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William Ramsey Investigates, covering a variety of subjects including current events, true crime, the occult, parapolitics, and cults.
311 Episodes
Researcher Igor Sarsky returns for the third time to discuss the O9A and
Dr. Eric Karlstrom discusses psychotronics and gang stalking.
Author Don Veinot discusses his book Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret.
WR on Conspiracy Castle discussing his new book Global Death Cult.
Author Warren Cole Smith discusses his new book Faith-Based Fraud: Learning from the Great Religious Scandals of Our Time.
WR discusses his new book Global Death Cult with Ryan of
Indie Rock Dinosaur: Occult influences in Media with Zak McGaha, Ken Ammi & WR
Author Ken Ammi discusses his new book Hollywood Aliens and UFO's, 2nd
Vallibus (JJ) discusses The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarke with WR
Researcher Manny Grossman investigates the sites of the Sons of Sam slayings.Manny Grossman Youtube channel:
Matt from the UK discusses the Methodology of Control and Surrender in Our Shared Reality with WR.
Author Charles Moscowitz discusses his new book The Satanic Conspiracy: The Specter Haunting Mankind.
Author Frank Stanfield discusses his new book Cold Blooded: A True Crime Story of a Murderous Teenage Vampire Cult.
WR on Through the Plastic Screen discussing his new book Global Death Cult.
WR discussing his new book Global Death Cult with Charles
Dr. John Noe discusses The Next Great Reformation: 96 Theses for Reclaiming Jesus' Everlasting Kingdom.
Author John Higgs discusses his new book William Blake vs. The
Author Christine Pelisek discusses her book The Grim Sleeper: The Lost Women of South Central.
Author Sean MacLeod discusses his book Behind the Wall of Illusion: The Religious, Occult and Esoteric World of the Beatles. (2108)
Researcher Steve Outtrim of discusses Internet LARPing and information warfare in the alternative media
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