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Commentary on social, economic and religious issues from a Christian worldview perspective. Faith and culture and economics are intertwined, Mark and Pete's analysis brings in their experience in the differing words of hard hitting business and caring pastoral church settings. Features a poem with each episode on the theme. Mark and Pete: a businessman and a pastor. Listen on Flame Radio 1521MW in NW England and podcasts on iTunes. Website:
Twitter: @markandpete
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'God Save the King' is the national anthem of the United Kingdom, and it has been in use since the 18th century. The question of whether it should be changed is a matter of public debate. Some people argue that the anthem should be updated to reflect the diversity of modern Britain, while others argue that it is an important part of the country's cultural heritage. Ultimately, whether or not to change the national anthem is a decision for the people of the United Kingdom to make. What should replace it? Mark and Pete have the answer.
A soldier turned terror suspect, Daniel Abed Khalife has been the subject of a nationwide manhunt, having finally been captured 75 hours after outwitting the guards at a London prison. What is the state of the prisons in the UK today?
104 schools and colleges are told to partially or fully close due to concrete fears. It comes as children prepare to return to their classes after the summer holidays
Paddington Bear is to appear on 10 special stamps released by the Royal Mail to mark his 65th anniversary.Six of the stamps feature images from animator Ivor Wood's comic strip cartoons first published in the London Evening News in the 1970s. The other four stamps capture moments from the BBC television series that Wood designed and directed from 1976. The Peruvian bear first appeared in 1958 in Michael Bond's book A Bear Called Paddington. What next for characters on stamps? Mark and Pete have the answers.It is the first time he has been dedicated his own stamp set.
Rishi Sunak has insisted he cares about reaching net zero but that the 2050 target needs to be achieved in "a proportionate and pragmatic way".The prime minister has faced criticism from environmental groups and some of his own MPs that he is not committed to tackling climate change and in fact flies everywhere and had a masive carbon footprint.
A hawk and a snake were involved in a sneak attack on an innocent woman. Is this part of a wider wildlife conspiracy? Mark and Pete investigate
Drones are being used for good, such as delivering medical supplies to remote areas or helping with search and rescue efforts. However, there have also been instances where drones have been used for less than savory reasons, such as spying on people or dropping explosives.
A mystery work which was recently found to "undoubtedly" be by Renaissance painter Raphael has gone on show in Bradford, the first time it has ever been seen on public display.Teams from the University of Nottingham and University of Bradford used facial recognition technology to examine the painting, known as the de Brécy Tondo.They found the faces were identical to those in a Raphael altarpiece.It will now be on display at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery for two months.The de Brécy Tondo, which sits in a collection set up by Cheshire businessman George Lester Winward and which was thought by some experts to have been a Victorian copy, has been the subject of research and debate for more than 40 years due to its resemblance to Raphael's Sistine Madonna. Mark and Pete investigate.
Since the 2010s, Barbie and her crew’s characteristics have undergone a makeover. After creators at Mattel faced backlash for portraying Barbie in stereotypically 'feminine' ways, new versions of the doll were released that began to step outside the traditional hot-pink, fashionista Barbie. With the new Barbie movie out, it is time for Mark and Pete to reassess the Barbie doll.
Elton John said recently: “It’s time to come off the road so I can fully embrace the next important chapter of my life.” His final tour " Good bye yellow brick road" having just ended, how did he do and what next for the flamboyant maestro?
The Ford Fiesta is stopping production and it's the end of and era. What was this icon like to drive and what is the future for the motoris? Mark and Pete have the answers.
A farm in England are developing the perfect strawberry to eat at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Marion Regan’s family business started in 1893 when Bernard Champion arrived just over 31 miles away from Wimbledon in Mereworth with an ambition to become a leading fruit grower. Wild strawberries flourished in the local woods so he planted his first crop that year. Now farming approximately 500 hectares Hugh Lowe Farms, under the guidance of Marion, are one of the largest soft fruits growers in the UK.
Elon Musk tweeted Mark Zuckerberg saying he was 'up for a cage fight' with him.Zuckerberg took a screenshot of Musk's tweet and replied 'send me the location' Conversations continue between Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Dana White ... and while the billionaires are itchin' to get their hands on one another, there's is an issue preventing the fight from being made official -- Elon's weight advantage.Our sources tell us the guys are still serious about fighting in an Octagon, and as the UFC president told us yesterday, he's absolutely down to put on the fight ... but, Zuckerberg's size disadvantage has become an issue.
Some research shows that playing violent video game exposure can increase aggressive thoughts, aggressive feelings, and physiological arousal whereas other reports deny this. What is undeniable is that some games are becoming more violent and extremely realistic. Will this realism impact people more? Mark and Pete investigate.
The Apple Vision Pro is Apple's first official mixed reality headset. And you can see our first impressions in our Apple Vision Pro hands-on review. And let's be clear — when we say mixed reality, we mean it. While the headset may look like a contender for the best VR headset on the market, it is not designed to keep you immersed in a virtual world. Features such as EyeSight and Digital Persona ensure that not only are you still engaged with the physical world, but the physical world remains able to engage with you. Virutal is taking over. Or is it? Is this what we want?
As Taylor Swift tours across the country, some fans are claiming they have “post-concert amnesia,” saying they have trouble remembering the concert. Mark and Pete investigate.
More than a thousand treasure finds were reported last year to coroners in England and Wales - the highest number since the Treasure Act was made law. The county with the most finds was Norfolk, with 98 of the 1,087 finds reported across the two countries. What's all this about, why is it happening?
Bills will rise across the UK for ‘between 50 to 100 years’ to pay for sewerage improvement, Water UK has said.The trade body apologised on behalf of English water companies on Thursday for sewage discharged into rivers and coastal areas.It said investors will front £10 billion to pay for improvements to storm overflows, aiming to cut the number of spills by up to 140,000 each year by 2030, compared with the level in 2020. This lack of care and attention by the water companies is bad on so many levels. Mark and Pete report.
Artificial Intelligence assists people with repetitive and time-consuming jobs. Artificial intelligence or AI performs various everyday tasks with expertise and almost all repetitive tasks can be automated by using AI. But, can AI actually replace humans?
The UK and international economies look very different today compared to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in June 1953. Average weekly earnings were in the region of around £6, compared to around £630 based on the latest data for this year. What will be the religious, social and economic consequences of this once in 70 years event?
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