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The History of Yugoslav Football Podcast
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The History of Yugoslav Football Podcast

Author: Richard Wilson

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Football writer Richard Wilson steers listeners through the murky waters of Yugoslav football from the 19th Century to the 21st Century.
157 Episodes
With the leagues a mix of finished or finishing soon, a round up of the goings on and fixes in the region
Fans in revolt, tens of millions in tax debt and an uncompetitive side - just what is going on?
Olimpija secure the league, Zvezda on the brink of it (while Partizan are just plain on the brink) and plenty else to talk about...
A whistlestop tour through the later leagues returning in the spring and a review of what's happened in Croatia and Serbia who had the decency to come back a bit earlier.
Decoding what's going on behind the scenes at Dinamo as they play politics to keep themselves interested in a season where everyone seems to be rebuilding somewhat. Hajduk, Gorica and Rijeka all have new managers, there's big transfers afoot and Sibenik just keep drawing games.
Olimpija might be running away with things but they're hardly all that's going on with a massively tight race for Europe and a tight race to avoid relegation too...
A walkthrough the last week of the World Cup from a Croatia standpoint - disappointment in the Semi-final followed by celebration against Morocco
The first Winter Break podcast goes to Serbia! Have Zvezda wrapped it up already? Are Vojvodina back? Can TSC challenge Partizan?
Serbia may be long gone but Croatia knock out the favourites for the tournament and go on to the final four once more...
Serbia blow it against Cameroon while Croatia F Canada
An hour and twenty on Serbia! Yes - explaining why there isn't yet a squad announcement, explaining who will be in that squad, explaining who is in the group, trying to answer the question of what success will look like for Serbia and explaining what I generally think about Qatar 2022 in depth. 
With the preliminary squad out, it's time for a long look at the chances for the Vatreni in Qatar. Is this vintage better than the Silver Generation?
In qualifying for France 98, Slovenia earned one point. Over the next four years, they reached the Euros and a World Cup before their golden age ended in disgrace as their greatest talent became their greatest liability.
A run through of the (ugh) international week and where we're at in the leagues as they paused for the Nations League
Osijek disgrace themselves, plenty of playoff ties to watch for and plenty more!
The HNL is back - can Dinamo be toppled? Can others reach a European group stage? How will league reconstruction work? All that and plenty more!
Yes, Slovenia has sports people other than Tadej Pogacar. Who knew? Over an hour talking about the upcoming season, the wild summer at Olimpija, the impossibility of predicting Celje and all that much more.
Zvezda hunt six in a row while everyone else hopes they stop being so perfect and actually give someone else a chance of actually winning the thing
Come for talking about title wins, stay for me hopelessly trying to remember who won the Bosnian second tier...
With the Kosovo War at an end, what was going on in Serbian football, what was the fallout in Kosovo and in Serbia and Obilic. So Much Obilic.
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