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Discussing the subject of what makes a business "Christian" with business leaders. Hosts Chad Nelson and Mitch Rivers will dig into what the Bible says about strategies and specific subjects.
17 Episodes
In this interview, Mitch Rivers walks us through the lens of how God can be glorified with our money and management of it, how to address potential ethical issues when what is allowed may not be Biblical, wisdom in choosing clients and more.
In our first expert interview, Charity Taber, CPA joins us to discuss the broader perspective of finances, taxes and strategic considerations in her profession and business. Takeaways include being transparent, willingness to NOT to business with the wrong people, acknowledging that what's legal may not always be biblical and more.
Mitch and Chad discuss their upcoming Bible Study through Weakday Ministries called (appropriately) "The Christian Business Project Bible Study". Glorifying God is our first priority and their discuss how that can be done and evaluated. For more information on the Bible studay, go to or
Mitch & Chad discuss a rapidly changing norm in the world and its impact on business. Key takeaways: 1) Pray for wisdom; 2) Know God's Word; 3) Be willing to take a loss for the greater gain when needed; 4) Maintain balance. Lots more to discover and discuss!
Mitch and Chad discuss the important difference between convictions shaped by experience, wisdom, knowledge and a "Golden Source" (God) and opinions that may be malleable and tossed along by the waves. Subscribe, rate and review!
Mitch & Chad come back from a long layoff and go broad in the discussion of COVID, race relations and even a detailed commentary on how the financial markets operate differently now versus the Great Depression and 1987's crash. Rate, Review and Subscribe!
Mitch and Chad discuss the risks and rewards of pursuing success in business and what God says about the priorities that shape our decision-making.
Mitch and Chad discuss the Biblical and social impacts of work both as individuals and through corporate effort as we were created to do. Find show notes at
Mitch and Chad discuss strategic and specific investments in our teams. Takeaways include earning the trust of your team so they want what you invest in for them, investing in things that are important to your team (even if you don't understand) and more. Check out for show notes, takeways and more.
Mitch & Chad discuss the implications for establishing or maintaining a "Christian Culture" in your business. What does it look like and what are the expectations? Should we even try to establish a "Christian Culture"?We have takeaways from today's show at Join in!
Mitch and Chad dive deep into the good and bad of sales and what God says about the concept. Check out for show notes and more from today's show.
In our first business owner interview, Matt Turner from Matt Turner Video Services takes us on a journey of successful experience in corporate America (including the best NBA franchise), an unexpected cancer diagnosis and battle and the path to business ownership via education. Go check out the 7 valuable takeways we uncovered at Subscribe, rate and review!
Mitch & Chad discuss how presenting yourself as a Christian-led business will lead to a bigger target...and we should welcome it. They talk articles from the New York Times, research from the Barna Group on how people make their choices in doing business with Christians and the legal guidelines provided by the Federal Trade Commission and its overlap with the Bible. Rate, Review and Share!
Mitch, Chad & special guest Matt Netzer discuss the Biblical standards of savings, giving, business finances and compare and contrast those with the "American Dream". Actionable tips and tools are at
Mitch and Chad dive into what God says about work, commitment, laziness and the potential to distort our view of how God can use our work. Subscribe, rate & review!
In the kickoff episode, Mitch and Chad begin to dive into what it means and may not mean to be a Christian business. They also discuss upcoming topics, guests and scriptures that inform their business practices. Subscribe, share and review!



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