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NatureScot presents podcasts that celebrate Scotland's nature and landscapes. In each episode you'll find numerous ways to connect with - and protect - our amazing natural world. We want to inspire everyone to join the fight against climate change and reverse nature loss. Immerse yourself and #MakeSpaceForNature in your life.
12 Episodes
David O’Brien, NatureScot’s Biodiversity Evidence and Reporting Manager, explains what genetic diversity is and how it can help fight the twin crises of climate change and nature loss. Highlighting examples of relevant projects, both here in Scotland and much further afield in Benghazi, David talks passionately about the potential implications for the future of many species.A keen amphibian spotter and citizen scientist, David provides practical tips as to how we can all make more space for nature, and encourages us all to have a fondness for frogs! An enlightening listen.
This week we chat with Alistair Rennie, NatureScot’s Dynamic Coast Project Manager and Geodiversity Advice Manager. He explains the link between climate change and coastal erosion, and how the Dynamic Coast project will help Scotland’s coast and assets adapt to our future climate.He also has some really encouraging ways we can recharge, enjoy nature on our doorstep and make more space for nature, every day.Further information on the Dynamic Coast project:
Well known for her weather forecasting with the Met Office and BBC Scotland, Heather was recently appointed to NatureScot's Board. Throughout her career she's witnessed significant changes in our weather. We discuss the direct impact of climate change and the significance of STEM in understanding these changes. With a focus on hope for the future, Heather highlights what we can all do to make space for nature and reduce our carbon footprint. A really inspiring listen!
In this episode we speak to Caitlin Cunningham, NatureScot’s Graduate placement, focussing on blue carbon. She gives us an insight into her role, and explains what blue carbon is and its importance in the fight against climate change. Caitlin also provides her top tips as to how we can all make space for nature in life, including a great nature based alternative to watching the latest soap opera on tv - you need to listen to this!
We speak to Debbie Bassett, NatureScot's Climate Change and COP Coordinator, who explains so well how climate change and nature loss are linked, what COP15 and COP26 mean for us all and what we can all do to make more space for nature in our lives. A great listen - follow Debbie's advice and let's all be part of the change!
To kick off this new season we have a very special episode - our guest presenter Richard Baynes speaks to the Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change, Chris Stark and NatureScot’s Chief Executive, Francesca Osowska.They discuss the twin crises of climate change and nature loss, what COP26 means for us all, and how, if we all take action now, the future will be bright.Focussing on a sense of hope and the benefits of nature based solutions, we highlight how improving and restoring nature not only makes the world a better place, but addresses some of the serious impacts we’re already seeing from climate change. We discuss how reaching net zero is actually a very appealing thing as it’s about genuine improvements to society and the economy. Chris states “I’m going to be the generation that gets this done. We will get to net zero by 2045 in Scotland and by 2050 in the UK”. It’s definitely worth a listen!
Ian Sargent, our Nature Reserves Manager for Beinn Eighe talks about the wealth of woodland at Britain's first NNR.   With its cluster of mountain peaks, ancient pinewoods, dazzling dragonflies and soaring golden eagles, it’s no wonder this is an outstanding place.  Listen as Ian discusses the woodland expansion; from seed collection of trees, the process, how it is grown in the nursery to planting out on the actual reserve.  If you are interested in how we manage the reserve and natural regeneration and its importance - then sit back and enjoy.
Welcome to Scotland’s urban environment – which, contrary to many people’s expectations, is a flourishing place for wildlife.  Gain an insight into how ‘Green Infrastructure’ - our green spaces, street trees, parks and paths - all play their part in connecting people with nature, and how it contributes to wider habitat networks through our towns and cities.   Join Phil Baarda from Scottish Natural Heritage as he hears from colleagues Arthur Keller and Fiona Strachan on the positive effects their programme of green infrastructure improvements is having across Scotland.  They reflect on their work to date and how green infrastructure is benefiting our cities, inhabitants, climate change and wildlife – all at the same time.
Welcome to the Flow Country, one of the world's last wild places, stretching across Caithness and Sutherland in the far north of Scotland.  Gain an insight into Flows to the Future project, an ambitious project which is restoring areas of blanket bog in the heart of the Flow Country.   This is a globally significant site, with a UNESCO World Heritage status in reach, equaling the status of the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef.  This podcast demonstrates the importance of peatland to our environment  and explains why the Flows area is unique. Join Phil Baarda from Scottish Natural Heritage as he exchanges thoughts with colleagues Andrew Coupar and Ian Mitchell from our Golspie office.  They look at the achievements of the partnership project as it nears completion, our knowledge of the role of peat and carbon storage and upcoming ways to connect people to this precious habitat.
Interview with Rory Richardson, Reserve Manager of 20 years at Creag Meaghaidh and Adam Rose, Operations Officer for Loch Fleet Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve (NNR) is located at the centre of Scotland!  It is the complete mountain experience. From wild mountain plateau to woodland that's slowly returning to life, Creag Meagaidh feels like the Highlands compressed into one reserve. In this episode, listen to Rory as he explains about pollination and biodiversity and find out about some of our rarest wildflowers that can be experienced at Loch Fleet. Recorded in July 2019.
Gain an insight into the life on Noss, National Nature Reserve on Shetland.  Join Juan Brown, Operations Officer as he gives you a guided tour.A dramatic island with soaring cliffs, Noss is home to an amazing array of nesting seabirds. In spring and summer, gannets, guillemots, fulmars and puffins seem to occupy every available nook and cranny on the cliffs while great skuas nest further inland. Recorded in May 2019.
Listen as Francesca Osowksa, Chief Executive of SNH visits Rum and explores this magical National Nature Reserve for this first time.  Interviewed by Ian Sargent, Nature Reserves Manager. As you approach Rum, the rugged mountains set a dramatic stage for spectacular wildlife and archaeology. Circling eagles glide overhead, majestic red deer graze the hillsides and otters frolic between sea and land. In this episode, Francesca and Ian go in pursuit of the otherwordly calls of Manx shearwaters as they return to the island at dusk.  Recorded in April 2019.
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