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What shapes our leadership adventure in life?How do we experience this journey, and who is it for? The journey of leadership goes beyond the titles, pay, and promotions of the workforce and into the depths of the stories that fuel who we are in the pursuit of experiencing life in alignment with our authentic story.Leadership is happening right now because you're in the seat to create your story. Sounds easier said than done, right? Ahhh, if life was simply than simple. Consciously creating our stories is one of the most daring adventures of our life. It's complex and comes with unique challenges, opportunities, luck, privilege, destruction, injustice, and everything raw, vulnerable, and imperfect. Addressing the human experience of this journey is our core focus. Here's the thing we're all creating, but we don't have access to the same strategies. The strategies I'm referring to aren't the ones that simply help you land a promotion or meet corporate agendas. It's the strategies that help us create a healthy foundation to navigate the complexities of our success. When was the last time you explore your story? Our story didn't stop 5, 10, or 15,20 years ago when we graduated college, got the big promotion, and checked off all the boxes. It evolved, and it's time to re-engage those stories to align the strategies that will help you create the experience you seek throughout the evolving chapters. People evolve, environments change, awareness grows and challenges continue.What drives conscious professionals isn't the KPIs at work; it's the awareness of their stories and the courage to pursue a life in a way that engages what they value most. When we're in alignment, we create sustainability. If we're not, we burn out and revert to old ways that don't serve our growth.Join the conversation! Check Out Our Podcast Partners: Willa's Kitchen:'s - 20% off your first order with promo code LEADERSHIPMeUndies: - 15% off your first order
What are the guarantees in life when it comes to creating a life of experiences, wisdom, and health?  Throughout the evolving seasons of life, we will experience new chapters, with twist and turns as we embark on new horizons that require us to lead the complexities of success in life. While there aren't many things in life that we can guarantee the fact that you will experience challenges is one of them. Whether we're leading in our careers, our business, or within our families, we're tasked with creating a solid foundation to withstand the challenges that will come our way. To build a solid foundation for our life requires a toolbox of strategies and tools to refine and evolve our capacity to lead what matters the most to us. How do we optimize the creation of our work and the management of our finances to secure options and resources to navigate the road ahead?Joining us today to explore Leadership thru entrepreneurship, leadership facilitated by financial independence is Larry TownerLarry is a serial entrepreneur with years of business and sales experience. His goal is to share his lifetime's worth of experience with individuals looking to create businesses and achieve financial independence. He currently works as a handyman, real estate investor, podcaster, blogger, and business and marketing consultant.
Building a career, a family, and a business grounded in values and rooted in strategy is a craft our guest expert, Bill Dwight, is no stranger to. Bill discovered a way to creatively build a toolbox of ideas and strategies that would fuel his children (and thousands more) to learn financial concepts at a very early age. Today, we're going to explore a tool helping families raise financially savvy children and what it means to run a mission-driven business and life. I'm thrilled to introduce our guest expert, Bill Dwight, the CEO of, a husband and father of five. Fam Zoo is an online family banking service that teaches kids good money habits. FamZoo won a Finovate Best In Show award in 2013 for its unique integration with prepaid cards. As a Princeton graduate and former Oracle Executive- Bill has built software in diverse areas ranging from artificial intelligence to personal finance. Today he is leading in the most important role, as Chief Dad- with a mission to bring financial literacy to 40 million American kids through thoughtful parent-moderated payment technology. 
Hello everyone, it's Cha'Lea here! We took a bit of a hiatus as we explored how season 2 would evolve for Flipping the Script Podcast (and it's back!) and launching on October 21!The journey continues, and we can't wait to explore season 2, but before we do, we have a few episodes that have been in the queue to be shared around the topic of financial independence and the art of listening. We're incredibly thankful for our audience worldwide and our guest experts who shared a piece of their authentic journey to help shape yours. In season 2, we're diving deeper into the stories that shape us, the journies that await us, and the strategies that will propel us centered around hard truths. We create a (non-biased) space for conscious professionals to explore their leadership stories beyond the title to create generational wealth + health using leadership strategies.Join the conversation!
What are you listening to?No, I'm not talking about Chris Stapleton's song; I'm talking about the noise that comes with change. As Jim Hendrix's a famous musician, said, "knowledge speaks, and wisdom listens."Globally, we share a common theme of change, and naturally, this can make us feel out of tune with our usual beat as we get extra noise from every direction. Just like in music, we have to find the tune of our beat, but first, we must understand what are we listening for among the noise? Leadership and music have many similarities, including the ability to tune into ourselves and others- through listening. Something so simple yet often misunderstood and underutilized. How can we become better listeners and refresh our understanding of this skill in life and work?Our guest expert, Stephen Kolher, is here today as our conductor to help us dive deeper into the art of listening by sharing his leadership journey beyond the title. Stephen, Audira's Founder & CEO, brings a passion for people along with 25 years of extensive corporate experience within organizations ranging from startup to Fortune 100 across multiple industries.His credentials include an MBA from the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, a BA in Philosophy from Northwestern University, and a Certified Professional Coach (PCC. CPCC) and Balanced Scorecard Professional (BSP).
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are- these are the words of Theodore Roosevelt. Today we're applying it to the evolving journey of becoming financially literate to create experiences, wisdom, and strategies for the next generation to DIY their generational wealth and become financially independent. We've all heard the advice- go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a degree and hold a job to retire at 65. Our guest expert Kofi began this journey with the intention of having his piece of the American dream. Little did he know this dream came with a  cost that would leave him ignoring the reality of the hefty bill and piling on interest and stress over several years. Once he faced his reality, he optimized his finances and began to see a clear path forward.Is there another way, and are we missing strategies that could help us optimize our work, investments and reduce our cost of living to retire (financially) early? I'm excited to explore this topic with our guest expert, Kofi!Kofi Gyebi is the founder of 400LB Elephant, a personal finance company that helps young professionals achieve financial independence.   His coaching empowers people to get out of debt, save money, and build generational wealth. Kofi's debt-free journey is a testament to what is possible with a bit of focus and discipline: he paid off $34,000 of student loans in one year. In addition, he is a community leader, recognized as a Champion of Justice and Equality by the Urban League of Greater Atlanta, and a graduate of LEAD Atlanta.
How would a leader worth following (who happens to be an engineer!) engineer a way forward during these shifting times to lead our purpose in work and life?The uncertainty with today's environment has left many of us wondering what the future holds and what more will continue to change. What hasn't changed and will never change is our need for connection and purpose that is engaged, challenged, and evolved through a shared value system integrated within our work and life.The present moment provides us an opportunity as purpose-driven organizations and conscious professionals to partner together and explores our leadership, our impact, and our career story moving forward. To better understand the realities and possibilities of this imperfect and organic journey, we've invited our guest expert, Andre Thornton, who is no stranger to what it takes to lead beyond the title.Andre has lived his life as an example of how someone can pursue their purpose in work and life. As a young professional, he strategically moved up in his field, ultimately earning the position of Engineering Director at Lockheed Martin. His practical business experiences provide invaluable insights for his clients, having performed on some of the most advanced aircraft programs and technologies in the world. While an Innovator at Lockheed Martin, he delivered results ranging from implementing a new Computer-Aided Design technology that saved $2.7M to capturing over $1B of new business. These results are rooted in the competencies that advanced his career and are now transferred to others through Whitman Consulting's leadership development services.Today,  Andre will help us explore strategies he's used as an engineer to tackle life when a shift happens, and we're called to lead. 
When this challenging time is over, what do you want to be proudest of? Our world is fighting a pandemic that has vastly changed the reality of our everyday lives. As we face uncertainty, fear rises, and our realities become distorted. Naturally, we begin to ponder our story and our ability to lead through a crisis but, more importantly, if and how we evolve through it. In difficult times like this, we turn to wise leaders who have been battle-tested throughout life to shed their perspective on challenging times and fuel our journey to see the light in the darkness. Today’s guest expert is a powerful shining light to everyone she encounters and a beautiful soul who has uncovered what it means to Flip the Script on your life while authentically leading the imperfect, raw, and hilarious part of the journey. She has been battle-tested serving our nation and has led through many challenges, and she wants you to know that you are more resilient and braver than you know…Alani Bankhead is a pint-sized justice seeker who loves helping people understand that they are capable of so much more than they could ever imagine! Throughout her time on active duty, she arrested pedophiles in Japan, ran human intelligence operations against Al Qaeda in Iraq, commanded a unit in Kuwait, and was selected to be the senior bodyguard responsible for all bodyguards ops to one of the most senior Pentagon officials. When she left active duty, she worked for the world’s largest anti-slavery organization overseeing their Latin American investigations, operations, and law enforcement training focused on child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking. And all of this as a 5’3” female who looks much younger than she actually is for her title. Get ready to experience authentic leadership on a whole new level! We’ll explore: The perceived rules of the world that distract us from creating our path.How to enjoy the wild ride of life rather than fighting it. How to prepare for the bumps along the way when creating your own path without sugar-coating the hard stuff. Interview Links:Connect with Alani at Mighty Sparrow Coaching!
What is your personality? Are you an introvert, INTJ, or DI in your disc profile? If you're not sure  - someone who maybe is your employer.Throughout your career, your personality is constantly being measured to understand who you are - but get this your personality doesn't matter.Your personality is not the most fundamental aspect of who you are. Instead, your personality is surface level, transitory, and a by-product of something much deeper.Joining us today to explore this topic is Dr. Benjamin Hardy.Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn't Work. On June 16th he released his newest book, Personality Isn't Permanent.From 2015-2018, he was the #1 writer in the world on Ben and his wife Lauren adopted three children from the foster system in February 2018 and one month later, Lauren got pregnant with twins who were born in December of 2018. We’ll explore: What is personality?Why you should consistently put yourself in new situations that can initially be emotionally uncomfortable.What are transformational learning experiences?Why are type-based tests like Myers-Briggs unscientific? You’ll discover: How can we enhance our subconscious to overcome addiction and limiting patterns? How does your subconscious impact your personality? How does personal narrative impact personality?How do you systematically design and become your desired future self? Interview Links:Listen to Benjamin's Ted TalkConnect with Benjamin on LinkedinPurchase Personality Isn't PermanentFollow Benjamin on Instagram
Amazing leaders have many exceptional habits - one of them is surprisingly simple, reading. Warren Buffet estimates he spends 80% of his time reading, and Mark Cuban is known for reading up to  3 hours a day.A study performed in US News & World Reports included 1,200 of the world's wealthiest people and found one surprising commonality they were all avid readers. The most successful people learn how to produce a result. We've all heard the term leaders are readers, but is there more we're missing to the puzzle of continuous learning? Before we rush to add more books to our list this year, let's explore a bigger question. How do we turn what we read into actions that produce results? Joining us to explore The Action Path is the Founder and CEO of Read It For Me, Steve Cunningham. Steve has read over 2000+ books and has learned critical lessons that open the mind and compel you to take action.  As an avid reader myself, I'm thrilled to connect you with the founder of a company that has made it possible for high performing leaders to hone their craft and take action on the way you execute on your professional and personal development.We’ll explore: Why reading is critical to the success of top performers.Reading is only one part of the equation. What is the other?How to help your team(s) read more books based on their skills and gaps.You’ll discover: Why information doesn’t equal transformation.How to translate what you’re learning into new behaviors.Why you shouldn’t adopt someone else’s reading list. Interview Links:Follow Steve on Twitter Follow Steve on InstagramVisit Read It For Me
This episode is being recorded during an unprecedented time for our world as we find ourselves in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.People all over the world are coming together to do their part by staying home to flatten the curve.In times, like these, we can find ourselves pondering the bigger questions in life, such as: What's my purpose? Should I start a family- fight for a cause? How can we improve humanity?What's the truth about marriage?Why do people keep getting married when fifty percent break up? What makes them think they will beat the odds? And if they do, what exactly are the secrets to making it work?Joining us today is someone who has traveled around the globe to the source of the world's different belief systems and asked theologians, scientists, skeptics, and everyday people why we exist, what's the truth about marriage, and many more deep questions to bring light to these questions. I'm excited to introduce the award-winning Filmmaker and Producer, Roger Nygaard!You'll discover: The multitude of perspectives from different cultures, classes, belief systems, and experiences. The truth about marriage and what Roger learned from interviewing the Gottmans from the Gottman Institute.Practical strategies to use in your life as you explore these profound questions to evolve your journey. Interview links: Roger's Website Learn more about The Truth About MarriageConnect with Roger on InstagramConnect with Roger on TwitterFacebook The Truth About MarriageWatch the Documentary The Nature of Existence 
Communicating effectively is a skill that we learn over time through trial and error. In the beginning stages of our lives, we're guided through the examples of our parents, peers, and educators.As we transition into the workforce, our communication skills get challenged by the array of personalities, techniques, and strategies being used to convey a message.We know the cost of poor communication in organizations is very high. But it doesn't stop there. What about our communication strategies in our relationship and throughout parenting? Communication affects us in every area of our lives, and it's a fundamental leadership skill to practice and hone.  Most of us are under the impression that if we communicate clearly and respectfully, our teams and the people in our lives will act accordingly. Today we're exploring the message behind the message of effective communication with the founder of The Good life Manifesto, Ludovic Vuillier. He's a full-time traveler with a little flock of birds. Sometimes on the sailboat and sometimes in a camper-van.Join us as we explore his journey and insight regarding life, travel, and communication! We'll explore: How our experiences shape our communication.What is The Good Life Manifesto? You'll discover: How different communication methods affect results. How to help people through the challenges you experience. How to build resilience through challengesInterview Links:Check out Ludovic's Communication Course The Good Life Manifesto Website Check out Ludovic's Blog Follow Ludovic on Instagram Follow Ludovic on TwitterFollow Ludovic on Facebook Follow Ludovic on Linkedin 
You've heard me say it before one of the most significant investments of time that we will make is in our life is our career. The average person spends 47 years of their life from the age of  18-65 working to secure their living.And we want to help you make that time count.Most people reach retirement at 65 (if we're lucky), but what if we flipped the script on the traditional approach to retirement because retirement isn't about age- it's a financial number.More and more people are leaving the workforce early as they reach financial independence early by saving and aggressively investing between 50-75 percent of their income.We are the authors who narrate the ups and downs of our stories to achieve our dreams, and our guest today is the prime example of being the author of her story and flipping the script on her life.MK Williams is an author and independent publisher who recently left her corporate day job to pursue her dream full time. After finding the Financial Independence community, she was able to save enough to be able to take this leap into her new career. Now she is focused on helping her clients publish their books and learning to let go of her workaholic ways.We’ll explore: The Financial Independence community that propelled MK into financial independence What it's like to leave your career after 10 years to begin the journey of entrepreneurship.Why work-a-holic habits don't die when you leave your 9-5.You’ll discover: Why recalibrating your self worth is a constant journey.How to let go of the ego around "being important at work (it's easier said than done).The strategies MK learned, executed, and evolved to lead a successful career, obtain financial independence, and launch into entrepreneurship.Interview Links:Independent Publisher and Book Coaching with MKPurchase MK's Books on Amazon!Follow MK on YoutubeFollow MK on Twitter Follow MK on Instagram
How you ever wondered how to excel at what you do? What does it take to lead the complexities of your success through the evolving seasons of your life and your career?I recently read an article by someone named Dr. Richard Blackaby, who put this in the perspective of farming.For those of us who live in North America, we' are generally familiar with the four primary seasons. Spring, summer, fall, and winterIf you ask a farmer, they would love to be in a harvest season continuously. Where crops are produced in abundance, but that's impossible.Each season serves its purpose, and without one, the other would not be successful.Patience, tending and weathering the storms eventually will bring growth, but then winter comes, and it's time for a period of rest and reflection.Farmers know that to be successful, they must utilize all four seasons. As leaders, do we ever get stuck when we feel we're not in a season of harvest with our accomplishments when change is coming, or life becomes quiet?How can we, as leaders, utilize the evolving seasons of our leadership to lead the complexities of our success and learn to excel at what we do? Get ready; it's time to hear some words of wisdom on self-leadership and the journey of many seasons from today's guest expert Dr. David Lee. Dr. David Lee is the Professor of Educational Leadership at The University of Southern Mississippi. His experience includes being a teacher, principal, superintendent of schools, and deputy state superintendent of education for the State of Louisiana. He speaks to school systems and businesses all over the world on leadership and motivation. Dr. Lee has over 35 years of experience driving change in organizations and providing the motivation that enables people to be better at what they do. He is the author of three books and his latest is, Run From The Nuts.
As we evolve, so must our leadership strategies and tools. When it comes to our leadership, we're bringing you the organic experience of what it means to lead the complexities of your success throughout work and life. We dig into the message behind the message of what it means to lead your challenges authentically while connecting your world to your work throughout the evolving seasons of your life. Today, we're exploring Melissa's Journey of leaving the Corporate world and beginning her journey as an entrepreneur. She discusses how her career began, progressed, and evolved into this new chapter in her life. After a 12 year career in healthcare as a corporate leader, Melissa left her full-time job to re-invent her life on her terms. She believed there were more fulfilling and creative ways of living — and she found it.Join the conversation as we discuss the tools and strategies that evolved with her and how she is living her leadership today.Connect with Melissa! Visit Melissa's WebsiteShare this episode with a friend! Click Here to Book Cha'Lea to Speak at Your Next Conference! 
Can you imagine growing up in a family of psychologists and experiencing anxiety and depression as a teenager? Ayelet, saw a therapist, read books, and talked to people. She did all of the things she was supposed to do. But in between those therapy sessions, she used to feel so alone and so anxious.She had the ideal environment and support, but it wasn’t enough. She discovered she wasn’t having a breakdown during her sessions with her therapist, it was the in-between moments in life. After experiencing both anxiety and depression for a decade, Ayelet is passionate about tackling these issues that can often control someone’s life. Just as she has learned to combat anxiety and still continues to daily, she has dedicated her mission to help those suffering from anxiety and depression just like her (while pursuing her  Master’s in Clinical Social Work Program).We’ll explore: What it’s like to grow up in a family of psychologists while experiencing anxiety and depression. Why certain techniques were only temporary in her battle.How our thoughts, actions, and feeling impact us our journey. You’ll discover: How she stopped spiraling and now has more good days than bad days.Her sliding glass door moment when she jumped into the arena of vulnerability.What most people get wrong about anxiety and how to help others who have anxiety and depression. Interview Links:Ayelet Shipley on FacebookAyelet Shipley Instagram Anxiety Hacker Toolbox WorkbookAyelet Shipley PodcastFlipping the Script Leadership Behind the Scenes Podcast
Is it possible to perform at our best without sacrificing ourselves? Can we slow down to help us accelerate further while juggling the increasing and shifting demands of life and work?How do we break through people's opinions and make a difference by going against the norm? To answer these questions, we sought the unique expertise of a leader who has been tested in the most rugged and high-stress environments- meet Dr. Jannell MacAulay.  Passionate and credible in the field of human performance and leadership, Dr. Jannell MacAulay is a combat veteran who served 20 years in the US Air Force as a pilot, commander, special operations consultant, and professional instructor. With her innovative leadership style, she was the first leader to introduce mindfulness as a proactive performance strategy within the US military. She continues to consult within the DoD, DoJ, and corporate America delivering keynotes and a high-performance warrior mindset training program, called Warrior's Edge, which she developed with Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks and Dr. Michael Gervais. She is a TEDx speaker and mother of two, who is on a mission to help individuals excel in high-stress and rugged environments, by showing them how to lean into each moment to find their best selves. We'll Explore: How mindfulness is transforming our military. How leadership impacts every critical part of your life.How to be an innovative leader. You'll Discover: How to slow down to accelerate your performance.How to mindfully perform under pressure. Why you need pressure and stress to discover your potential self. Interview Links:Dr. Jannell MacAulay Website Connect with Dr. MacAulay on LinkedinWatch Dr. Jannell MacAulay's Tedx Talk Warriors Edge Program Lt. Col. Jannell Macaulay Shares How She Revolutionized Military TrainingJoin the conversation! Do you have questions for Dr. MacAulay? Email us at! Click Here to Book Cha'Lea to Speak at Your Next Conference! Ready to Flip the Script and Evolve Your Leadership? Visit:
We're curious about mindfulness and exploring it through the lens of a highly respected Corporate Pysoclogist. Join the conversation with our guest expert, Dr. Patricia Thompson, a successful author, keynote speaker, and founder of Silver Lining Psychology.  Her work has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc., and many others.  We’ll explore how mindfulness shaped her: CareerParenting Her management consulting firm that is devoted to helping organizations achieve better results by applying psychological principles. You'll Discover: How to enhance emotional intelligence through mindfulness.What comes before mindfulness?The defining moment that infused mindfulness into every part of her life.  Interview Links:Silverlining PsychologyConnect with Dr. Patricia Thompson on LinkedinMindfulness Courses by Dr. Patricia Thompson Order her book- The Consummate Leader!  Click Here to Book Cha'Lea to Speak at Your Next Conference!
Join the Conversation! Do you ever question your level of impact, expertise, or ability to measure up to a new challenge? Like you, many leaders wrestle with this in their journey. Regardless of their title, expertise, or how much mediation or journaling you see others doing, these are simply strategies. They aren't a solution that will eliminate the doubt from your journey. We wouldn't want to eliminate it either because it serves as a way to gauge our experiences towards the actions that serve our growth. It's part of every journey! How do you embrace the doubt and fear of new challenges to harness it for growth?
Like you, most leaders are out there, climbing mountains and being busy every day. We can find ourselves continually focused on an ever-expanding list of things to do, which creates stress and a lack of clarity. These moments can question your beliefs in yourself as a leader and make you feel like you aren’t growing, using the wrong strategies, or even perhaps, climbing the wrong mountain. How can we begin to take steps to audit our leadership? Meet Tony Brooks, psychologist and leadership specialist with over 20 years’ experience as a leader; highlights include managing a 7m+ direct marketing account and growing his own successful company since 2007.Throughout Tony’s continued work on himself, his Psychological studies, and his work with 1000s of leaders, he has come to one critical conclusion: Your mindset is the key to your future growth, success, and fulfillment. Not only as a leader but in your life as a whole!We’ll Explore: How the way we process life impacts our leadership style.The power of understanding your leadership strategy and the impact it creates.Why saying “I will try” is a lack of assertive language and the simple tweak to practicing certain communication.You’ll Discover: How to integrate your leadership development plan from work to life.How to audit your leadership using the wheel of life and psychometric testing. How to harness your leadership assessment results for growth Click to Tweet: Your mindset is the key to your future growth, success, and fulfillment. Not only as a leader but in your life as a whole! - Tony Brooks Interview Links:Connect with Tony Brooks on LinkedinVisit Tony's Website Listen to Tony's Leadership Mindset Podcast Take Tony's Leadership Diagnostic TestOrder Tony's Book: PI LeadershipClick Here to Book Cha'Lea to Speak at Your Next Conference! 
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