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Author: Nerdy Girls Project

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This podcast is the first ever robotics podcast, ran by two high schoolers in Nerdy Girls Project.
11 Episodes
Sorry this episode ended abruptly the camera died again. but this episode we talked about competition and just a recap on everything.
Ep. 11 Welc Back Pals

Ep. 11 Welc Back Pals


!SORRY! podcast ended all of a sudden due to a twat calling me. Go watch full video on our YouTube (whenever) simply robot. bye bye:)
Ep. 10 we apologize

Ep. 10 we apologize


Deepest apologies. With sticker haul.
With this chaotic episode we talk about the crazy first competition and what kind of bugs we are.
We tell spoopy scary stories and lore about Parker...
This week we explain the wonderful Bones Family and Elly’s weird school gym conspiracy’s.
This episode we talk about what we have decided on the Hippogriffs and Avocados have done with their team.
We have special guest Megan from other team Plastic Avocado Cult and talk about her experiences and thoughts about FTC
This episode we talk about the new 2019-2020 FTC game and what we think about it. With special guests Ash joining with us.
Today we talk about the struggles about girls getting into robotics, and our experiences with it. Featuring the creator of Nerdy Girls Project.
In this weeks episode we introduced ourselves & talk about this upcoming years FTC game.
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