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Chumbology: A Chumbawamba Anthology Podcast

Author: Dan & Teddy

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In 1997, the song "Tubthumping" was everywhere: bars, soccer stadiums, movies, and TV shows. The song, with its chant-along chorus ("I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down!") was rousing, and it was easy to understand why it was such a hit. The oddly named band behind the hit, Chumbawamba, seemed to come from nowhere with this incredibly catchy little tune. But then, as did so many bands from the 90s, they seemed to disappear as quickly as they'd come.But there's a lot more to Chumbawamba than just one song. Across dozens of studio albums, EPs, cassettes, and other releases, the band proved themselves to be one of the most prolific anarcho-punk bands of the 80s through the 2010s. Their discography features a wealth of great songs, across many genres, that confront social and political issues that still affect us today.Join Teddy & Dan, your resident Chumbologists, as we dig song by song, album by album, through one of the most overlooked bands of all time. It's Chumbology, baby.
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Come one, come all, hop aboard the good ship Chumbology for our next exciting voyage! Let's drink some rum, swashbuckle the Royal British Navy, and try not to get scurvy. This is definitely a song about pirates. Support the show (
Episode #77: The Big Issue

Episode #77: The Big Issue


Join us as we discuss all the big issues of our time, teenage taxation, will humans become venomous, and the true identities of Allie & Justin.Prison abolition toolkit by Critical Resistance: Project St Louis: the show (
Episode #76: Drip Drip Drip

Episode #76: Drip Drip Drip


What's up, drippy droopies, our droopy droppy gang? Here's this week's Chumbology, in which we talk drips, drips, drops, droops, and maybe a little bullshit on the side. I don't know what any of this means, but don't worry about it. | Who are Chumbawamba?: | Chumbawamba - A brief album guide: Support the show (
Hello Chumbaheads, grab a seat as we celebrate our first post Tubthumping episode by discussing if purchasing soundtracks as a child is queer culture, being blocked on twitter by liberals, & our favorite Dropkick Murphy Rick & Morty AMVs with our wonderful guest K!Check out playlists K has made here- edited Amnesia onto the video of that kid vibing please don't let my 5 minutes of effort go to waste the show (
Episode #74: Tubthumping

Episode #74: Tubthumping


Hey folks, all we've really got to say this week is thank you for listening! Here's the big one you've all been waiting for. Enjoy. | All the links we discuss: Support the show (
Sorry this ones late, it took us extra long to edit this week because we had so many important topics to discuss, like our favorite scents, burger king's twitter account & skin disease. Just kidding, I just straight up forgot. Sue me.Support the show (
In the immortal words of the wizened Rob Thomas, "Man, it's a hot one!" Here we are with a fresh new Chumbology for ya, featuring our official German correspondent, Nim, who is apparently here to kick our asses. | Follow Nim on twitter:| Check out Nim's archive of Chumbawamba album booklets:| Yoda Bong: Support the show (
All right, we're just gonna be upfront about this one... We spend a lot of time talking about Bigfoot this week. Like... a lot. Sorry and you're welcome. Support the show (
You've been waiting (for Chumbology to post this week's episode) and shouting (that you're gonna kidnap us and lock us in a recording booth to produce content for you), and we've responded to your demands! Check out this week's show, in which we spend a fair amount of time talking about salvia albums, Ted Cruz's mullet, and a little bit of Chumbawamba. | Texas Mutual Aid funds:| Texas power outages: How the largest energy-producing state in the US failed in freezing temperatures ( | Electricity retailer Griddy’s unusual plea to Texas customers: Leave now before you get a big bill ( the show (
Episode #69: Oxymoron

Episode #69: Oxymoron


Hello Chumbafans, sorry in advance for the audio in the beginning of this one, we had some ~technical difficulties~ but it gets better I promise. Listen in as we discuss anarchist Al Roker, semen retention, our pitch for the new Godfather movie, and of course, Chumbawamba.Support the show (
On this week's Chumbology, we discuss both literal and figurative beheadings, and that's only within the first like ten minutes. Come twist with us again, as we continue our descent into absolute madness live for your listening pleasure. | Bill Gates, Big Pharma and entrenching the vaccine apartheid ( Support the show (
Hello Chumbaheads! Sorry for the lapse in programming but, shit happens! Hope ya check this one out where we chat with our official correspondent from across the pond about Bob The Builders hit singles, Senior Cat Youtube, & Hetalia AMVsFollow our wonderful guest!:Twitter: liberal_kitschInsta: _chlo_shmo_Support the show (
What's up, Chumbaheads? Y'all trying to get mIxEd Up?! This episode will get you what you crave. Join us as we discuss a litany of topics, including poop water and saving democracy. | Contribute to the Tubthumping compilation: the show (
Howdy Chumbafans, sorry this ones later than usual but uh *gestures to the world*We recorded this pre coup attempt so listen to us innocently ramble on about our ideas for the Chumbawamba musical, Bean Dad, and a bunch of other stuff that now feels like it happened a decade ago.More information about the Tubthumping Compilation we are organizing here - the show (
Bonus Episode: Linkin Park

Bonus Episode: Linkin Park


Hi Chumbaheads! We're taking the week off this week, so try and satiate your burning hunger for content with this, a bonus episode we did a few months back about Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theory! We'll be back next week with more Chumbawamba, but for now we hope you stay safe and have a happy new year! Support the show (
Who's up for a swing-a-ling on the Chumbaboat? On this week's increasingly unhinged episode, we discuss Chumbawamba's song "The Morning After," the Epstein flight logs, and also spend a lot more time than you'd expect talking about Tony Bennett. Happy Chumbawambmas, friends! Support the show (
Another week, another episode where we get offtrack and talk about Elon Musk's semen retention techniques and invent our own language. (PS yes we now know the trapt singer getting kicked out was fake, but lets pretend it's not okay?)More Information on the Red House Protests to our pal Ravencashapp: $bamboochamploovenmo: bamboo-champlooSupport the show (
Just look at us now! 62 episodes deep into a Chumbawamba podcast, and somehow we still spend the first ten minutes talking about George of the Jungle. | We Had the Vaccine the Whole Time: Support the show (
If you were hoping to hear us talk about Joe Biden's skateboard legacy, Abe Lincolns taste in music, and what a Wumpa Fruit would taste like like, you're in luck. If you wanted to hear us talk about Chumbawamba? Not so muchInfo about Indias 250 million person strike - the show (
Episode #60: This Girl

Episode #60: This Girl


Join us this week in Chumbaland, as we embark on a new album, talk about our dreams of becoming anarchist grandmas, and just generally try to have a swingin' good time! Support the show (
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