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Rated RyeMan Show™ is the brainchild and flagship show of this station, hosted by station owner The RyeMan™. Join RyeMan for hard hitting tunes, entertaining guests and amusing news stories each week!
22 Episodes
The RyeMan and Brew Crew Nation celebrate the killing of 2020 and bring in the new year the best way we know how... forgetting we did it! Happy New Year!
It's our leader The RyeMan's 35th Birthday on December 6th, so we're rockin' the annual birthday bash broadcast! We're hoping for some unexpected drop-in's, drunken rants and one hellava' good time! Enjoy! Happy Birthday Ye Ol' Coonte!
On the eve of the return Tyson fight RyeMan was supposed to be joined by Timm-ay but he got a sudden work call. Join RyeMan & the crew as they rock your weekend and mess with people online this week!
This Saturday (Tomorrow) evening! Witness Energy Rock Radio™ radio show history as #TrueorFalse will have a SHOCKING return to the airwaves! It's the first ever #DogShockCollarChallenge LIVE! on #TheRatedRyeManShow!
The RyeMan is back with his brand of entertainment The Rated RyeMan Show. It's the return plus an intense one as it's the one year anniversary of his mothers passing. Let's light it up and rock it for the boss!
It’s that time of year again Brew Crew Nation! It's Halloween Night! The 2nd Annual Energy Rock Radio Spooktacle is almost upon us! This year station owner, The RyeMan is said to have many guests set to stop by the program in and out of the studio.We kick off the Official return to the airwaves all week long for Fall! Watch as RyeMan and Timm -ay dress up like each other for the show! Not only that, but it is rumored that there may be give-a-ways, and a HUGE reveal regarding the future of the Elite Member Area! All this and more as we get spooky once again. The 2020 Energy Rock Radio Spooktacle LIVE! See you there… ya’ ghouls!
The RyeMan is joined once again by his small bearded friend Jimmy The Truck Driver, as they go over what the boys want for Christmas this year. The boys also bring up 2020 and their wishes for the station going forward. We bring up the return of the Elite Members Area, and how there will be more free video versions of the programs available as teasers as well. This paired with some hard hitting news stories and so much more! Enjoy, as we get closer to the end of the season!
The RyeMan is 34 today! He's got a new shirt ready to be given away to the highest donator tonight! The Birthday edition of "Wheel of Fuckery" is back tonight, and so much more madness! Enjoy.
The RyeMan has opened up 'The Mic' tonight! You have something to get off your chest tonight? Then this is the show for you! Let the world of Brew Crew Nation listeners hear it! Enjoy this ramped up episode!
The RyeMan has been on hiatus due to family illness, but he's back in NRG Studios and ready to get back to work! Let's all enjoy the happiness that music brings and do it together!
The RyeMan is on an emotional rollercoster due to his mom being ill and just wants to rock some tunes with the famjam this week. Enjoy.
RyeMan is live for a special Sunday program! Enjoy this bonus episode full of requests.
We're about to roll #live on @energyrockradio for #ratedryemanshow #Season11 #episode10. This week is the #NRGRandomizer where you are in control... unknowingly. Join us on @mixer #mixer from anywhere or our #official chat view #podcast #podcastone #spreaker #spotifyplaylist #spotify #iheartradio #music #request #tunein #canada #RyeManLive #RyeMan #energygirls @205rebel
We keep the show rolling with Jimmy and the RyeMan together in studio. We decided to keep the lie detector game going into extra innings, and have the very honest Energy Girl Luna in the final hot seat of the night! Enjoy.
The RyeMan has been challenged to change up his music choices for some harder selections by station staff member Hydra this week. Let's see what the boss has in store for this weeks theme, "Aggression Sessions". Horns up!
RyeMan is back with his flagship show! What does he have in store for the sixth episode?! Find out now!
RyeMan is back with another hard hitting episode. This week he takes it back to the 90's and is joined by Union Jack Traxx host, Bruce Phyllis for co-host duties. It's the After Show!
RyeMan is back with another hard hitting episode. This week he takes it back to the 90's and is joined by Union Jack Traxx host, Bruce Phyllis for co-host duties.
It's Season 5 of Energy Rock Radio's flagship show, The Rated RyeMan Show. Hosted by everyone's favorite prick, The RyeMan.
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