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The Grr in Fangrrl

Author: Hansi Oppenheimer

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Filmmaker & Fangrrl Hansi Oppenheimer talks with creators, fans and celebrity guests about creativity, pop culture and the work that inspires them.
19 Episodes
Ep. 16:Elizabeth Shepherd

Ep. 16:Elizabeth Shepherd


Conversation with actor Elizabeth Shepherd about her roles as Rowena and Ligeia in Roger Corman's iconic film The Tomb of Ligeia, working with Vincent Price, behind the scenes stories of working on our favorite Poe film of Corman's trilogy,  her love of language, approach to acting, her impressive career and her reading of Poe's story Tomb of Ligeia and some of his poems recently released on CD. You can get a copy at her appearances and on her Facebook page (link below) She is appearing at NYC Forbidden Planet on October 24th and the New England SuperMegaFest on November 16th-17th.More about Elizabeth, her work and to purchase her CD  can be found at , her website and Tumblr has had over 500 TV appearances that range from Hermione in “The Winter’s Tale” (Emmy nomination) and several BBC Masterpiece Theatre series to All My Children and Law and Order SVU, numerous episodic guest spots and MOWs, including more recently Mrs Margaret Thatcher in “Shades of Black” and her movies include: The Tomb of Ligeia, Hellboats, Damien: Omen 2, Criminal Law, Double Negative, Invitation to the Wedding, Kidnapping of the President, End of Summer, Desire, Amelia.Special thanks to actor Gil Boothe for his fabulous Voice Over work on the opening Poe tribute. I gave him Latin and he read it like a champ. The Latin is from a real Necromancy spell I found online so BEWARE! Bwa-ha-ha!
Ep. 15:  Richard Chizmar

Ep. 15: Richard Chizmar


Conversation with writer Richard Chizmar about his upcoming book Gwendy's Magic Feather, publishing Cemetery Dance, collaborating with Stephen King,  Horror and Splatterpunk.More about Richard and his work can be found at and https://richardchizmar.comWe need help so we can transcribe all our podcast and video episodes and make our content more accessible.  if you'd like to support the project please visit our page at and https://squeeprojects.comThank you for listening, sharing and supporting the Squee Project!
Ep. 14: Chad Lutzke

Ep. 14: Chad Lutzke


Conversation with writer, Chad Lutzke about his  career, his books Of Foster Homes and Flies and the upcoming The Pale White, rock and roll, horror fandom and the struggle to quit your day job and make art full time.More about Chad and his work can be found at  and you can support his work and get access to extras, stories and special content at his Patreon need help so we can transcribe all our podcast and video episodes and make our content more accessible.  if you'd like to support the project please visit or visit our page at you for listening, sharing and supporting the Squee Project!
Pamela Lansdale Dunklin,  True Crime & Lone Star Justice on ID
Conversation with Annalise Ophelian, Award Winning Documentarian of Looking For Leia
Bonus Ep 2 : Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment
Andrea Subisatti of Rue Morgue and Faculty of Horror
Dr. Lynn Zubernis of FangasmSPN talk about acafandom, dealing with the end of THE SHOW, Supernatural and assorted Squee.
Horror legend, Debbie Rochon talks abouot her career in horror from acting to filmmaking, radio host and writere, she's done it all.
One of the most iconic Scream Queens, Dee Wallace talks about her incredible career, her Ted Talk, positivity and managing your mind  and why she still loves the challenging work of the horror genre.
We discuss  the benefits of fan -un conventions, fan activism and charity work and our love for the Whedonverse.
We talk with Arneson about her work on two of my favotie shows The Tick and Preacher, adapting the unique voices of Ben Edlund and Garth Ennis, Big Blue Love and her experiences as a woman in the industry.
Ep. 6:  Amber Benson

Ep. 6: Amber Benson


The Grr in Fangrrl Ep. 6: Conversations with Women in Horror: Amber BensonAmber is best known for her role as Tara Maclay on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has also directed, produced and starred in her own films. Her books include The Ghosts of Albion, the Calliope Reaper-Jones  series and The Witches of Echo Park series. She is currently writing The Morning Show Mysteries airing on the Hallmark Channel and a pilot for The Witches of Echo Park.  
We talk with Producer/Director Jenn Wexler about her latest contribution to the horror genre, The Ranger.
A fun conversation with Diana "Darcy The Mail Girl" Prince about free speech, the industry,  her latest gig working with our beloved Joe Bob Briggs and some new projects she's working on.
We all love Felissa Rose! Besides her iconic role as Angela in Sleepaway Camp, she's been producing films, acting and juggling raising 3 kids for the last few years.She's a joy to talk with anytime especially at Horror Conventions.
This episode is rated K for Kelly. Once we started talking about her work on Ash vs Evil Dead, she let those F-bombs fly. We chatted about her experiences working with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, being covered in blood, hanging upside down and all the fun she had on the set.  You can watch her on her current show Perpetual Grace LTD. She's amazing.
Conversation with Professor Tanya Cook, founder of Always Keep Nerd Fighting. We talked about her studies on fan activism, acafandom and her pure love for all things geeky. She also does a pretty amazing Xena cosplay.
The Grr in Fangrrl Episode 1. Conversation with Sociology Professor, Doctor Tanya Cook, Community College of Aurora, Aurora, CO and Founder of Always Keep Nerd FightingAre you a member of a science fiction, comic, movie, book, or television fandom such as Supernatural, Nerdfighters (John & Hank Green), Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Arrow, Wonder Woman, etc.? Do you actively and regularly (once a month or more) participate in charity-based action as a part of that fandom? Tanya and her partner, Kaela Joseph are two academics who are interested in studying how fans help and support each other and their communities, as well as work to reduce Worldsuck (bad in the world), through charitable activities. For more info please visit  
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