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Smart. Funny. Connected. Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security & FEMA Director Michael Brown provides provocative insight into culture, current events and politics. Get an insider's view of what the mainstream media won't be telling you. He delivers incisive content with humor, wit and smartness. He gives you an honest inside look that no one else is willing to do. This is Michael's show heard on 630 AM KHOW, Monday-Friday, 2-4 P.M. Mountain Time.
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Millennial Mike, a regular listener from Denver, is questioning his liberal views in the wake of President Biden's election. Our hero Michael Brown doesn't try to 'red-pill' him, but invites our young devotee to simply think for himself and not follow the prevailing group-think of his generation.
Keisha King, concerned black mother in Duval County (FL), expresses her disdain for Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools. Deborah Flora, a white mother in Douglas County (CO), does the same regarding the Gemini Group teaching a 'nightmare' instead of Martin Luther King's dream. Michael opines on the subject as well.
With recent comments from former President Barack Obama, and recent actions by First Lady Jill Biden, Michael espouses the theory that Joe is no longer in charge - if he ever was. President Biden is merely a puppet, serving out the third term of Obama with Barack as puppet master.
After 'Toobin' while on a Zoom call, CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin is back with the network after serving out a suspension. KOA's Susan Witkin stops by to discuss the issue with Michael, and whether Toobin should be allowed back on the cable waves. Also, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden snaps at the President, "Joe, pay attention" during an address to some of our troops overseas.
Michael emphasizes why the idea and ideals of America go hand in hand for those seeking refuge here from downtrodden and oppressed countries around the world. Most importantly, they're largely coming here for our opportunity and freedom - not for our government to control their lives and serve as a nanny state.
With First Lady Dr. Jill Biden highlighting his notes, President Joe Biden continues to project weakness on the world stage in advance of the G7 summit. Michael cites examples of the Founding Fathers establishing a fragile constitutional republic that would have surely perished, but for the strength we showed to our allies and adversaries around the globe.
In an awkward, ponderous exchange with NBC's Lester Holt, Vice-President Kamala Harris dodges a question on why she hasn't personally been to the Mexican border by saying she hasn't been to Europe, either. Well, like Johnny Cash famously sang, Michael's been everywhere, man.
Already having a difficult day due to the death of his favorite aunt, Michael makes the questionable decision to go on Twitter. He then engages in a war of words with a troll who attempts to call him out as a racist. Also, New York Times Editorial Board member Mara Gay says she found dozens of American flags she saw displayed in Long Island 'disturbing.'
Former President Donald Trump speaks out on the COVID-19 lab leak theory, which he espoused over a year ago, and the fallout for Dr. Anthony Fauci and China itself. Alex Berenson further details 'gain of function' research approved and funded by Fauci and NIH, and comments on the dire political consequences it may have for the once exalted medical expert.
Michael recounts his trip to Kit Carson County for a speaking engagement, including his unsuccessful bid to purchase a German chocolate cake at an auction there. In another embarrassing display of faux journalism, Brian Stelter - host of the inaptly named 'Reliable Sources' - fawns over White House press secretary Jen Psaki, leading off with a question about what the media is doing wrong in covering the Biden agenda. North Face forgot something on their trip to the soap box to virtue signal against oil and gas - more than 90% of their products are made from oil and gas.
After partaking of Michael's tequila and margarita mix from a nearby restaurant on a Friday, radio's Joel Hillan (850 KOA news reporter) stops by the studio with a cameo appearance on the program. Also, listener Janice from Boston calls in for the first time to discuss the Trump coffee mug gift she sent to Michael recently.
Michael is in a ranting and raving mood on a Friday, so he takes on his favorite nemesis Dr. Anthony Fauci. Also, a ransomware e-mail from iHeart corporate management sets Brown off. Finally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests the solution for crime in America is fewer jails and prisons. This, too, doesn't set well with Michael. Florida governor Ron DeSantis shares with Laura Ingraham that he chose freedom over 'Fauci-ism' during the COVID pandemic, and outlines all of Dr. Fauci's missteps and mistakes.
Jen Psaki dodges on question regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci's newly-released e-mails, then dances on the Biden administration's progress on an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. Tucker Carlson asks fundamental questions about why Dr. Fauci was in regular communication with Bill Gates, and why Fauci was concerned about the public's reaction to a Wuhan lab leak as the source of COVID-19.
Dr. Fauci is out doing damage control in the wake of his e-mails being made public, and the American mainstream corporate media is helping carry the water for him. But the fact remains, his intense ignorance of the evils of communism and naivete toward the Chinese government put America in peril with the funding of Wuhan's virology laboratory.
President Biden continues his condescending infantilizing of Black Americans, claiming those smart enough to be entrepreneurs are incapable of finding lawyers or accountants. Also, celebrating Major League Baseball's first annual 'Lou Gehrig Day' on the 80th anniversary of his death from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
With the Washington Post and BuzzFeed obtaining a bounty of Dr. Anthony Fauci's e-mails through a Freedom of Information Act request, facts are emerging about the real impact and efficacy of wearing masks during the pandemic - and it turns out we were lied to by Fauci and his bureaucratic colleagues. Michael breaks down the specifics and offers his pointed response.
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