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A multi-day murder spree by a remorseless killer leaves the bodies of four women sexually assaulted, horrifically mutilated, and left with absolutely no regard for human life. The crimes of Phillip Carl Jablonski are not well known, but their impact are still felt by all those who crossed his hellish path. Listen as Missy and Stephanie discuss this deranged killer, and his obsessions and need for control that led to the eventual demise of the women who entered into his life (willingly and unwillingly). Support the show (
The disappearance and barbaric murder of three Yosemite National Park travelers paralyzes local residents with fear when they realize a deranged killer is on the loose. Weeks later, when the body of another victim is discovered, a truly twisted tale is revealed to police. The killer has a tragic past that everyone in the community knows, and when it's discovered he's the monster behind the murders, it comes as a total shock to all who know his family's story. Listen to Missy and Chrissy as they discuss Cary Stayner, and the Yosemite murders that claimed the lives of four innocent women. Support the show (
A beautiful sunset cruise turns to horror for a vacationing mother and her two daughters when they realize they've boarded ship with a wolf in sheep's clothing. What happens next is a terrifying warning story for any traveler looking to friendly locals for help. Listen as Missy and Stephanie discuss the nightmare in Florida that awaited this unsuspecting family, and the unconventional forensics that helped solve this case.Support the show (
When the mutilated bodies of two young teens are discovered in a small Texas town, a frantic search begins for an escalating killer. Police are shocked as they delve deeper into the mind of a budding serial killer with a very alarming past. Listen as Missy and Stephanie discuss the details of this scary case during their quarantine!Support the show (
When neighbor Stephanie Sprang and 3 members of the Hermann family go missing, the horrifically bloody crime scene left at the house doesn't leave investigators with high hopes for rescue. What they find when they enter 30-year-old suspect Matthew Hoffman's home is instantly unsettling...and the strangeness of this story only begins to unfold. Listen as Missy and Stephanie discuss this killer story from 2010.Support the show (
With his series of attacks starting in 1991, the NorCal rapist stalked and terrorized women in the Northern California area for over 25 years. It wasn't until 2018 that a combination of DNA evidence, family trees, and genealogy websites led police to "ordinary guy", Roy Charles Waller. Listen as Missy, Kristie, and Stephanie go over one of their scariest crime spree stories yet.Support the show (
When young mother Helle Crafts doesn't report to work as a flight attendant, her airline friends instantly know something is wrong. Her husband Richard's changing stories about her disappearance are troubling, but the immediate lack of any evidence calms the nerves of Richard's police officer coworkers. It's only when stories start coming out about the night of her disappearance that police start to realize something horrific has taken place in the Crafts home.Support the show (
Known to have violent outbursts from a young age, 44-year-old Katherine Knight spent her adult years tormenting the men she dated and married. Nobody got to leave Katherine unscathed. Her fascination with knives began when she started working in a slaughterhouse. She'd use her butchery skills to commit the most heinous crime by any woman in Australian history. Listen as Missy, Chrissy, and Kristie discuss the violent life of Katherine Knight.Support the show (
Coined the "Vampire of Sacramento", Richard Chase stalked and terrorized a small community in California during the late 1970s. As his fascination with blood grew, his need to kill and mutilate escalated beyond just the small animals in his neighborhood. Join Missy and Stephanie as they delve into the depths of Richard's psychosis, and his rapid deterioration that left only destruction and brutality in its path.Support the show (
When 17-year-old Jessica Dishon's car is found with her purse, 1 shoe, and her cell phone with the numbers 9-1 dialed on it, her family immediately knows she's in danger. The problem is, police believe she's just another runaway.The botched investigation following the discovery of Jessica's mutilated body turns this case cold for over a decade. Listen as Missy and Chrissy discuss the twists and turns that make Jessica Dishon's murder a true American tragedy.Support the show (
Darnell "Tequila" Smith and Tina Leja formed a truly evil match made in hell.  A former homecoming queen turned prison guard, Tina met and fell in love with Darnell at Stillwater prison where he was serving time for raping a 12-year-old girl. Only 2 months after Smith's release they would go on to murder and dismember the body of Bobbie Dee Holder before burying him on her father's property.This case is out of the Twin Cities - our own hometown stomping grounds! Hear the grisly details of the murder Missy and Chrissy first heard about while they were still in High School.Support the show (
Looking to live in complete solitude, Dr. Friedrich Ritter and Dore Strauch leave Berlin, Germany to begin their new lives on the Galapagos Islands. Their dreams of private paradise are shattered when the Wittmer family decides to follow in their footsteps - literally - and build a home on the same Island. Tensions reach their boiling point when an Austrian Baroness and her two lovers arrive with the intention of building a hotel for millionaire yachters. Listen as Missy, Stephanie, and Kristie go over the disagreements, disappearances, and possible murders of these doomed Island inhabitants.Support the show (
Known as the Gainesville Ripper, Danny Rolling brutally murdered 5 young college students near the University of Florida over a 3 day killing spree in 1990. While his crimes are particularly heinous, it's his strange behavior during and after his rampage that has made this story so sensational, yet wildly unheard of. Listen as Missy, Steph, and Chrissy dive in to talk about this odd, yet terrifying serial killer.Support the show (
Episode 3 covers 6'9" serial killer, Ed Kemper! Called the Co-Ed Killer, Kemper murdered his grandparents when he was only 15. He then went on to murder 8 more women, including his own mother, after his release. Murdering mostly hitchhikers, his crimes include stabbing, shooting, strangling, rape, decapitation, necrophilia, and other disturbing acts. Hear all about his despicable crime spree in Episode 3 of Straight Crime, Homie!Support the show (
Episode 2 covers the Ken and Barbie killers, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka!Coined the Scarborough rapist, Paul Bernardo viciously raped more than 11 young women before the couple came together and brutally raped and murdered 3 teenage girls TOGETHER. One victim included Karla's younger sister, Tammy. In this controversial case, the killers videotaped the assaults, which would later be the direct evidence used to convict Paul.Karla, who made a plea deal before her involvement was truly discovered, received only 12 years in prison and is out on the streets today....Support the show (
Episode 1 covers the death of Cindy James! After enduring 6.5 years of "alleged" stalking and torment, Cindy was found hogtied with a black stocking tied around her head. After being missing for 2 weeks, her body was found in the yard of an abandoned house not far from her home.Police ruled her death a suicide despite her pleas for help over the years, and a coroners ruling that her death was NOT a suicide, murder, or accident - it was caused by an "unknown event". She was found with a needle mark in her arm, and died from a lethal dose of morphine that was INGESTED, not injected.Do you think it was suicide? Or was it murder? Listen for the details before you make your decision!Support the show (
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Amy Hoff

super interesting stories and like the commentary between Missy and guests

Apr 19th
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