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Outloud The Selective Mutism Podcast

Author: Chelsea Gamache

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Outloud The Selective Mutism Podcast discusses everything related to Selective Mutism, the anxiety disorder that makes speaking extremely difficult. Hosted by a mother and daughter and our life experiences (good and bad!) with Selective Mutism. Offering support and education to kids, parents, teachers, family members, and anyone whose lives are affected by anxiety and Selective Mutism.
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The annual Selective Mutism Association Conference will be held in a fully-virtual format on October 2 and 3, 2021. Click here for more information   Also check out SMA's library of free webinars: 
Dr. Steven Kurtz of Kurtz Psychology talks about teaching Self-Advocacy in Selective Mutism Treatment and shares success stories!  Don't miss the free upcoming webinars at SMA
Tantrums & Meltdowns

Tantrums & Meltdowns


Chelsea talks about the differences between tantrums & meltdowns.    Order my children's book I Am Brave: 
Chelsea and Anne talk about her new children's book, I Am Brave. They announce a signed book giveaway coming soon to our instagram and Facebook page! Link to the book: Our Instagram: Our Facebook:  
Caitlin and Jessica are sisters who grew up with Selective Mutism and anxiety. They tell us the similarities and differences in their experiences.  If you're interested in being a guest on Outloud The Selective Mutism Podcast Click Here Order I Am Brave
In this episode Chelsea and Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum talk about Adults & Selective Mutism, the barriers they face, and how to get help.  Resources: 
32. Antje's Poetry

32. Antje's Poetry


Silence by Antje Bothin Talkative at home, happy and loud But quiet and withdrawn in a crowd Silent at school and in the shop Does this selective mutism ever stop? It is not a choice This hiding of the voice When people are around There is no sound. Like a sudden freeze Being in a tight squeeze Unable to talk Nowhere to walk. Observing and listening is easy to do But asking and joining in is hard to pursue Keep trying and trying again Nothing is ever in vain. If  people only knew That kindness is the thing to do Inclusion, no pressure and some fun in life Is all that is needed to thrive! And there is another one: Incredibly Invisible by Antje Bothin Invisibility was her natural superpower She could do it every minute and every hour She could miraculously hide herself away She had absolutely nothing to say Her mind had the words ready in a crowd But her voice could never be heard aloud Nobody could see her stare Because she wasn’t really there She could dress in red or green And she wouldn’t actually be seen She could do whatever she pleased Nobody would notice if she sneezed She could even take things and leave But people wouldn’t in the slightest perceive The signs that she had been present at all Even if she suffered a terrible fall But she is free now, happy and strong The things she does usually never go wrong Because invisibility is her incredible superpower And she is proud of it like a radiant sunflower!
Nika and her mom, Jana come on Outloud to talk about their experiences with Selective Mutism, what has helped, and words of encouragement for those still struggling.  Nika also tells us about 100 Kind Deeds Day & This Life Rocks! Find her @life_rocks on instagram and 
Chelsea and Michelle the mindset coach collaborate to talk about Selective Mutism, being bilingual, and high sensitivity.  Find Michelle on instagram @Michelle_themindsetcoach on instagram and at
29. Max Gets Curious

29. Max Gets Curious


Max talks about growing up with Situational Mutism without diagnosis or treatment, the impact of culture and religion on her experience and how she ultimately overcame SM.   Find her at LinkTree and
Using the "SMART" model, we review Chelsea's old Selective Mutism therapy goals and offer ways to improve them.    Habit Tracker:  Website: 
Dr. Alicia Goodman shares her experience with teaching social skills to children with Selective Mutism. We also talk about IEP and 504 accommodations.    Visit Dr. Goodman's website for courses and info on her social skills groups and other treatment options:  
Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum joins us to discuss the overlap between Autism and Selective Mutism.   Resources:  Visit our website:  
Katie gives us an overview of Occupational Therapy and the role it can play in treatment for Selective Mutism.   What is OT?   OT vs OTA   OT and Social-Emotional Learning   OT and Sensory Integration
In this special episode of Outloud The Selective Mutism podcast, we look back on our first year of podcasting and highlight many key points and important lessons we learned. If you missed any episodes, this is a great way to catch up! Selective Mutism Awareness Month T Shirts! Like our Facebook Page: Facebook Page Join our Group: Facebook Group Follow our Instagram: Instagram 
22. Tips for Teachers

22. Tips for Teachers


It's that time of year again! Whether you're going back to school virtually or in person, we have tips to help kids struggling with anxiety and Selective Mutism transition back to school during Covid-19. Please share this episode with teachers, therapists, or anyone you know who could benefit! Get to know me templates: 
Maureen from tells us about what it means to be "highly sensitive" and how it relates to Selective Mutism as well as Sensory Processing Disorder. Maureen is a writer and a mom to 2 highly sensitive children.  Resources:  My Book of Brave:  Dr. Aron's Book: The Highly Sensitive Child The Facebook Group: 
Chelsea and Meg, a Speech-Language Pathologist, talk about the role of an SLP and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to treating Selective Mutism.    Visit for more information
Follow us at @outloudsmpodcast or click to join our LIVE Q&A on instagram Wednesday 7/29 @ 7 PM EST.
Chelsea and Anne review an article, Functional-Assessment Based Intervention for Selective Mutism (2007) by Lee Kern, Kristen Starosta, Clayton Cook, Linda Bambara, & Frank Gresham. The article explores why Selective Mutism is maintained for two children in school settings and develops function based assessments to increase vocal responding.   Functional-Assessment Based Intervention For Selective Mutism (2007)
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Corinne Milliken

I love u guys. my girl has sm, but I think it happened after I relapsed on drugs. cus before when I was sober, she talked to people way more. please help

Sep 12th
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