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Climate 2020

Author: The Planet Project

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A podcast that makes the climate crisis the top issue of the 2020 presidential election.
6 Episodes
Not One Question. Really?

Not One Question. Really?


Climate was a dead-on-arrival and it makes our hosts wonder ... is anyone even taking this issue seriously? Then Journalist Maggie Badore breaks down exactly where the candidates stand on climate, and a conversation with NYC Youth Organizer Xiye Bastida on where the movement goes from here after an explosive few months of climate action.
Storming the Banks

Storming the Banks


Activists have their sights on the banks. Jeff and David break down a week of theatrical protests from Extinction Rebellion -- a UK climate group that’s calling out big banks for financing fossil fuel companies. Then, energy reporter Russell Gold explains what could force these companies to take our planet's carbon math seriously.
Impeachment has thrown a monkey wrench into the news cycle -- and the scandal has a climate change link. Then, a covert peek inside an oil executives meeting, and the disconnect between Congress and voters on climate.  
Climate Captures The World

Climate Captures The World


To kick off Climate 2020, David Gelber and Jeff Nesbit discuss the whirlwind global climate strike and the UN Climate Action Summit, along with their initial impressions of the candidates' climate positions. Then, we get insider insights from MSNBC's Chris Hayes, and we hear about a new climate news project from veteran journalist Kyle Pope. Then David and producer Janet Babin take a trip to a region of Pennsylvania that could decide the presidential election.
Welcome to Climate 2020

Welcome to Climate 2020


A weekly show that makes climate change the top issue of the 2020 presidential election.  Brought to you in association with The Years Project. Hosted by David Gelber of The Planet Project and Jeff Nesbit of ClimateNexus.  Premieres September 26.  
Listen as journalist David Gelber and policy expert Jeff Nesbit make the case as to why climate change should be the number one campaign issue of the 2020 presidential election.  Millennial comedians also weigh in on the democratic hopefuls.
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If the politicians are really concerned about "climate change", the very best thing they can do is to TOTALLY remove themselves from the conversation. I mean it.

Oct 14th
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Ethan Brooks

so if I join the climate church do I have to also tithe 10%?

Oct 8th
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