, of course...
The Elvenwoods

The Elvenwoods


This episode has one of the first stories I ever wrote as an adult - "The Elvenwoods." I had completely forgotten about it until I went through some old SD cards.  My mother, a professional writer with several publications to her credit, read it & said it "rang the bell of truth a little."  This was, for her, very high praise indeed. I hope you enjoy it.
A grand & fantastic tale from one of Storytelling's most prolific researcher & teller, Andrew Lang.
An Irish take, cautionary & endearing, about a young man who accepts a drink of whiskey from one of the "wee folk" & finds himself an expected servant...
This is the original "Busted Flush, Oklahoma" story. Yep, the one that started it all.  It introduces Attorney Homer Schump, farmer Herman Ray Calhoun, & brothers Milo & Nehi Sternbeak, & a really big - I mean REALLY BIG cucumber fertilized by Busted Flush Double D (Distinctly Different) Fertilizer.
The classic "Arabian Nights" story! There's a lot more to this story than I remember, & I think it's because as a child I must have read a "sanitized" versions. This one is far from sanitizedI You may want to preview it before playing it for any young ones around the house. If they are anything like I was as a child, though, they'll love it! Shivers & all!
What could be better for a young boy like Toboe Wolfgass, of Busted Flush, Oklahoma, a little town about 100 years SouthEast of the Capital, that finding out he had an Aunt he'd never met? Why, finding out the Aunt he's never met was part of THE CIRCUS!!
A little town Christmas Story by the Creator of "The Wizard of Oz," L. Frank Baum!
Episode Three of our "Robin Hood Trifecta" - a rousing take called "he Rescue of Will Stutely." Danger, adventure, derring-do, everything you've come to expect from Robin Hood & his band of Merry Men. It's a radical departure from the familiar "Robin Hood fights someone, they becomes friends, & Robin invites them to join his Merry Men" story. This one has true danger for one of Rogin's most trusted Merry Men!
Part two of "A Robin Hood Trifecta," where The Sheriff of Nottingham sets yet another trap for the Sherwood Forest Outlaw - an archery contest! What could possibly go wrong?
Today's story of Robin Hood & his Merry Men finds the Sheriff of Nottingham offering a huge reward for Robin's capture, & a man - a tinker by trade, a man who travels from town to town repairing pots & pans - who decides he's just the man to trap Robin & collect the reward.
A story of little Nehi Sternbeak, who has reached the age where he must prove himself a man by challenging "The Dread Oil Feed Haint" on Halloween.
Robin Hood!

Robin Hood!


The first of two episodes dedicated to "The Outlaw who stole from the Rich to give to the Poor."
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