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The UNLIKE Podcast hosted by Shawna Poliziani is about finding your own unique entrepreneurial journey in the online space, without conforming to everyone else's "rules" in the process. We challenge you to "unlike" current systems, sales tactics, and branding to create a business unlike anything out there. Be prepared for guest speakers who aren't afraid to drop some truth bombs, laugh until you cry moments, and overall a great way to boost the originality in your business.
7 Episodes
This episode I'm accompanied by Heather Fresco, an incredible entrepreneur who has built her career in the corporate world as well as in the online space. Heather and I chat about similarities and differences in the corporate and personal branding game, as well as give advice about action steps you can take to further your career no matter where you decide to build it. Official Site: www.shawnapoliziani.comInstagram: @shawnapolizdesignYou can find Heather on Instagram: @heatheralicemarie
A great episode to listen to if you're a Graphic Designer trying to navigate your online branding packages or an entrepreneur looking to hire for brand design services. I go through a basic branding package (Logo, Website and Social Media) to show what's involved and a few little tips and tricks for each stage of the process. Official Site: www.shawnapoliziani.comInstagram: @shawnapolizdesign
Alison Reeves is a rare little find in today's entrepreneurship findings. She seems to have mastered what everyone else hasn't - making moves and monetizing them. I chat with Alison about her work, her future plans and what she wants every other entrepreneur to know!Official Site: www.shawnapoliziani.comInstagram: @shawnapolizdesignYou can find Alison Reeves at: www.alisonreeves.coInstagram: @alisonsnotebook
Ever struggle with producing content for your personal brand? In this episode, Shawna shares two strategies that will have you producing content like a beast, as well as a few tips on how to execute the visual side of your spankin' new content. Official Site: www.shawnapoliziani.comInstagram: @shawnapolizdesignStock Photography Sites to check out:,,,,
On today's episode, Shawna talks about the process of finding, building and maintaining your Target Audience and Ideal Clients Online. Topics covered include knowing your services like the back of your hand, physical and emotional aspects of your services, targeting the right kind of client, and maintaining a relationship with your audience.Official Site: Instagram: @shawnapolizdesign
Shawna talks about three concepts that make a super successful brand, and why it's important to focus on these before building anything visual such as logos and websites. Official Site: www.shawnapoliziani.comInstagram: @shawnapolizdesign
The first official episode of the UNLIKE Podcast! Get to know the host Shawna Poliziani (ShawnaPoliz Design) - where she came from, how she got here and how she hopes the UNLIKE Podcast will affect your business & brand.Official Site: www.shawnapoliziani.comInstagram: @shawnapolizdesign 
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