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EPisodes: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

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EPisodes aims to engage, equip and energise educators worldwide. We chat about all things education: teaching strategies (especially for literacy, numeracy, and languages), latest trends, and educational technology. To chat more, join our collaborative group To learn more about our hosts, go to
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33: 2020 Reflections

33: 2020 Reflections


"We need to change our perspective of what success means in learning. Students also need to be told that it is okay to fail, that it is about the progression of your knowledge building and that we’re in this together!"Ben Hilliam, Jimmy Bowens and Philippa Kruger reflect on the last year. The highs and the lows of remote teaching and learning and how teachers around the world have coped with the stress of COVID-19. They also explore the ongoing impact of the global pandemic on our society and on the future of education.
Philippa Kruger talks to William Connor, a producer of the animated series Lifeswap, a series of short animated Skype conversations between two young men Jörg, 27 from Münster, Germany and Duncan, 27 from Wellington, New Zealand. William works on the Lifeswap episodes with his husband, animator Steffan Kreft.  In this episode William discusses what goes on behind the scenes with Lifeswap and also gives some advice for us at the end of what has been a crazy year."As Language Teachers, [or] any kind of teacher, our job is to provide bridges for people to walk away from themselves, walk away from their narrow perspective and see themselves and their cultures and their languages, from the other side of a divide."
Ben Hilliam talks to Ian Stevens, the CEO and founder of Maths Adventures, a NZ based company that supports Maths teachers from primary to secondary schools. Ian has vast experience in Maths education, having been both a primary and secondary teacher, a lecturer, a Principal and the Team Leader of Numeracy at the Ministry of Education. Together they discuss the strategies around improving numeracy across all years of primary and secondary school, and the impact and limits of technology in aiding this process.
Jimmy chats to Edwin McRae, LitRPG author, narrative designer and narrative paramedic for the video games industry. Edwin has been a screenwriter and story designer for over 13 years now. After four years of writing for television, he started with Grinding Gear Games in 2010 and became lead writer on the creative team that took their online RPG, Path of Exile, from 80,000 players to 20 million players. Together, Jimmy and Edwin discuss how to nurture creativity and expression in students, communicating and maintaining relationships online, and what it means to be a narrative designer.
In this EPisode, Jimmy chats with Mitch Center, a highly experienced educational leader. Mitch is the founder of Center Educational Consulting. Together they explore his experience working with educational leaders to support, evaluate and empower teachers.Mitch's song recommendation = Lose Yourself by Eminem You can contact Mitch at mitch@centereducationalconsulting.comTo continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn or Facebook.
In this EPisode, Ben chats with Alexandra Tselios, founder and CEO of The Big Smoke Media Group. Together, they take a deep dive into the current abundance of conspiracy theories, how to deal with them when discussing them with students, the importance of education, and how robots are influencing education. To continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn or Facebook.
In this EPisode, Jimmy chats with Cara Varian, Executive Director at the Harding Miller Education Foundation. The Foundation provides a unique scholarship program for high potential girls from low socioeconomic circumstances. "When you educate a girl you break the vicious cycle of poverty. Girls supported with equipment, money for resources and tutoring and coaching will be much more likely to complete high school and undertake further education after school." Scholarship application deadline is 16 October 2020.Cara's song recommendation = I wish I was a punk rocker by Sandi ThomTo continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn or Facebook.
In this EPisode, Jimmy talks with Wren Gillett, student voice advocate at Pivot. "In order to be able to speak on behalf of others, you need to recognise that you have a voice yourself." Wren was part of VicSRC’s executive committee for close to three years, and chaired the executive team within this time. She has a been a youth champion for charitable organisations and has spoken at multiple conferences and events across Australia. Wren is currently in her first year of university majoring in journalism, and continues to be a passionate spokesperson for young people. Together, Jimmy and Wren chat about the power and significance of student voice, agency, and empowerment.To continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn or Facebook.
In this EPisode, Philippa catches up again with Keri-Lee Beasley, the High School Learning & ICT Coach at the Western Academy of Beijing. This insightful EPisode is packed full of ideas to support effective blended learning. Keri-Lee shares measures put in place to nurture student and staff wellbeing. She also recommends specific tools you can use in your practice and how using data to inform and guide your next steps with students is key. Lastly, Keri-Lee shares her hopes for future changes to education as a result of COVID-19.Links:Resources to support students' learning, activity and well-being - Professional Growth resourcesScreencasting tool - LoomDoing your own assignments - dog-foodingVisuals and videos - Canva, FlipGridGetting to know your students tools - Icebreakers for Online Teaching or 100 Would You Rather questions for teenagers. For younger students, sift through these Icebreakers for online learning
In this EPisode, Jimmy talks to Kelly Hollis, Global Head of Science at EP. Kelly shares her education journey, from taking all the opportunities that crossed her way, to maximising teaching efficiency by flipping her classroom, and creating a culture of sharing and collaboration. Kelly is a wonderful example of authenticity, positivity, and innovation.To continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn and Facebook.
In this EPisode, Ben Hilliam chats with Alethea Rea, PhD, who is a lecturer at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Together they discuss mathematics, statistics, and the importance of critical thinking and knowledge, especially in our post-truth era where opinion is often conflated with fact. It's a fascinating conversation which examines how public discourse can be improved through a better understanding of evidence.
In this EPisode, Ben Hilliam, Global Head of Maths, chats with Beka Roest, HoD of Social Studies at St. Andrew's College in New Zealand. They talk about how to approach teaching the Holocaust in a sensitive, meaningful, and integrated way. And how understanding history is important to navigate our present.Book references:Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing FieldsOrdinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in PolandTeaching Resources:Holocaust Centre of New ZealandTo continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn and Facebook.
"Language is all about patterns and connections. Connecting ideas, connecting cultures, connecting structures of language." This EPisode is supercharged with practical ideas to support all macro skills - reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Philippa Kruger, Global Head of Languages, chats with Suzanne Hill (HoD Languages at The King's School in Sydney, Australia) and Adele Scott (Advisory Officer Professional - Curriculum + Assessment, PPTA, New Zealand) about all things languages!To continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn and Facebook.
In this EPisode Jimmy talks to Michael Arterberry, Executive Director of Youth Voices Center, Inc. Michael was awarded the Educator of the Year Award from Y-COP, the Youth Community Outreach Program in Mt. Vernon in 2016. They discuss motivation, encouragement, and dealing with trauma. Link to Michael's book - Be Encouraged - 250 days of motivation and encouragement.To continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn and Facebook.
In this EPisode, Jimmy talks to Amanda Bickerstaff, CEO of Pivot Professional Learning. They discuss the latest research around educator perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on teaching and learning. Together, they explore the changes occurring in education at the moment, the importance of relationships, and the role of technology in learning. Will teaching change as a result of COVID-19? What role will technology play in our 'new normal'? How can we develop soft skills in students? And how can you seamlessly integrate technology in the day to day without doubling teachers' workload. To continue the conversation, join our Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age group on LinkedIn and Facebook.
In this EPisode, Jimmy chats with Richard Short, Storyteller-in-Chief from The Story Factory. What a joy it is to listen to two delightfully passionate literacy advocates. Richard is an experienced secondary school teacher and in 2014, completed a Master of Creative Writing. His first book of poetry (written under the pseudonym Rico Craig), Bone Ink, won the 2017 Anne Elder Poetry Award (of the Australian National Literacy Awards), and was shortlisted for the 2018 Kenneth Slessor Prize. Together they discuss the impact of stories, developing grit in students, and how allowing students to express their stories is vital and valuable.
We’re wrapping up Season 2 of our EPisodes podcast with Philippa talking to Sue Pommarede, HoD of Languages at Woodford House, Havelock North in New Zealand. “The most important thing is to keep communication with the students”. Sue explains how she has adapted her teaching practice and how she incorporates and maximises a range of online tools. She shares her school’s plans for supporting teacher and student wellbeing, and emphasises the importance of maintaining the element of fun in lessons and with her colleagues. 
Empathy in education is so important, especially in these challenging times. In this EPisode, Jimmy chats to Paula Prouse, Leader of Pedagogy at EP. “I just have so much empathy and compassion for the educators who have been thrust into this online world”. Paula shares her wisdom on how to plan and manage remote teaching efficiently and explores the positive elements of teaching during isolation.Paula’s song recommendations:Active =  Bakermat & Goldfish feat. Marie Plassard │Games Continued Chilled = Beethoven │ Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92, second movement 
In this EPisode, Jimmy chats with Chris Higgins, Global Head of Humanities at EP. Together they discuss the importance of human connection, especially in these changing times. "What is truly important? It's human connection. It's the environment. It's these things that are fundamentally important to who we are as people". Chris shares ideas on how to set yourself up for success with each virtual (or otherwise) meeting. He discusses strategies such as goal setting and pre-contracting to set expectations so communication can be effective and inclusive.Chris' song recommendations:Chilled = Harrison Storm | Be Slow Active = Sigala | Just Got Paid
In this EPisode, Jimmy chats with the wonderful Erini Limnatites, Head of English Australia and Teacher Consultant at EP. "We need to consider wellbeing above work". Erini shares her wisdom after transitioning from the classroom to working remotely three years ago. There are some real gold nuggets in this bite-sized conversation.
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