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Field & Game Australia is the premier voluntary member organisation for conservation, hunting, and clay target sports.We draw on our members experience and expertise to educate, inform and entertain.This podcast is proudly presented by Winchester Australia.
9 Episodes
Jeff Gordon from Winchester Australia joins us to talk shop. If you own a firearm you need ammo and Jeff talks us through the state of the industry, innovation, the continued interest in Duck Load, the COVID-19 impacts and the road to to recovery for the firearms industry and dealers. Support the show (
Mark Marshall is considered one of the best shooting coaches in the world and he joins us for a long conversation about sporting and field shooting.Mark is a World and British Champion and winner of this year’s South African Compak Championships with a score of 198/200. He recently joined E.J. Churchill as a full-time instructor and ground manager, following four years of freelance coaching, much of it in Australia, and prior to that 10 years at West London Shooting School (WLSS). The son of a gamekeeper – his father worked for Sir Joseph Nickerson – Mark grew up surrounded by shooting and is regarded as one of the best instructors in the world. Friendly and with a love of people, Mark teaches at the clay ground and in the field and bases his teaching around helping clients perfect their technique and on understanding how they learn. He says: “I try to get under the skin of my clients. Some need gentle bullying, some need nurturing and some need to have the mickey taken out of them; being a good coach is all about knowing people.”Support the show (
20 years ago Luca Scribani Rossi started Beretta Australia. In this special edition, he reflects on his passion for the brand and the history of the business. Beretta Australia is a strategic partner of Field & Game Australia.Support the show (
In this episode Peter Ryan, regular contributor to Field & Game magazine and author of several hunting books and Robbie Kroger who founded the Blood Origins website join us to discuss storytelling and getting to the heart of what hunting and hunters are all about. Support the show (
Hunters United - Ramsey Russell from joins a discussion on waterfowling around the world and the shared frustration of being stuck at home because of a global pandemic. Ever positive, Ramsey is looking forward to his next "duck day" and backing Field & Game Australia's push to unite hunting organisations. Ramsey has also recently launched his own podcast Duck Season Somewhere which you can check out here. The latest fireside chat is with our own Glenn Falla about hunting in Australia.Support the show (
COVID-19 has decimated our normal activities and in this podcast Field & Game Australia's Dean O'Hara, Daryl Snowdon and Glenn Falla discuss the implications.This podcast was recorded on Wednesday March 25, and the information includes the implementation of strict social distancing measures from midnight on that day.The best place to find public health information is the Australian Government Department of HealthWe also discuss supporting members through this crisis including finding ways to keep ourselves entertained.Support the show (
Episode 3 sees Field & Game magazine journalist Maddy Fogarty joined by guest host Tyler Maher and Field & Game Australia development manager Daryl Snowdon.They will be talking all things sustainable duck hunting in Victoria including FGA's 2020 duck submission to the Game Management Authority in Victoria.Support the show (
Restaurateur, winemaker and hunter Matt Fowles and chef and hunter Daniel Airo-Farulla   discuss game food and its power to change perceptions.Support the show (
What a gathering.Peter Hall, Target Coordinator for the Field & Game Australia Beretta National Carnival discusses what makes a good target and why he loves the challenge. We then fill the room with past National Champions, Robert Hall, Anthony Panetta and Nick Guerra to talk training, strategy and mindset. The discussion offers plenty for shooters of all grades.Support the show (
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