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See'rs, Be-ers, Knowers and Doers

Author: Heather Drummond

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The purpose of this podcast is to talk about intuition. Do you know what that is? It is your gut instinct, street sense, inner GPS or insight. It is that inner knowing or sense of something that is true and yet there is no proof. There are so many ways it shows up. I want to normalize intuition and take it off the pedestal Everyone of us has it. Each episode we will meet an amazing guest who is just like you and me. We will be spotlighting them, their message and their tools they have to share to inspire you to stay connected to your intuition and not just acknowledge it or discount it but ACT on it. I'm looking to create a community willing to make the world a better place simply by following their intuition.
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Last episode before a pause Heather Drummond looks back and forward at how we can Be more and receive more intuition and so much more in our lives.Support the show
I spoke with Dustin Leinenbach on June 27, 2023. We talked about his work and the connection of horses and people in relationships and how applying the same mindset to both can be really supportive. We also spoke about how experience can play a part in our intuition. Bio Dustin is a curious-minded individual with a background that touches on many interests and experiences. He carries with him a corporate resume, with an education in business and technology. He finds himself geeking out over passions like teaching, music, houseplants, handyman projects, and tabletop games. Despite all of these personally fulfilling interests, Dustin’s primary passion lands him on one title: Horseman. Support the show
I spoke with Dustin Leinenbach on June 27, 2023 about intuition, adventure, curiosity, mental health and more. It was an interesting conversation about doing the next thing and how all those experiences make us who we are today. Bio Dustin is a curious-minded individual with a background that touches on many interests and experiences. He carries with him a corporate resume, with an education in business and technology. He finds himself geeking out over passions like teaching, music, houseplants, handyman projects, and tabletop games. Despite all of these personally fulfilling interests, Dustin’s primary passion lands him on one title: Horseman. the show
I spoke with Miranda Winbush May 25, 2023 about dog training, Heart Math, intuition and more. We discovered how much being in the moment and accepting where we are is not only a place where intuition can come in but also a place where dogs can be their best selves as well. BioMiranda is an Intuitive Life Coach for Humans and Animals. In her many years working as a dog behaviourist working with thousands of dog guardians desperate for someone to “fix” their dogs she has discovered the magic that is created in relationships when those people tune inwards and heal their end of the leash. Now, she is on a mission to spread the word and raise the consciousness level of dog guardians through self awareness.She is trained in Transformational Life Leadership Coaching as well as Reiki and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and is currently studying to become a HeartMath Certified Mentor. She is also a Certified Professional Dog trainer, Family Dog Mediator and Veterinary Technician. She offers individual and group coaching programs for dog lovers and pet pros that want to develop a heart based connection with their dogs, learn to tune inwards and follow their soul’s desires and welcome lasting peace into their lives. She believes that dogs can be the powerful catalyst for our personal awakening if we are open to the lessons that they are here to teach us. When we are present with them and watch how they mirror our experience of the world; we can not only heal our relationships with them but experience a greater sense of wellbeing. Support the show
I spoke to Joanne Rolfe on May 15, 2023. We spoke about her business and where she has lived around the world and how health became a passion of hers. BioJoanne Rolfe is a Women’s Health Coach, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and Psycho-Spiritual Therapist. She specializes in working with women who struggle with fatigue, chronic pain, weight gain, hormone imbalance, and digestive issues, who feel a sense of frustration and helplessness with the medical system, and who are committed to naturally regaining their health. Joanne is a designer and facilitator ofpersonal development courses, seminars, and workshops, and a course facilitator with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.Support the show
I spoke with Robert Goodland on May 15, 2023. It was a great to learn more about the path to Robert's current role as a coach and supporter of mental health for many who are dealing with trauma and how intuition played and plays a role in that. BioEarly in life, it was clear to Robert that he was created to serve. As a correctional officer, he assisted inmates nearing release to find employment in the community. He organized inmate work crews to help with volunteer organization projects such as neighborhood cleanups. He went on to become a volunteer firefighter and paramedic in two communities before making firefighting his full-time career.After so many years, all the pieces suddenly fell into place. All his personal trauma and the trauma he was exposed to in his career prepared him for this new purpose. One small step at a time, God had prepared him to support others as they claim their right to healing and wholeness.He needed to be taught that in life, you have choices. He was unaware that choices existed. He was blindly traveling down a path, believing that he had no control over the outcome.Little by little, Robert began to understand that these horrible things were not done to him but for him. He found hope and started to look at his life differently. The right people appeared at the right time. He realized he could use life's lessons to help others consumed by their fires. He could carry buckets of water to them.Robert is Coach and Founder of The Heart of A Horse, the show
I spoke to Shanda Ceretti on May 12, 2023. We spoke about her history, her work and her intuition. It was so interesting to see how it all meshed together. BioShanda Ceretti is committed to personal growth, leadership and empowering others to transform their lives. As a Certified Transformational Coach she supports individuals who feel stuck, disconnected and unhappy in life, to let go of their past so that they can feel happy, whole, and fulfilled! Over the last 10 years, Shanda has devoted her time to her business and personal healing journey while studying human habits, beliefs, and identity.  Healing her childhood trauma has enabled Shanda to view the world from a different perspective, which transpires in every area of her life! Shanda sees the beauty and opportunity in everyone she meets and approaches life with love, intimacy, and confidence! Happiness is on the other side of pain and resistance. It’s up to you to heal your wounds so that you can truly find peace and happiness to create the life of your dreams! You are capable, and you are worthy.Support the show
I spoke to Patrick Sullivan May 24, 2023. It was great to catch up on his latest work with Rescue Horses from across the United States and working with them at Liberty. The ability to grow confidence and empowerment through Liberty and the healing that can take place for both horse and people is amazing to hear about. It was wonderful to hear some of Patrick's insights from the path he is on with these horses. Bio During the 8 years, Patrick has done the following: Completed Parelli Level 4 within a year and a half with the horse he started, Gami. Studied and interned with Ryan Rose, professional Brooklyn, WI. Worked with Dan James, of DDH since 2019. Since then has competed in the Mustang Makeover (TX), finishing Top 20 and 2nd in the newcomers. Finished Second in the Freestyle Pro Division in the ILHA Championships last October. Current Judging Coordinator for the International Liberty Horse AssociationGamilah Unbridled- Rode 2500 miles from California-Kentucky completely bridleless. Visited 17 non profits and raised over 50kTo get in contact:Patrick SullivanModern-Day Horsemanship469-328-4675www.moderndayhorsemanship.comSupport the show
I spoke to Christine Dickson on Mar 23, 2023. We talked about how our upbringing and patterns created then can actually get in the way of our intuition and how she has worked on building her intuition. BioChristine Dickson is a Transformational Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Equine Assisted Coach. She works with people to map out their vision and reframe their limiting belief systems to create radical shifts in their lives.She has a solid background in working with people moving away from addiction, co-dependence, and the cycles of pathological relationships, while supporting their quest to move towards their highest purpose. Her ideal client is a fellow traveler who has come to a crossroads and dares to pursue a more purposeful life.A self described “Late Bloomer”, she traveled a slow but steady path to rewrite her subconscious conditioning and take responsibility for her own life. By becoming more self-aware and intentional she was able propel herself into taking meaningful action that changed the course of her life. Now, she helps others do the same. What does your heart long to bring forth into the world? When that small inner voice whispers to you what you know to be true, do you listen?Support the show
I spoke with Kim Coleman on Mar 3, 2023 and Kim shared her way of staying out of judgement of people and situations using her intuition. She added a few layers to it and shared what it is for her. When we  look at things differently things have the opportunity to shift. BioWhat makes Kim unique is her clear and fun delivery of some of the most ‘out there’ information available today in the subject of consciousness. Her energy and her laughter is contagious and regardless of where she goes, she fills the room with her larger than large beyond energy. When working with clients, classes or during live calls she has this potent capacity to ‘nail it’, whatever the ‘it’ is in a style that will not only make you laugh, ‘it’ changes. One of the biggest comments that she hears is how folks never knew how easy, fast and gratifying it could be to be with some of their more difficult situations from the past to the present to create some-thing totally different now and in their future. Perceiving and knowing more, being and receiving more, showing up authentic and being different in the world has pretty much always been her way of, well, simply put… Kim… being Kim. And that is what is deliciously true for her! Being way too much for this reality and not fitting in are simply her norm. Are you ready for something totally different? “Life isn’t about going back to how things were when they were great, it is about creating forward motion from where we be in this moment!”  Let us calibrate to the greatest version of ourselves, beyond the beyondsWalk with me shoulder to shoulder… together we rise!www.growingbeyond.comSupport the show
I spoke with Judith Manriquez on Mar 30, 2023. We spoke about the awaking of intuition and how awareness can be a strong first step in becoming comfortable. We also spoke about her own journey of becoming an entrepreneur and also how her own intuition has shown up,BioJudith Manriquez, Owner and Founder of Inspired Expansion LLCJudith Manriquez is a spiritual business mentor and visionary intuitive to intuitive women leaders who are ready to show up in their full power and gifts. With over two decades of experience in business and intuition, she’s supported hundreds of women with leadership development, business and soul mastery, and the refinement of their soul gifts through personalized 1:1 mentoring, advising and consulting. She’s a claircognizant empath with a Masters in Public Affairs and an entrepreneurial heart, who has worked for a mayor, the chairwoman of a major state agency, non-profits, and corporate businesses as well as healers, coaches, energy workers, lightworkers and hundreds of entrepreneurial women changing the world. She also founded a successful branding, marketing, and web-development firm during the dot com era. For the last 15 years has run her own consultancy. When she isn’t playing with, and in, others’ businesses, she spends time with her two college-aged boys and teen girl, and visiting new places across the globe.Website: judithmanriquez.comInstagram: @judithamanriquezLinkedIn: judithmanriquezSupport the show
I spoke with Lady JB Owen on April 3, 2023. It was an insightful conversation about receiving and taking the hard moments and using them as a pivot in life that can bring us to our purpose. She brought so many pieces of her own journey and how we all have moments of listening and not listening as well as taking action toward a bigger purpose can bring amazing things to life. Bio Lady JB Owen is a fearless female leader who believes in the power of empowerment.Her true focus is on helping others, which is why she started Ignite PublishingTM, theleader in empowerment publishing, in 2019. She is a world-class speaker, 20-timebestselling author, and powerful business owner. She is committed to raising thevibration of the planet and Igniting the lives of every person on the planet. She ismotivated by the opportunity to assist individuals in breaking through their limitingbeliefs to experience their own Ignite MomentTM, which changes their perspective and positively alters the course of their life. She was knighted by The Royal Order ofConstantine the Great and Saint Helen as Lady JB Owen for her entrepreneurial andphilanthropic endeavors.JB has published over 700 Ignite Moments, turning them into international bestsellers in over 13 countries, with Ignite Publishing’s books reaching #1 in 205 categories. Her gift is to Ignite people to share their story and build their brand. She also owns Ignite Moments MediaTM, JBO Global INCTM, and Lotus LinersTM, combining purpose, passion, and possibilities in everything she does. JB motivates and inspires her clients to impact others and Ignite Humanity by exemplifying a new paradigm of what’s possible. You ChannelSupport the show
I spoke with Mary Debono on April 17, 2023. We spoke about how she left her job 30 years ago to pursue a life she had always resonated with on some level since she was a child.  We also spoke about how Feldenkrais and her experience with it has brought her some wonderful experiences with intuition as well. Here is a link she speaks about during the podcast. Debono helps animals and their people enjoy freer, healthier movement even if they are challenged by injury, arthritis, anxiety or aging. A Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Mary’s ability to address the underlying cause of a movement problem can lead to surprising improvements. The author of the bestselling, award-winning book Grow Young with Your Dog, Mary can help you and your animal companion feel better and move easier at any age. She offers online programs and works with people all over the globe. Her website is Support the show
I spoke to Darlene Tindall on April 20, 2023, We spoke about her current adventure and the way she sees intuition and her miracle project. It was fun to see how her nomad life has grown into a 'life of miracles'. BioDarlene Tindall is a Spiritual Mentor and Transformational Life Coach helping professionals tap into the missing ingredient that takes life from a series of tasks, responsibilities and targets to a world full of awe, wonder and meaningful pursuits.www.darlenetindall.com the show
I spoke with Gail Simmons on Mar 27, 2023 about how her life has been impacted by intuition as well as some of the adventures she has been on through out her life with intuition has shown up. She shared with us some ways we can become more aware of our own intuition and how much our lives can be enriched when we do. BioGail Simmons is an Animal communicator who is originally from Nova Scotia and who now lives in Ontario with her children, her partner; horses, dogs, and the cat who is the king of all things.Gail can be reached for animal spirit connection and animal communication at dressagemessage@hotmail.comSupport the show
I spoke to Nicole Birkholzer on March 2, 2023. We had recently connected when she wanted to learn more about what I do with Chronic Reversed Polarity and that is when I discovered also what she did and how aligned we were in how we saw animals and worked with them. We had a wonderful discussion about how intuition shows up through animals and in our lives and how doing what you love can truly be a blessing to the world in so many ways.  BioNicole’s unique approach of communicatingwith all animals is based on listening, respect,and ancient wisdom: also known as:communicating with body, mind, and spirit.For more than 20 years, Nicole has developed a mindfulcommunication and problem-solving approach tocommunicating with animals that is informed bytraditional skills, and inspired by ancient animal wisdom;known as the Mindful Connections® Approach.Nicole’s techniques have been cultivated over twodecades of working one-on-one with individual animals,animal rescue organizations, and as the director of atherapeutic riding center.Nicole communicates, writes, and podcasts from her home in Southern Vermont, where she lives with a menagerie of furry companions, including horses, cats, and a dog.Relationship Coach for Animals & Their PeopleIntuitive - Author - Speaker - Podcaster 508-846 5001Support the show
I spoke to Jill Hendershot Roth on Mar 15, 2023. We had an interesting conversation including the "Zone of Genius" that idea that comes from Emily Utter. We spoke about allowance, intuition, shame, healing and more. We went many places on how horses can inspire a better life as it was the horses you inspired us both about allowance. BioJill has been a student of the horse for over 25 years. Throughout this time, she has found herself repelled by the structure of dominance and hierarchy embedded in various horse “training” methods. She knew in her bones that there had to be a path with horses (and with life) that was founded in communication and cooperation. Jill teaches just such an approach through the FUNdamentals of Horsemanship and Equestrian Tai Chi. She also delights in the wisdom that horses offer to us; and teaches one-on-one lessons and online courses that share both. You canfind out more at and NOTE :We were talking about "Zone of Genius" that idea comes from Emily Utter and I didn't mention her by name during the interview if you want to tag that on in any way.Support the show
I spoke to Irena Zemljic with Senka Pazman translating for us on Feb 13, 2023. It was wonderful to learn how her son inspired her to learn about Theta healing travelling across the world from Croatia to Mexico. Also to hear how it has transformed their lives.  Now she is doing sessions online with both Croatian and English speaking clients all over the world. BioIrena Žemljić: Rođena sam 1973. u Zagrebu i obrazovala sam se u medicinskoj struci na Zdravstvenom veleučilištu.Nakon rastave braka ostajem sama s dvoje djece i osjećajem krivnje i manje vrijednosti. Tada počinje moj put u duhovnost i otvara mi se potpuno novi svijet.Nakon 10 godina istraživanja, 2017. dolazim do tehnike Thetahealing-a koja mi je promijenila život. Odlazim u Meksiko na edukaciju za učitelja jer mi je glavna misao vodilja bila kako naučiti druge da sami mogu mijenjati sebe, a s tim i svijet oko sebe.Pomaganjem odraslima i djeci te iskreni osjećaj suosjećanja i ljubavi čini me svjedokom mijenjanja vlastite stvarnosti u kojoj sam ja glavni kreator. Jer to je ono što Thetahealing radi: mijenjanjem vlastitih vjerovanja mijenjate svoj život i otvarate vrata osjećajima radosti, ljubavi i cjelovitosti.To je ono što želim sada priuštiti i drugima, da znate da niste sami i da se pomoć i znanje mogu dobiti, odluka je na vama JMoja poruka vama je da date priliku sebi, kao što sam si ju i ja dala.I was born in 1973 in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, and I decided to pursue a degree in medical sciences.After the divorce, I ended up alone with 2 children which left me feeling guilty and worthless. Luckily, my big crisis led me on the path of spirituality and after 10 years of (re)searching, in 2017, I found the Theta-healing technique that changed my life and opened a whole new world for me.In the same year I went to Mexico to learn to become a Theta-healing practitioner and teacher. My goal was to teach others how they could change themselves and with it, their life, their circumstances and the world around them.This is also what Theta-healing essentially does - helps us to change our beliefs which will, in turn, impact and change our lives and open the door to joy, love and the feeling of wholesome.  I managed to change my life to the point where I am feeling joyful and wholesome, and I would like to share and pass on this knowledge to other people who are ready to give themselves a chance to heal, the way I did.Support the show
I spoke with Gillian Larson on Jan 24, 2023 and we spoke about her adventures with her horses and how she works hard to discern fear versus intuition when she is on cross country trails for weeks and months at a time. Her awareness of her partners who travel with her is a whole other intuitive tool. It was interesting to see how important patterns were to staying in a good place.BioEver since she was a young child, Gillian Larson has been exploring the outdoors onhorseback. After graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in biology, Gillian became the youngest person to solo thru-ride the Pacific Crest Trail, covering the 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada in 2014, then again in 2016. She rode the Arizona Trail and the Colorado Trail in 2017, then completed another Mexico-to-Canada route on the Continental Divide Trail in 2018—the first person to thru-ride the PCT and the CDT with the same two horses. Most recently, Gillian tackled a third thru-ride of the PCT in 2022, this timewith a rotating team of 4 horses and a mule, for a total of more than 13,500 back country miles. Also in 2022, Gillian received her M.A. in Agricultural Education at Cal Poly to become a better mentor and educator for aspiring back country riders. She provides private consultations and in-person workshops as well as online resources to facilitate sharing her knowledge and experience. Through her social media she has collaborated with brands and creators that inspire others to explore the outdoors and encourage women to embrace adventure and independence, and she also trains occasional client horses when time allows.Gillian cultivates an ethos of equestrian travel that is modern and progressive, blending a love of the outdoors with respect and care for her equine partners. Her goal is to create accessible content that demystifies the skills needed to explore the backcountry with equines. She focuses on educating others about the many challenges of wilderness equestrian travel while continuing to push the boundaries of long-distance riding and helping to modernize traditional packing techniques. She currently lives on a ranch in California’s central coast along with her expandingherd of seven horses and a mule.Visit for more information, or find her on Instagram at @thru_rider.Support the show
I spoke with Margaret on Jan 23, 2023 and we had a wonderful conversation about being in the doing world versus being in the flow. We also spoke about following the fun and shifting into listening to ourselves versus the expectations or feedback from the outside world. It was just a conversation that kept on having one more piece of wisdom after the other. BioMargaret first explored painting while in culinary school in 2000. At 40, she declared herself an Artist which meant that she could freely play in any medium as she deepened her practice of creating. Margaret’s practice is predominantly acrylic abstract and mixed media. However, in 2021 she began a self portrait series that she combined with poetry for her 100-day project. The poetry became a book, and she uses the images in her current mixed media work.Margaret has shown her work across the US and Canada. She paints and creates in Montreal, Canada. the show
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