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Author: Hamidreza Nikoofar

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Podcast with great game developers and people involved in the game development industry.
25 Episodes
An interview with Bradley D. Meyer, Audio Director at Sucker Punch. In this video chat, we talk about Bradley's background, Ghost of Tsushima, the ins and outs of the industry, his techniques, and the way Sucker Punch recruits new sound designers and composers.To get more from "Wassup Conversations" visit: www.nikoofarmusic.comTo keep up with Brad, check out his Twitter handle can keep up with each episode and guests of Wassup Conversations on my Twitter of Tsushima is out now on PS4.
A chat with Josef Fares, Founder of Hazelight Studios, director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out and It Takes Two. In this episode, we talk about Josef's background, his techniques, and his life as a game director.
In this episode, I had a chat with Raphaël Colantonio & Ava Gore, members of the Weird Wolves band. Raphaël Colantonio is the founder of Arkane Studios and the brain behind Dishonored series and his new game, Weird Wolves.You can watch the video version of this conversation on Wassup Conversations YouTube
A cool conversation with my cool guest, Sarah Lynn. She is the producer at Firaxis Games, working on XCOM and Civilization series. Her recent work is XCOM: Chimera Squad.
In this episode, I speak with two talented music composers of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem about composing that game and trailers for films like Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.
A chat with Alex Hutchinson about his legendary career. He is the game designer of The Sims, Spore and the director of Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 4 and the newly released, Journey to the Savage Planet.
In this episode, I talked to Jordan Thomas, the designer of Thief: Deadly Shadows, Director and Writer of BioShock 2 and The Blackout Club. We talk about his past, breaking into the video game industry, working with Ken Levine on BioShock and some new interesting insights about his career.
In this episode, I had a chat with my friend Hamidreza Saeedy about writing and designing the acclaimed indie ARPG, Children of Morta. Since both of us speak Farsi, I thought it'd be cool to do it this way, so, sorry if you don't know the language.
In this special episode, I had an awesome conversation with eight awesome guys from Codemasters working on the audio of their games and specially GRID. This conversation is gold for all the sound designers and anyone working with audio in the game industry
A chat with the audio director of Gearbox Software about sound and creating the audio experience of Borderlands 3.
In this episode, I had a talk with Terry Hess, lead environment artist of The Outer Worlds. We talked about creating the world of this huge game and environmental story-telling. Check out Terry's amazing work:
A deep and fun conversation with David Chateauneuf, co-founder of Red Barrels and Game Designer of Outlast games. We talk about everything related to the horror genre, crazy stories, games, movies, and techniques of making a horror game like Outlast.
In this episode, I had the honor to talk to the legendary Johan Söderqvist, composer of many great films like Let the Right One In, Kon-Tiki and Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. We talk about Johan's background, work and writing emotional music.
In this episode, Aryan Hanbeck talks about becoming an artist in video games, how to go up the ladder in the industry, Gears 4 and 5 art style and continuing the saga of this beloved series.
In this episode, I chat with Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders and Lead Writer of Greedfall. We talk about her past, making Greedfall, one of the best RPGs of the year with only 50 in 3 years.
In this special episode, I talk about the future of Wassup Conversations, the past and the ways you can help and participate in the show.
In this episode I speak with one of the kindest souls out there, a man who has scored best selling games of this generation, Call of Duty WWII and Mortal Kombat 11, he tells me how he got a call to compose the new Call of Duty
In a chat with David Adams, he talks about growing up loving video games, starting Vigil Games and Darksiders. He talks about the new studio and future of Gunfire Games.
In this episode, I talk to Patrice Desilets about growing up loving video games and history, Assassin's Creed creation, leaving Ubisoft and starting his own studio.
From Dead Space to Tomb Raider or The Order: 1886, Jason Graves is one of the most versatile and talented composers in the video game industry. I talk about his childhood, growing up to become a composer and his techniques and tools.
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FINALY IT'S HERE. I've been waiting for this since last week.

Jul 18th
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Hosein Mohamady

Is it the full version?

Apr 6th
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Masoud Rezaei

Great Podcast 😍👍 Good luck in all Time

Oct 11th
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