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Author: CJ Williams

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Welcome to "Show Up Better," a podcast about content. 
Our host, and podcast producer, CJ Williams, brings on guests to dive into their online tactics for attracting clients and customers to grow their brands.

In each episode, we bring you captivating interviews with industry-leading entrepreneurs, marketers, and creative minds who have harnessed the true potential of content to drive their businesses forward. Our guests are trailblazers in their respective fields, and they generously share their insights, experiences, and practical tips to inspire and guide you on your own content journey.

Discover the secrets behind crafting compelling narratives, leveraging various content formats, and deploying effective distribution strategies. Uncover the art of storytelling, find out what makes content truly engaging, and learn how to connect with your target audience on a profound level.

Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just starting out, "Show Up Better" equips you with actionable knowledge to create content that captivates, educates, and converts. Explore the innovative tactics our guests employ to cut through the noise, build meaningful relationships with their customers, and grow their businesses.

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My guest, Mr. Gege Gilzene of G3 Concepcts, and I discuss the fear of failure and the fear of success. 
Just what is O.P.P? It means "other peoples' podcasts". I want to give you 4 things you can do to make sure when you reach out to other podcast hosts to be a guest, they say YES.In this solo episode of Show Up Better I explain the benefits of being on other peoples' podcasts.Some sites say there are 3 million podcasts available now. Some say there are 4 million. Either way, there are a lot of them. But while there are a lot of podcasts out there, it is still a growing industry and still a gre...
Ms. Kristina Blake is making a name for herself. But it may not all be for good reasons. Who is she?Watch Part 1 VideoShe's a "content creator", or aspiring content creator, who at the time of this interview had been unemployed for nearly a year. To add to that, she resides in one of Uptown Charlotte's premier residential towers. But while most people in her situation would just go and seek full time employement, Ms. Blake has a different plan.After her first successful campaign raised $...
In this episode of Show Up Better! I talk about how much time has been wasted over the last 2 years with leads that come through Instagram. These leads have come in the form of DM's from posts or paid ads, but none of them have panned out.Instagram is the Worst ----> YouTube videoBy "qualified", I mean people willing to pay full price.So, it could be the content. It could be the frequency in which I post the content. It could be that my followers don't really represent my ideal client.Are ...
Welcome to the first episode of Show Up Better! This first episode happens to be a content coaching session. In it I meet and speak with a friend, and client, Lillie Norfleet. Lillie is the co-founder of FindHer KeepHer shoe line.Watch a segment of this episode on YouTubeI've had the pleasure of working with Lillie to create social media and YouTube content, as well as a podcast. So having the content hasn't been an issue. But Lillie as been struck by several big setbacks in her personal life...
Cameo Crumby has a goal to be a millionaire by the age of 40. With nearly 3 years until he reaches that age, he making sure he sticks to his plan, trusts the people around him and makes sound investments in order to reach his goal.In our conversation we discuss how and why Airbnb was the way to go with real estate. We talk about buying and operating franchises. We also talk about some of the mistakes he's made so far on his journey.4:00  Cameo talks about how Crumby Capital, his Airbnb business, got started and how short term rental made more sense. Watch the segment: 5:35 Hear Cameo's least favorite part of running an Airbnb business.8:35 Hear Cameo talk about how he got into buying into franchises.12:20 The pros and cons of buying into franchises.15:32 Cameo is also a franchise consultant. He helps people choose what franchises to invest in.32:08 What mistakes did you make along the way. Like most entrepreneurs, his biggest mistake was trying to do it on his own.See more on InstagramProduced by Prime Time Media
Public speaker, network marketing expert and consultant, Carlos Davis, stopped by to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur.I invited Carlos because I was intrigued by his processes. The whole experience of attending one of his networking events doesn't just consist of the actual event, but it's the follow-up you get from Carlos in the weeks after.We also discuss how he grew his consulting and speaking business and how he's helping others do the same.2:18 - How did you make your first million? Carlos explains how he we will make his.7:00 - Having a team is important. Carlos has a team around him that he relies on to deliver for their clients. Deciding to take assignments is a team decision.9:40 - How did it start? The journey to public speaking began with music.14:43 - What's your definition of an entrepreneur?19:10 - How to get started as a public speaker. 30:10 - Carlos talks about the streams of revenue that he capitalizes on with his networking events.35:05 - Networking as an introvert41:40 - His biggest mistakes along the journey.44:00 - Carlos gives advice to aspiring public speakers and talks about his public speaking academy.56:50 - All entrepreneurs struggle with pricing as some point. Carlos explains his struggle, how he got through it and his approach to pricing his services.  Watch the video of this segment.See more on InstagramProduced by Prime Time Media
This podcast filming was the first time I had met Mr. Bobby Robinson. I reached out to him via Instagram to invite him and he agreed to be a guest.Bobby has already accomplished a lot with his legal practice as well as his other business ventures, which you'll hear about in this episode. You'll even hear me proclaim that I found the perfect podcast guest...because he is.1:43 - How did you make your first million dollars? I asked him this question, just being sarcastic, and...he answered5:45 - Bobby explains his journey to law school and taking the bar exam. Not something he thought he'd be doing, but he needed the credentials.9:30 - Becoming a partner at one of the country's top 200 law firms, Nexsen Pruet.12:30 - Bobby describes the nature of the work he does for his clients, which include influencers, content creators, athletes, student athletes and more.  He serves most of his clients in the area of brand protection and trademarks. 19:40 - What was your biggest investment in yourself or your business? Bobby talks about how having the right people around him in the form of friends and mentors has been his biggest investment. 28:45 - At what point in someone's journey as an entrepreneur do they need to consider having an attorney on their team? Bobby explains why it's important to consult with an attorney before you even file for an LLC.40:43 - Bobby talks about how he markets himself as an influencer attorney. Word of mouth and a good reputation have always been key, but putting out content that educates has helped also.See more on InstagramProduced by Prime Time Media
I'd never even heard of the term "vertical intergration" until speaking with my guest, Joseph "thealmightyJT" Taylor. It is probably the best way to add revenue streams to your business. Turns out, I've been doing some form of that with my business.Outside of that, JT is self-educated trader, investor and entrepreneur. He made his mistakes early and is continuing to learn from them. His revenue streams include his personal trading, operating a trading community and trading software, Capital Flow.2:20 - JT tells how he got into trading stocks and how it started from a personal finance class in high school. - JT explains how his trading software, Capital Flow,  works to help nonprofessional traders keep up with the professional traders. 8:42  - My guest tells how he uses social media to market his trading software. He understands how important social media is for reaching his target market of young minorities.15:10 - The basics of trading stocks and the many ways to make money. 22:36 - JT talks about the mistakes he made when he first started trading stocks. His biggest mistake, trying to get rich overnight.24:33 - The importance of building a team as an entrepreneur. JT explains some of the mistakes he made with hiring help and avoiding working with friends.36:33 - Vertical integration. JT introduces me to the concept and explains how a lot of people are adding revenue streams the wrong way. Instead of having multiple businesses that have nothing to do with one another, he suggests creating businesses that feed off the others.See more on InstagramProduced by Prime Time Media
My guest, Loryn Denise, is the host of the This Too Shall Suck Podcast and a full-time podcaster. Who better to feature on the first episode. We discuss who should start a podcast, the benefits of having a podcast for your business, monetizing your podcast and more.This podcast was produced by Prime Time MediaCheck out the videos for this podcast on YouTubeWatch us on Instagram 2:23 - Guest Intro. Loryn introduces herself and talks about her podcast and her "why" for starting her podcast.5:45 - Podcast Consulting. Loryn consults with, and helps others, start their podcast. Some people might want to start a podcast, but aren't really ready for what that entails.13:24 - Why should business consider a podcast? Loryn dives into the benefits of starting a podcast to grow your video----> - Who should you feature as guests on your podcast?19:40 - Monetizing a podcast. Loryn discusses many of the direct and indirect ways to monetize a podcast.  One direct way is getting sponsors. An indirect way is guiding listeners to your services and offerings as a business.29:05 - Why people struggle with being consistent with their podcast. Why is it hard to get pas the 7 episode mark?33:20 - Does having a video component with your podcast help?1:02:29 - Introducing guests and sending questionnaires.See more on InstagramProduced by Prime Time Media
Determining pricing for your products/services can be tough. Raising your prices can be tougher. There is a lot at stake with pricing. In this episode I will explore 4 areas that are determined by your pricing and explain how I successfully raised my rates in my business.
Black business owners, stop asking for business because you're black. Work on your business instead.Not all customers are good customers. Don't sell yourself short for a quick buck.
Why do black business owners feel the need to ask for support with social media posts that read, Support Black Owned Businesses?While the problem lies within the business and the mind of the consumer, it's mostly about the business.I will explore both sides.
Listen as I detail my biggest mistake in business. A segment of each episode will be devoted to answering questions submitted by listeners. Submit your question by emailing me at
In This Episode, We Explore:The creative tactics used to land a meeting with a busy dentist!How dentists, like many business owners, face common challenges beyond the exam room.Why the dentist surprised everyone by ditching the "talking head" video idea in favor of a PODCAST!The dentist's reasoning behind choosing a podcast as his primary content strategy.The importance of client discovery and understanding their true needs before crafting a video strategy.The potential rise of podcasts withi...
In part 2 of my interview with creative studio owner, Charlene Ridley, we discuss CONTENT! Watch the YouTube segmentThe Content Creation Struggle: Even experts face challenges! We discuss the difficulties of creating consistent content, and Charlene opens up about her own struggles in this area.Beyond the Instagram Hype: We delve into the limitations of Instagram for showcasing true expertise. [Studio Owner's Name] explains why long-form content like podcasts and in-depth articles are crucial...
Guest: Charlene Ridley - Founder of Unpause Your Dreams Creative Studio, Coach & SpeakerIn This Episode, We Discuss:Building a Women-Only Creative Space: We explore the benefits and motivations behind creating a creative studio focused on empowering women. Charlene dives into the unique environment and opportunities it offers for female creators.The Qualified Coach: We navigate the current landscape of self-proclaimed coaches on social media. Charlene shares her qualifications, coaching a...
Are you a service entrepreneur feeling hesitant to raise your prices? You're not alone! But what if I told you doubling your rates could be the key to unlocking sustainable growth and greater success?WATCH THE VIDEOIn this episode, we dive into 3 powerful reasons why service providers like yourself should strongly consider raising their rates:The Portfolio Powerhouse: You've built an impressive portfolio showcasing your expertise. It's time to price your services commensurate with the value y...
In this episode of Show Up Better, we delve into the world of video coverage for conferences, unpacking the secrets to capturing the magic and extending its reach.Host: CJ WilliamsRead the article: Key Takeaways:How a comprehensive video package can elevate your conference experience and generate lasting value.Pre-event video strategies to build excitement and encourage registration.Capturing the essence of the conference wit...
You'll always hear that if you want to make money as a photographer or videographer you should stop shooting buildings, animals and nature, and shoot people. This is why most photographers and videographers look to go the corporate route.My guest, Brandon Everett, doesn't see it that way.Check out a video segment!He chose to leave the corporate realm and focus on creative photography.My biggest question for him was, "isn't corporate where the money is?"This interview was filmed at a networkin...