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One of our all time favorite guests... MK Schmidt, creator of Star Explorers, Paradox Vector, & Aberration Analyst. // // Support this podcast
Check out this classic episode ft. Adreas 'Andeh' Wahl of QuakeWorld's SuddendeathTV! // // Support this podcast
If you haven't heard it already - or even if you have - please enjoy this replay of an epic conversation with the man behind Nightmare Reaper! // // Support this podcast
Enjoy this very early episode of ITK ft. Quake legend Dennis 'LocKtar' Larrson. // // Support this podcast
Dsparil is one of Doom multiplayer’s fiercest competitors who also just so happens to be one of the friendliest guys around. Dsparil is widely regarded by his peers as one of the strongest players in the game right now. He's been an active participant in several seasons of the World Doom League & the Doom Masters League, establishing himself as a menace throughout the regular season and the playoffs. He also performed strongly in both Take The Crown events in 2020 - winning the second qualifier of the duel event & placing in the Top 8 of the FFA event. Dsparil is also a well-established figure of the Jumpmaze scene, a racing mod which focuses on pure movement speed and skill. From there it was only a small leap to the world of speedrunning, where he's been quickly building a reputation for himself in recent times. As of today, he holds several episode run records for Ultimate Doom. // Dsparil WDL Record: ( // Multiplayer Doom Federation: ( // In The Keep: ( // Support this podcast
Ralphis founded the clan Unidoom in the late 90s, which later gained fame through releasing the critically acclaimed UDM series of deathmatch wads. Many of the maps in those wads are considered to be the best DM maps of all time, being played in various tournaments and events. He founded the source port Odamex in late 2005, which has grown into an actively competitive port with ongoing leagues and events, including being selected as the official port of QuakeCon doom tournaments for 3 separate years. As if all of this wasn't enough, he created the International Doom League, known now as the World Doom League. Spanning 25 seasons, the combined heritage of the IDL and WDL make it the largest and longest enduring Doom league in history. // World Doom League: ( // Odamex: ( // Multiplayer Doom Federation: ( // In The Keep: ( // Support this podcast
#11 Buu342 (DoomWare)

#11 Buu342 (DoomWare)


Buu342 has flown under the radar for years while working on several innovative mods & projects, the most well-known of which is DoomWare. Based off the video game series WarioWare, DoomWare is a multiplayer minigame wad that requires players to survive &/or complete the tasks of minigames that are swapped every few seconds. DoomWare was presented with a Multiplayer Award in the 2020 edition of the Cacowards. Buu also recently developed a new game mode entitled Dominatrix, which utilizes ACS to inject control points into your favorite maps for easy access to games like King of The Hill & Double Domination. He is also a council member of the Multiplayer Doom Federation where he is involved in week-to-week event planning. // Buu342: ( // DoomWare: ( // Multiplayer Doom Federation: ( // In The Keep: ( Support this podcast
While our regular hosts are on sabbatical, guest host Jamie interviews his friend, the legendary Ru5tK1ng about their history in the Doom competitive scene, the International Doom League, RK’s Cacoward winning map work (Eon Deathmatch, Aeon Deathmatch, Progressive Duel 2, etc.), growing up & plenty more. // Ru5tK1ng: ( // HateDaddy: ( // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( // (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
Alex “AlexMax” Mayfield has been an influential member of the Doom Community for almost 20 years as a hugely successful mapper, coder, community organizer, and so much more. You've played his work in such map packs as the ZDCTF series, UDM3, UDMX, Odamex CTF, the 32in24 series, ChaosCore CTF, and Eyedea_. He is the maintainer of the Duel40 compilation wads, which introduced hub maps into the Doom universe. In 2020, AlexMax was credited as a contributor to the Doom Classic Unity Port, providing uncapped framerate into the official release. // AlexMax: ( // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( // (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
#09 Federation Update

#09 Federation Update


HumanBones gives an update on all things Multiplayer Doom Federation. // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
#08 RottKing (Doom Mapper)

#08 RottKing (Doom Mapper)


RottKing is the premiere mapper for an entire generation of Doom players. His contributions to the single-player and multiplayer community are endless, being credited in hugely popular WADs such as UDMX, Greenwar II, Doom 2 The Way Id Did, Back to Saturn X, and the entire 32in24 series. He is the co-author of Double Impact (with Ralph "Ralphis" Vickers), an episodic replacement PWAD for The Ultimate Doom that was adopted by Bethesda as one of the official add-ons for the Doom Classic Unity port. He has also dabbled in Heretic with the critically acclaimed Elf Gets Pissed. As a player, he was part of the championship team in the IDL Winter 2011 season. // RottKing: ( // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
#07 Take The Crown Finale

#07 Take The Crown Finale


Our panel of "experts" including DevastatioN, Dewsome, Xenaero, TheMotherload and HumanBones break down KingDime's Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament. // Xenaero: ( //) Devastation: ( // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( // (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
Dew, Denzoa, Flambeau, HumanBones and TheMotherload hold a roundtable discussion where they break down the first four qualifiers of the Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament. Denzoa learns in real time that he will be seeded as the top player in the Grand Finals, and shares his thoughts on all his fellow competitors. The panel summarizes the highs and lows of organizing an event this complex, and looks ahead to the Grand Finals. // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( // (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
#05 Dr. Sean (Odamex)

#05 Dr. Sean (Odamex)


Our featured guest today is Dr. Sean, best known as the lead programmer of Odamex. Sean has worked tirelessly over the past decade to bring Odamex to the forefront of the competitive doom scene. Not only is he an accomplished coder, but he’s also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. We were thrilled to talk with him about all things Doom, all things Odamex, and all things Sean. As always, Doom Is Dead? is sponsored by In The Keep and the drowned god Cthalha. // Odamex: ( // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( // (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
“Welcome to another episode of the Doom Is Dead? Podcast, a show where we delve deep into the minds of dooms biggest heroes and villains. Our guest today is more like a superhero - he’s an incredible Doom and Starcraft speedrunner, setting the world on fire with his enthusiastic streams. I speak of none other than KingDime - we had a really fascinating conversation and finally unveiled a big project we’ve been working on for a while. “ – HumanBones // KingDime: ( // MDF: ( // The Keep: ( (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
#03 Shaikoten (32in24)

#03 Shaikoten (32in24)


Doom Is Dead? Episode #03, features a community legend; the originator of the massively popular 32in24 series AND Tales from Texas, Shaikoten. The 32in24 series revolutionized the way the Doom community looked at mapping projects. By inviting the entire Doom multiverse to participate in each entry of the series, 32in24 became a community within a community, propelling Shaikoten and the rest of the YEDS team into Cacowards stardom. // Shaikoten: ( // Multiplayer Doom Federation: ( // (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
Doom Is Dead? is excited to be joined by Decay, an incredible mapper and owner of the Classic Doom Multiplayer Discord server. As a member of the mapping group The Mechanix Union, Decay's maps are on display in wads such as Velocity CTF, Rage CTF, DBAB, Progressive Duel, NeonDM, and many more. His layouts are known to push the boundaries of what is traditionally accepted in the multiplayer doom community, and he's moved the conversation along with them. For anyone thinking about jumping into the tough world of making maps, Decay is who you want to talk to first. Here he shares his philosophy and thought process behind his projects, and even gives a hint of what the future may hold. // Classic Multiplayer Doom: ( // Multiplayer Doom Federation: ( // The Keep: ( // (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
The Keep presents to you, the first episode of HumanBones' new Doom Is Dead? Podcast. As the leader of the Multiplayer Doom Federation, Bones will guide you through the world of Doom in a series of interviews with members of the community. This interview was recorded at Quakecon: Year of Doom and features podcaster, community organizer, commentator and complete Doom noob... TheMotherload. Our conversation spans the trials and tribulations of managing online gaming communities, the differences and similarities between Doom and Quake, online Doom ports and so on.   The Keep: ( Doom is Dead?: ( (Support the show) ( Support this podcast
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