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Uncorked Whisky Sessions

Author: That Boutique-y Broadcasting Company

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From the creators of That Boutique-y Whisky Company, That Boutique-y Broadcasting Company brings you Uncorked: Whisky Sessions - a podcast show all about whisky. Pour yourself a dram and sip along as That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s global brand ambassador and Icon of Whisky, Dave Worthington and Dr Whisky (Dr Sam Simmons, Master Blender) contribute to the biggest whisky conversations of the past, present and future. Every episode is filled with delicious-y dram and distillery discussion, guests from within and outside of the whisky industry and endless tastings for you to sink your ears into.
27 Episodes
So you came for the whisky eh? Well, you'll just have to stay for the beer! This time, Boutique-y Dave and Dr. Whisky are joined by two leading voices in the beer community, Ren Navarro and Charlotte Cook. Together they discuss all things craft beer,  that's the good, the bad, and the downright ugly... Along the way, Dave realizes he has a hidden talent for naming breweries before totally forgetting about them.
We couldn't have picked two better guests with the recent news that Port Ellen, Brora, and Rosebank are set to reopen. Dr. Whisky and Boutique-y Dave are joined by none other than the legendary Colin Dunn of Diageo, and Gordon Dundas of Ian Mcleod Distillers. Past and future collide as the futures of these once lost distilleries are set to be rewritten, alongside Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing, courtesy of Colin Dunn. 
Sam and Dave delve deeper into Australian Whisky ahead of Boutique-y Whisky's new Australia Series whisky collection.  Your hosts are joined from Down Under by Aussie and fellow podcaster James Atkinson of the Drinks Adventures Podcast. Goodram mate. 
Dave and Sam are back in the realm of Irish Whiskey, for a St Patrick's Day special! Your hosts  are joined by Alex Chasko of Teeling Irish Whiskey,  and Stephanie Shen, pterodactyl enthusiast and ambassador for The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey. Along the way, Alex is bamboozled by a horse and a cow posturer, and Stephanie takes to the skies in a prehistoric display of anadram prowess. 
Sam and Dave are joined by Glassmates to discuss their love of whisky. Along the way, Glassmate's Nigel reveals he's actually Olivia Newton John, Jimmy ponders the nature of the relationship between whisky and sheep shit, and Ortis gives us the 'Disney version' of how three blokes became Glassmates. 
In this episode the boys cover Australian whisky, and the influence its had all over the world. Joining your hosts Boutique-y Dave and Dr. Whisky are Starward Distillery's David Vitale, and  Abbie Neilson and Christopher Jaume of Cooper King Distillery. Wait a minute, what's an English Distillery doing on an Australian episode..?
Batch 16: World Rye

Batch 16: World Rye


It seems Dave and Sam just cant get enough of rye whisky. This time we check out the World of Rye with two special guests, rye obsessed Miika Lipiäinen, co-founder of Finland's Kyrö Distillery and Paul Hletko, founder and distiller at Illinois' Few Spirits. Along the way there is a new game of 'Rye or Wrong' and plentiful amounts of Dr Whisky's somewhat wry sense of humour...
Sam and Dave discuss whisky's relationship with the environment, unearthing a whole host of positive changes being made throughout the industry to make whisky production a whole lot greener. Joining your hosts are Annabel Thomas of the environmentally conscious Nc'Nean distillery, Rob Wilson, CEO/ Chief Toaster at waste bread beer brewer TOAST, and Nick Ravenhall, industry expert, friend, and staunch supporter of greener practices in the alcohol industry. 
Uncorked discusses New World Whisky to shed light on the ever growing list of countries that are now distilling. Your hosts are joined by sixteen time Whisky author Dominic Roskrow and @Whiskyagogirl, educator and influencer for Scotch Malt Whisky Society USA.One thing's for sure. Raw chicken is raw chicken. (And you'll totally get what we mean after listening...)
Batch 13: Terroir

Batch 13: Terroir


CERTIFICATION - SUPER GEEKY.Oh terroir, what a bone of contention you have become in recent months. What are we to do? It would seem some analysis needs doing. And who better to do undertake such a task than our very own Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum, Dr Whisky and Boutique-y Dave (we'll let you decide which is which...) To explore this pesky French creation, your hosts are joined by distiller Ian O'Brien of the Waterford distillery, a distillery has been at the centre of the terroir debate this year, and has based its production methods on the existence of terroir. Also joining the debate are the Thompson brothers of Dornoch Distillery, purveyors of rare whiskies, hotel owners, and distillation experimenters. Charge those glasses 'cause it's about to get nerdy. 
Batch 12: Whisky In Cinema

Batch 12: Whisky In Cinema


In this BLOCKBUSTER episode of Uncorked Dave and Sam discuss the role of whisky on the silver screen. It proves to be a challenge for Dave, a man who can count all the films he's ever watched on one hand... Your hosts are joined by an A list cast: global brand ambassador for Dewars' single malts; Georgie Bell, founder of Curtis MacEachern and Andre de Almeida, owner of Grab your popcorn, turn down the lights and rustle those packets as Uncorked hits the big screen!
Feís Ile, one of the biggest dates in the whisky world's calendar, and another festival that  had to be cancelled this year. As devoted pilgrims of the beautiful island of Islay, Dr Whisky and Boutique-y Dave ask, "what the Feís happened this year?" To help answer the question, your hosts are joined by Feís Committee member and resident Islay photographer Ben Shakespeare and Independent bottling kin, Bruce Farquhar, The Dramfool. Together they explore how the festival was still very much alive and jiggin' this year, and plans to be for years to come! 
We brought the whisky world together for World Whisky Day on Saturday 16th May for our World Whisky Summit. Over 20 leading world whisky experts, distillers, writers, retailers and ambassadors join Dr Whisky and Boutique-y Dave to put the whisky world to rights in a thought provoking panel discussion. Of course being us, we wanted to make it a little more, well, Boutique-y...
For the second instalment of A Change in the Season - Whisky Festivals, your hosts are joined by Sam's personal friends Joshua Hatton and Jason Johnston Yellin, hosts of the One Nation Under Whisky Podcast, founders of the Single Cast Nation independent bottling company AND the organisers of the Whisky Jubilee festival. Together the four of them meander across anecdotal tales of whisky experience while Dave tries to stay as quiet as possible. They discuss the future of Whisky festivals, play a game of White Dawg! Corn Dawg! and fire the odd shot at each other from opposites sides of the pond.
The lockdown continues, and as festival season approaches Boutique-y Dave and Dr Whisky yearn for the road. But all is not lost! Your hosts are joined by whisky writer and former editor of, Becky Paskin, and Scott Adamson, Brand Ambassador for the Tomatin Distillery. The four of them sit back with some drams and explore the changing face of whisky festivals in 2020 (via the safety of wireless communication of course). If thats not enough Boutique-y Dave tries desperately to play his favourite game; Anadrams, Dr Whisky cant help but asking Becky the same question twice, and Scott Adamson sets his sights on dictionary corner in a ruthless display of cork popping. 
Batch 9.5 is ready for you! Boutique-y Dave and Dr Whisky remain firmly in lockdown and boy, are the beards getting long and wildly out of control. The whisky at home conversation continues! They're joined by Tristan Stephenson, co-founder of Whisky Me and author of The Curious Bartender series, and Jen Meredith, brand manager of Drinks By The Dram to explore whisky subscription services. Delicious perfect servings of whisky to delight and discover drinkers everywhere is certainly a great way to navigate the changing landscape of the whisky world- and we're glad to be a part of it. 
Like you, the Uncorked team are stuck at home. Who knows what the future holds... who even knows what day it is anymore?! For Dr Whisky and Boutique-y Dave however, the show must go on. With restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs closing their doors, your hosts explore the creative ways Whisky Clubs are dealing with the effects of the 'C' word-19 and  delighting the many locked-down whisky lovers. They are joined by Simo, the owner of Milroy's of Soho and Spitalfields, and his new online whisky flights delivery service, and Dan Humphrey of Summerton Whisky Club to tell us more about his upcoming online festival! Sit back, relax, open your laptop and order one from the bar.
Part two, and we are still in Edinburgh, where your Uncorked hosts settle in for the second half of their session with Angus Macraild and Chris White, all in the name of whisky business. They continue to discuss some of the world's most sought after collections, explore the future of whisky auctions and pretty much give up playing the game of Bargain Huntin' they started in part one. Sold? Let's get to it!
Dr Whisky and Boutique-y Dave take Uncorked: Whisky Sessions on the road to Edinburgh. That's right, time for another episode! Without producer Jen and editor Jon there to keep things running in an orderly fashion, they managed to create TWO episodes. This is part 1, where your Uncorked hosts settle in for a session with Angus Macraild and Chris White, all in the name of whisky business. They discuss some of the world's most sought after collections, explore the future of whisky auctions and make a feeble attempt at a brand new game of Bargain Huntin'. Any takers on part 2? Anyone? Going once... going twice... SOLD to next Friday.
Love is in the air in the Uncorked studio! With Valentines day earlier this month the guys talk the love of whisky (funnily enough) with @WhiskyBrum founder Amy Seton all 'In The Spirit of Love' aka Episode 7. If that isn't enough to seduce you, along the way Dave inhales a full Glencairn of whisky, Sam thinks he's a cat and swipes and innocent whisky glass off the counter and Amy 'I'm rubbish at competitions' beats everyone to the answers. It can only be another edition of #UncorkedWhiskySessions! 
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