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Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of MarketingAngelo Luchi, Proof+Geist Director of InfrastructureTodd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTOFrom the outside, hosting with FileMaker Server can seem simple and straightforward. But behind the scenes, there’s a whole lot more going on! Whether you’re hosting on-premise or in the cloud, on your own or through a hosting provider, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to protect your data and your business from risks. Ransomware or malware attacks, accidental or intentional internal threats, file corruption, and various data center, network, or internet issues can jeopardize not only your mission-critical data, but potentially your business as a whole. Join Martha, Angelo, and Todd in this episode as they share their experiences and recommendations around backups, monitoring, documentation, and access/user management that can help safeguard against costly risks to your data and your business.General Links: The Context Podcast: Ransomware For Claris FileMaker Developers (Featuring Wim Decorte, Heidi Porter, and Chris Moyer) Ottomatic Otto S3-compatible immutable offsite backup providers/services: AWS Wasabi Backblaze Network/infrastructure monitoring tools/platforms: AWS CloudWatch Zabbix New Relic ZeroTier Deployment platforms:LinuxDocumentation tools: ClickUp BookStack
Peter Nelson, Claris Vice President of EngineeringAndrew LeCates, Claris Director of Platform EvangelismMartha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of MarketingErnest Koe, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CEOTodd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTOOn Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Claris hosted a webinar on the future of their technology. In this episode of The Context Podcast, Martha, Ernest, and Todd are joined by Peter Nelson and Andrew LeCates from Claris to discuss not only the exciting changes in store for the Claris platform that were unveiled in the webinar but also the intention and focus behind those decisions and the implications for the Claris platform in the years to come.Links:Claris Updates Webinar - April 26, 2022The Context Podcast on the Modern FileMaker RevolutionProblem Solvers CirclePauseOnErrorAutoEnter Live
Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of MarketingTodd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTOJohn Renfrew, Independent Developer in the UK & Proof+Geist AffiliateAs the FileMaker platform grows and changes over time, so too will our views, approaches, and recommendations. In this episode, Martha, Todd, and John explore multi-file solutions from a broader perspective. As Todd and John posit, contrary to what most might expect, the number of files in a system is not a good proxy for how complex the system is – a complex system can comprise one file, just as a simple system can comprise multiple files. Also, optimizing systems and workflows using multi-file solutions – in doing so, breaking free from the ‘everything-in-one-file’ mindset – allows for an iterative approach to development that measurably improves and rebuilds systems with new models over time.Join Martha, Todd, and John in this episode as they re-envision best practices and delve into how multi-file solutions and the FileMaker platform can help us build value in new and better ways.This podcast is also available on YouTube: Walker’s presentation (FMDiSC):, Superpowers for your FileMaker Server: https://www.ottofms.comOttomatic, A Modern FileMaker Hosting Platform: https://www.ottomatic.cloudLedgerLink:
(Audio updated with improved post-production: 03/14/22. Thank you all for your feedback and patience. Live, learn, adjust.)The Modern FileMaker RevolutionFeaturing:Martha Zink, Host & Director of Marketing of Proof+GeistErnest Koe, Co-Founder/CEO at Proof+Geist Todd Geist, Co-Founder/CTO at Proof+GeistWhat is the ‘modern FileMaker revolution’? How can vast networks of apps, tools, persistence layers, databases, experiences, workflows, and more be leveraged to create value using Claris FileMaker, the platform we love?In this episode, Martha, Ernest, and Todd discuss how Proof+Geist is redefining FileMaker in the context of today’s business needs, modern development practices, and a rapidly changing technical landscape.Highlighting the growing shift toward a more decoupled, lightweight approach to development, Ernest and Todd share how a new set of ideas, skills, and technologies are directly informing how we build value using FileMaker today.Links: Otto – Superpowers for FileMaker Server Ottomatic – the modern FileMaker hosting platform Working with JSON functions in FileMaker
More information about Ransomware. Methods of attack: Email attack example: knowbe4.comRansomware | KnowBe4Ransomware history, prevention tips, removal, FAQs, information on different strains, current news and KnowBe4's ransomware guarantee. (422 kB) | KasperskyHow does a computer become infected with ransomware? The No More Ransom ProjectHome | The No More Ransom ProjectRansomware is malware that locks your computer and mobile devices or encrypts your electronic files. When this happens, you can’t get to the data unless you pay a ransom. However, this is not guaranteed and you should never pay!cisa.govStop Ransomware | CISATIPS & GUIDANCE Ransomware incidents can severely impact business processes and leave organizations without the data they need to operate and deliver mission-critical services. The economic and reputational impacts of ransomware incidents, throughout the initial disruption and, at times, extended recovery, have also proven challenging for organizations large and small.If you get hit, you can try available decryptors
Reach out to PauseOnError through their website.Listen to the previous episodes about PauseOnError 2021.Reflections Ep 1Reflections Ep 2Reflections Ep 3
Ryan Gold is an Application Developer at Proof+Geist.Becca Ingram-Bryant works at Seedcode.Taylor Sharpe is President of TMS Software, LLC.Kimberly Carlson US Regional General Manager for Direct Impact Solutions
Today these four people join us:Steven Ritchie of Proof+Geist.Heidi Porter & Chris Moyer of The Moyer GroupMike Ross of Ross Digital, LLCHeidi mentioned the book The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain, by Annie Murphy Paul. It's a great read. Pick it up here or at your local bookstore.
Makah works at Soliant Consulting and has recently spoken at Claris Engage Beyond.Jonn Howell is an inhouse developer. You can find him all throughout the community.John Newoff is at Portage Bay Solutions.
Information about ProofEDU is found here.Our topics today include:1. The Party Model (see below for relevant links)2. Table Hopping Performance issues.3. PubSubHere's some great Party Model discussion links: FMBUG 59: Damon Casey presents  Dave Graham shares in a recent FileMaker DevCon Geist Interactive's implementation of the Party Model The definitive guide to Party Model
Did you know FileMaker has been featured in sports? Specifically an app built by today's guest appeared all around that world as one of the best apps in a particular segment. This amazing feat, making predictions about how individual players in the league would do garnered a lot of attention from inside the league and outside. And now Claris has featured the app in a great video highlighting how this app performed so well.Cris Ippolite from iSolutions joins me today to talk Machine Learning in FileMaker. He's worked extensively with this idea, first as a hobby and now as part of what he does to use the Claris FileMaker platform to make predictions about all sorts of things. In this episode, Cris and I talk about how Machine learning works, what we can do with it, and its implications. He gives us many examples; I even stumble on some of those, and we discuss how machine learning is used all around us. Cris also shares the story behind this powerful prediction model he's built that has been featured in many places. Machine Learning is a powerful and exciting/scary tool. And Cris is here to highlight the power and the scariness. Links:The Claris Video highlighting Cris' applicationCris Ippolite at iSolutionsiSolutions LinksCore ML and FileMakerAI Examples: Open AI GitHub Co-Pilot
You can start using the JS Dev Environment here, found here: a blog post describing its purpose: Young at Seedcode talks about how to work with a JS Dev environment in WebDirect here:'s the link for the Office Hours:
The FileMaker platform keeps introducing new ways to send and receive data from other files or from another service. IN the latest versions, oData was introduced. Many developers think the use of oData now is a game changer. Our Guest, John Renfrew, gives us all the details about oData and makes it clear it is a game changer. At first it seemed kind of scary and new and incomprehensible, but his clear description of its strengths and uses demystifies this new feature. At the end of this episode, I personally, realized OData's potential and decided, indeed, it is a game changer.John is here to let us know that FileMaker developers of every experience level can have success in using Odata to perform all manner of record-related tasks. I'm glad he was able to clear up the new feature for me.Read the OData Spec hereSteve Senft-Herrera at Beezwax shares examples and ideas with OData.Part 1Part 2
In this episode we speak about the JavaScript library JSONata.Kevin Frank is found at and fileMakerhacks.comThe query language we're working with is called JSONata.Check out Kevin's post: FileMaker 19 + JSONataCheck out Jeremy's post: Towards a Better JS Development EnvironmentKevin used data from restcountries.euThe JSON exerciser is a useful tool for the query language.And of course, is a vital site for us to visit and read.
Today’s episode involves no technical content about FileMaker. We’re not gonna talk about virtual lists or repeating fields or even javaScript. Instead, we talk about how to run a FileMaker business by the leader of one of the longest running and award winning fileMaker consultant shops in the world. David Knight, founder and CEO of Angel City Data joins me today to share how his company has lasted all these years with some impressive statistics. His simple-to-understand and yet powerful philosophy–the four Cs–guides all that happens in his business. Along with those four Cs, he share other insights and mindsets all those at Angel City Data share. David’s guiding principles must be effective, and he gladly shares them with us.David is part of FMDisc. Their past meetings are found here. Join the Meetup and attend where ever you're at.
Andy talks with us about the following topics:INTRO: 00:01:12Community & Learning: 00:10:21Claris Engage Beyond: 00:54:08Claris' Agile Process: 01:13:24You can find more info about Claris Engage Beyond here.We mention some great learning resources:RC Consulting and Productive Computing, But there are many more out there! 
Colleen Hammersley is the owner of DataWaves.
Our main goal as Claris FileMaker developers is to solve problems for clients or for ourselves. Our secondary goal is to build systems which perform very well. Of course “perform very well” is subjective. For one client, a technique may perform well, but for another one, the technique is slow and untenable. Though it has different meanings for different contexts, performance should be on the top of our heads as we develop.NIck Lightbody joins us to lend his experience and perspective to this idea of Performance. For most of his career he’s spent exploring the ideas of performance for apps. Starting with, of all things, developing for iOS, he’s played with techniques that he’s found keep performance high throughout the entire development process. Let’s explore his perspective about keeping FileMaker apps running smoothly.Links:This episode is brought to you by FMPerception.Nick's extensive forum posts are found here.If you have a performance issue, you can reach out to the community to report an issue.
This episode is brought to you by Otto. Join Dave Graham for Office Hours, learning more about Otto.If you choose to learn another technology, JavaScript is a great thing to learn.Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Say hi, and give your feedback on Apple Podcasts. Email us at for episode topic ideas and to be a part of the conversation on the podcast.
Today's episode is brought to you by FMPerception.HEre's a list of the stuff we mentioned:Modular FileMakerClaus' episode on Modular FileMakerReact and React TrainingSeedcode's articles on JavaScript and Web viewer work in WebDirect
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