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The Trail Connection

Author: Tim Garland

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The Trail Connection brings listeners/viewers alongside Tim Garland and various guests on outdoor excursions into many different locations around the country. Episodes comprised of a range of topics including hiking, camping, site setups, campfire cooking, gear reviews, story-telling, and adventure previews. Inspiring interest in getting outdoors through sharing experiences, learning from some really cool folks, and engaging in good conversation.
18 Episodes
Choosing the right gear often times becomes trial and error. Talking choice gear and other stuff with AT thru-hiker and host of the Aptitude Outdoors Podcast, Paul Fuzinski. Support the show (
Unbelievable that 1 year has passed since the first episode of TTC aired. Special episode highlighting those who have made this podcast possible. Thank you for listening!Support the show (
Shelters, keeping gear dry, and firestarters go hand in hand when the rain comes. Curt Walker shares his experience with wet gear and soggy hikes.Support the show (
Experienced adventurers Crystal and Perry Alonso join in on discussing planning your trip, securing your spots with the permitting process, and sharing tips on exploring on a budget.Support the show (
It's been some time since the last Trail Connection episode. A short hike to reconnect, reveal the new trail name, and reflect on the path forward.Support the show (
Everything is closed and we are all stuck at home. Reflecting with my dad on what's most important, childhood memories, and how to capitalize on this "forced" blessing.Support the show (
Paddling solo on the Hillsborough River. Featuring the training ground section near Sargent Wilderness Park where I escape quite often and discussing thoughts of capturing the special moments as we have them.Support the show (
Campfire stories of horrible but hilarious experiences. Brad O'Hearn is back with me while we share some write in stories from fans.Support the show (
Real talk about what keeps me outdoors and inspires making connections on the trail. Recorded in the brand new Trail Connection studio!Support the show (
Tim takes on converting the "I had a bad experience" friend. Rugged can be comfortable sometimes.Support the show (
Hammocks VS Tents - the great debate! Cale Andrews and Matt Johnson join me to put this matter to bed.Support the show (
Favorite meals, cooking methods and tools, and fireside camaraderie.Support the show (
Solo hike at a local State Park, searching for local outdoor spots, and the importance of finding contentment with the adventures close to home.Support the show (
Appalachian Trail – Springer Mountain Trailhead in Fannin County, GA. (Continued) Hiking, trail names, and lessons learned.Support the show (
Appalachian Trail - Springer Mountain Trailhead in Fannin County, GA. Hike prep, travel to trailhead, and northern accent.Support the show (
Kayaking on a spring-fed river. Dry bags, tree jumping, and catch or go hungry.Support the show (
Central Florida solo trip highlighting site-setup, campfire meal prep, and benefits to listening to crickets.Support the show (
Camping with my kids in my backyard and why I decided to share my experiences.Support the show (
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