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Author: Louise Dando, Heather Wallace, and Andrea Parker

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The Equestrian Pulse Podcast takes the pulse of the global equestrian community. A podcast by international bloggers Heather Wallace (The Timid Rider, USA), Andrea Parker (The Sand Arena Ballerina, AUS), and Louise Dando (In Due Horse, FRA) interview or chat with brands and equestrians regarding nutrition and fitness, trends, horsemanship, and confidence amongst all disciplines.
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On today's episode of Equestrian Pulse Louise (In Due Horse) talks to Stewart Turner AKA about why more men don't ride horses. They also chat about Stewart's charity fundraising with an very amusing story about what he got upto on Christmas Day that got him featured in Horse and Hound magazine & they also chat about being kind and making the equestrian world a more welcoming place to everyone that wants to ride! Be sure to follow Stewart on instagram & head there to check out that Christmas video & also the horror hack that we talk about. Support the show (
Today on Equestrian Pulse Louise (In Due Horse) talks to equestrian/countryside blogger Sharon Howe of @the_mulberry_tree_lifestyle. They share their experiences of buying a horse completely different from the one they had in mind!  Be sure to follow Sharon on Instagram @the_mulberry_tree_lifestyle  and head to her blog where you can read all about her journey with her horse Riley in her blogs "The Life of Riley'. Do be sure to check her business page too @mulberry_tree_at_home she makes some beautiful things! Support the show (
We all have that special horse in our lives that has changed us. Meredith Ekstedt of Heart Horse Stories wants to celebrate and share those special relationships. In this episode of Equestrian Pulse Podcast, Heather Wallace interviews Meredith about her mission to spread love and community in the equestrian world. Do you have a Heart Horse Story to share? Submit it now. Read the Heart Horse Stories - Blog: Heart Horse on Instagram: heart_horse_storiesConsulting website: don't forget to subscribe to Equestrian Pulse Podcast and support the show! Support the show (
In this episode of Equestrian Pulse, Heather Wallace speaks with Jamie Baldanza and Deb Lee Carson the equine photographers and filmmakers behind the docuseries Wild Lands, Wild Horses. “Wild Lands Wild Horses” is an exploratory docu-series traveling across 10 states within 150M+ acres of public lands. Wild Horse advocates and photographers, Jamie Baldanza & Deb Lee Carson, transports us through America’s western landscape bringing national awareness to the majestic yet politically complicated lives of America’s Wild Horse. To learn more visit and follow on Instagram @thismustanglife and @spirithorsewoman. Support the show (
On today's episode of Equestrian Pulse we share some very exciting news! We have a new co-host! Andrea and Louise interviewed Natalie back in November as a guest on the podcast. But they got along so well they decided to invite her to join the podcast as a co-host. So we are delighted to announce that Natalie O'Keeffe from Inside Track Eventing has joined the Equestrian Pulse team as a new co-host!! Listen to today's episode to hear the interview that Andrea and Louise did with Natalie to get to know her. Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on instagram @insidetrackeventingWelcome to the team Natalie!! Support the show (
On todays episode of Equestrian Pulse,  Louise chats to Nicky Pennie from Be Your Best Yet. Nicky is a Life Improvement Coach that has previously been on the podcast back in March 2020 at the beginning of the first lockdown. Nicky's first episode proved to be really helpful and popular with our listeners. It's nearly a year later and many of us are now back in lockdown. So Nicky is here to help cheer us up with some great advice of how to make small changes to your daily routine. Have a listen to find out Nicky's simple steps you can take to feel good during lockdown and everyday for that matter. Support the show (
This week Heather & Louise talk to Krystal Kelly from Equestrian Adventuresses. They talk all about her International Equestrian Summit.  It's on January 26,27,28 and is an online event that features around 20 equestrian experts from all disciplines of the equestrian world including interviews with Heather and Louise!! Krystal tells how she came up with the idea, what is was like putting it all together and what you can expect from the event. The event includesWarwick Schiller - Warwick Schiller Performance HorsesNatasha Althoff - Your Riding SuccessJoan Sladek - JS HorsemanshipCallie King - Horse ClassTik Maynard - 5* EventerDavid Lichman - Level 5 Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor Carly Kade - Equestrian Author And many others from a variety of disciplines such as endurance riders, liberty trainers, trick riders and more!We're going to be talking all about how to improve your riding, goal setting practices, exercises every equestrian should know, how to connect with your horse, how to avoid common mistakes, and much, MUCH more!It's completely FREE!! So to register to join us for this event just click here and be sure not to miss Louise and Heather's interviews on 28 January! Support the show (
On this episode of Equestrian Pulse, Heather Wallace chats with Mandee Flanders of Horse Family Magazine and Horse Industry Business Owners group about returning to a blog she sold a decade ago, bringing her marketing expertise (and tips!) to the table, and more. Listen now and don't forget to subscribe to us on Buzzsprout, iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio and more!Support the show (
On today's episode of Equestrian Pulse we welcome back some of the equestrians we have interviewed on the show and ask them to share their horsey hopes and dreams for 2021. This mega episode features: Linda from The Patchy Dressage Pony Britney Chambers Carly Kade Natalie Keeler Reinert Anu Joshi Daisy from How Very Horsey Adele from Set Fire to the Rein Sarah from Apt Cavalier Zoe from Honest Riders Caitlin Gooch Abriana Johnson Tara Moore from Farm & Fir Co Connie from Redingnote Equestrian Katherine Abrams Annika McGivern Amy from Muddy Mare Clothing Teal from Sterling Essentials Happy New Year from all of us at Equestrian Pulse Podcast! Support the show (
On today's episode of Equestrian Pulse Podcast co-hosts Louise (In Due Horse) and Andrea (The Sand Arena Ballerina) discuss the current petition that some professional riders have signed to oppose the FEI in banning the right to wear a top hat in top level competition. Which side are you on? Top hat or Skull cap?! Be sure to share when you listen! Tag us on instagram @equestrianpulse to feature on our stories! Support the show (
Have you ever wondered how someone  can receive the ribbons, the social media followers, or the accolades when you know that you deserve them more? Piper Klemm of The Plaid Horse Magazine talks to co-host Heather Wallace about metagame and strategic thinking and how it can benefit you in the equestrian world and beyond.About the Equestrian Pulse PodcastThe Equestrian Pulse Podcast takes the pulse of the global equestrian community. A podcast by international bloggers, we discuss nutrition and fitness, trends, horsemanship, and confidence amongst all disciplines. Subscribe and listen on all major channels.  Follow on Social media on FB @equestrianpulsepodcast and IG @equestrianpulse.About Piper Klemm, PhDPiper began her tenure as the Publisher of The Plaid Horse Magazine in 2014. She received her B.S. with Honors in Chemistry from Trinity College [Hartford, CT] in 2009 and her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley in 2012. She is an active member of the hunter/jumper community, owning a fleet of lease ponies and showing her horse MTM Sandwich in adult hunter divisions. Her goal is that everyone would take the time to be as educated about horsemanship and hunter/jumper sport as possible.  In addition to The Plaid Horse, she pursues her commitment to education by teaching various college courses.  Connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show (
In today's episode of Equestrian Pulse Podcast Louise (In Due Horse) talks to Tina Wallace an equestrian Vlogger and Instagrammer also known as Life on The Rein. They chat about life in lockdown, how Tina got into vlogging and how the ' VE Squad' came about.Be sure to follow her on instagram @life_on_the_left_rein  About the Equestrian Pulse Podcast.The Equestrian Pulse Podcast takes the pulse of the global equestrian community. A podcast by international bloggers, we discuss nutrition and fitness, trends, horsemanship, and confidence amongst all disciplines. Subscribe and listen on all major channels.  Follow on Social media on FB @equestrianpulsepodcast and IG @equestrianpulse.Support the show (
In today's episode co-hosts Heather (@Timidrider) and Louise (@induehorse) catch up after  a busy few months. They talk about what has been going on in their lives and talk about the ongoing battle all equestrians face of making enough time in the day to ride, care for your horse and actually have a life! Horse mum guilt is real people! Be sure to tag us when you listen to be featured on our social media! Support the show (
The Caring Cowgirl

The Caring Cowgirl


This week on Equestrian Pulse, Andrea was joined by Liz Beeson Evans aka Caring Cowgirl. Liz shares how from working in a therapeutic riding centre and how the idea was born to bring mobile horse therapy to people living in the city.  Two years later Liz, along with her dwarf mini pony Shakira and her mini donkey Vanessa, they are bringing joy to the lives of people all around the Bay Area. You can learn more about Liz, Vanessa and Shakira at, and the Equestrian Pulse:Instagram @equestrianpulseFacebook you enjoyed this episode please be sure to subscribe in your favourite podcast app!Support the show ( the show (
Today Andrea (@the_sand_arena_ballerina) caught up with Brittney Chambers the founder of CBC Therapeutic Horseback riding academy in California. We talked about her journey from Corporate America to running a very busy and successful academy. Brittney also explained how horses can help people in a therapeutic sense and why it is so important for her that people learn the horsemanship fundamentals. You can find out more about Brittney and CBC Therapeutic Horseback riding academy at https://www.cbcequine.comyou can follow her on Instagram @cbcequine, @brittneychorsemanship and on Facebook the Equestrian Pulse:Instagram @equestrianpulseFacebook you enjoyed this episode please be sure to subscribe in your favourite podcast app!Support the show ( the show (
On today's episode of Equestrian Pulse co-hosts Louise and Andrea talk about what changes they have made since doing The Honest Riders Sustainability Challenge in July. Previously Andrea, Heather and Louise have talked about what they could do to be more sustainable. Back in July Louise spoke to Zoe from Honest Riders and she told us all about the challenge. This episode shows what actually happened since all of that! For my information head to the Honest Riders facebook page.  Support the show (
On this week's episode of The Equestrian Pulse Podcast co-hosts Andrea and Louise catch up and talk about a weird year 2020 has been! They talk lockdowns, horses and about being a 'crazy horse girls.'Support the show (
On today's episode of The Equestrian Pulse Podcast. All 3 co-hosts Heather, Andrea and Louise talk with Equestrian Sports Psychologist Annika McGivern. Annika McGivern works as a Mental Performance Coach, specializing in helping Equestrian Athletes level up their performance and their enjoyment of their sport through simple yet powerful mental skills and strategies. Annika has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and a MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Annika also holds over ten years of experience as an Equine Canada Competition Coach, competing and coaching in Three-Day-Eventing, Dressage and Show-Jumping. Having spent her life riding, competing and coaching, Annika is no stranger to the challenging cycle of self-doubt, worry and burnout that so often accompanies our journeys in equestrian sport. Her mission is to help equestrians achieve excellence in their performance and find more joy and satisfaction from the process of achieving those results. To find out more about Annika head to her website or follow her on instagram at @amp_performancepschy. We are delighted to offer Equestrian Pulse listeners a mega 30% off Annika's courses. Just use the code EPULSE 30 at Support the show (
Join co-host Heather Wallace and author Carly Kade as they discuss the secrets to writing faster and more often. This is the perfect episode for bloggers, authors, and aspiring writers. About Carly KadeCarly Kade is a creativity coach, award-winning independent author, horse owner, and the host of the Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast. She helps fellow equine authors build, grow, and expand their author careers. Creative writing makes her spurs jingle! The In the Reins equestrian romance series was written with horse lovers in mind, no matter which discipline they ride, and the horses are as vital to moving the story forward as the human characters are. The books are perfect for poolside reading or taking to the beach. Learn more at and on social media @carlykadecreative.Support the show (
In today’s episode of @equestrianpulse Andrea @the_sand_arena_ballerina talks to Katherine Abrams @Katherineabrams of Harmony Hills Dressage and Ingrid Darlington of @dressagedreamers about what training and competing in dressage on non-traditional breeds. Katherine talks about the process of taking her American Quarter Horse Blue from being a reining horse to an FEI dressage horse.Ingrid talks about what its like to race a standardbred and taking Arnie from his track days, to the show ring and into the dressage worldSupport the show ( the show (
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