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Bringing light to the world through design and discussion.
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A special short episode - just the audio from the latest Apollo Road Media production of Maude Andrade's studio. Maude is an Albuquerque mixed media painter who presents her work honestly and intelligently. I spent many hours filming Maude in her studio to offer a glimpse into her studio process. If there ever were a time to look to art for hope, inspiration, reflection, and honest work - now is the time. Please watch the full short film at: VideoIf you need a new focal point in your daily existence please investigate Maude's full portfolio at:https://maude-andrade.com if you wish to support my podcast and future artist video productions, click click the support link:Podcast Support+Support the show (
009 - Evan Davenport

009 - Evan Davenport


New Mexico based silver medal winning #Luthier Evan Davenport and all around talented craftsman stopped by to talk shop.Check out Evan's Instagram pageVideo podcast is up, link on and the YouTube Channel.Support the show (
008 - Maude Andrade II

008 - Maude Andrade II


Maude is back for another podcast. I've recently been working with her to produce a short studio tour video that features some of her philosophy and technique. If you want to be the first to see the video premiere, go to and sign up for the email list.Find Maude's work at: the show (
The Apollo Road Podcast is back with another artist interview - this time with two guests Nha and Chris. They were very kind to let me tour their studio and sit down with them for a conversation. It had been a while since I've spoken at length (quarantine atrophy), so forgive my vocal and conversational rustiness. If you have any comments or feedback about the episode do reach out to or hit this survey. From their gallery website:"Chris Wheeler grew up in Philadelphia and stayed in the northeast until he graduated from St. Joseph’s university. Shortly after, he began to travel to Europe for months at a time. He spent most of his days in the art museums and galleries storing ideas and absorbing the creativity. At the age of 26 he moved to Seattle where he began painting and sculpting in a small studio.In 1979, Nha Vuu (of Chinese ethnicity) and her family fled from their home in Vietnam to escape communist persecution. After living for two years as refugees the Vuu family was granted asylum in the United States. Nha lived in Seattle for twenty years before making a bold return to Asia to study Chinese painting and travel abroad.During her travels to nearly twenty countries, she was able to sketch and take photographs for future projects as well as develop ideas for the whole series of paintings which are always in the works. Nha now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband Chris and daughter Sierra."Support the show (
006 - Ray Harvey

006 - Ray Harvey


"Ray Harvey, novelist, essayist, editor, athlete, bartender, son of Firman Charles Harvey (RIP) and his wife Cecilia, youngest of thirteen half brothers and half sisters, was born and raised in the small mining town of Ouray, Colorado. He matriculated at the University of Wyoming, which he attended on a track scholarship, before dropping out. He discovered Shakespeare when he was still a teenager and Ludwig von Mises when he was twenty-one. He's the author of nine books."I had a chance to sit down and discuss writing, learning, and his new book:Whiskey Wisdom: The Art of Being Interesting: a bartender's guide to becoming irresistibly fascinatingSupport the show (
Welcome back after the hiatus. Corey Purcella is a software engineer, cactus consultant, and all around good human being. We sample some coffee and go over some of the new things in the office build. See the video for visuals. This is a quick, rough cut with minimal editing, but I just had to break the inconsistent streak.As always, feedback goes a long way toward increasing the quality of the show.Today's coffee was the Ethiopia from Cutbow Coffee in Albuquerque NM.Support the show (
004 - Update

004 - Update


Update on the show / projects. is your source for goods and for episode feedback. Thanks for listening!Support the show (
Ross Lunz is hard to describe. In certain ways, he's a sculptor. In others, he's a first responder. He's a teacher. He's a learner. Please enjoy this interview with Ross and follow his work at: rosslunz.comShow notes at: apolloroad.comSupport the show (
Maude Andrade is a mixed media painter who grew up in a family of artists and eccentrics. She is a talented artist and a skilled businesswoman. Hear about her experience in the arts and her process for creating beautiful work.Find her work at:Maude AndradeShow notes, links, feedback:Apollo RoadSupport the show (
Steve Malavolta has been in the arts for many decades. His work has evolved over the years but currently has a portfolio of hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles. More info about Steve and links to his work at: Apollo RoadSupport the show (
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