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Drive Happy with Steve & Felecia Rozansky as they share perspectives on just about everything... cars, homes, travel, fitness... life in general. Join Steve, Felecia and the rest of the Gang!
103 Episodes
John Balcer joins us to reflect on the memories and experiences of 9/11. John was attending a training session in the World Trade Center.
Anthony Picarello, Regional Manager of Factory Motor Parts joins us to talk about how tariffs are affecting the automotive industry.
Is all vaping is bad!?! Are all used cars are lemons?!? Get the real inside scoop from our guests Jerry Brodeur and Jeff Riedel.
We're joined by Gabrielle Mazar, Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher who shares her approach to healty living as well as her upcoming "fitcations."
From online reviews to vehicle alignments to Vets in Jeeps, the gang covers it all this weeks, with John Balcer returning to talk Medicare.
Do you know about the "Senior Tsunami?" We'll they're coming, and they are all going to need a place to live. "What's the problem?" Watch or listen.
Whether a rogue shopping cart or a distracted driver, chances are you'll need to fix: a ding, a scratch or maybe more. Not all body shops are the same.
How in the World did they get that picture? Well, it was probably taken from a drone, and we've got local drone photo/video pro Mark Poirier on this week.
Kyle Moule and Fernando Sanchez join co-hosts Matt and Ryan to talk about credit unions and paint chips, nicks and scratches. Steve drops in from SEMA.
How many companies really make a difference? Not in the products sold or services offered, but in your overall experience. Are you a customer for life?
Jeff Knudson joins the gang to tell us and you the truth about how long tile roofs really last along with shingle roofs, flat roofs, so many types of roofs!
We shared important holiday travel tips, funny Thanksgiving memories. We also talked to one of the organizations we're passionate about ~ College Bound AZ.
We welcomed Colleen Kaspar of Down Time Wines and Billy Abril of Phoenix Rising for Haiti to talk about vino and volunteering - being human.
It's Ryan Steckelberg, the Maven of Mortgage's birthday, and we've got a special guest just for him. Frankie Spaccarelli from Pacino's Restaurant in Mesa.
Remember when the internet was safe? Was it safe? Really? Regardless, it's a virtual nightmare today (or it least it can be if you don't protect yourself).
Welcome to 2020! It's a new year, arguably, a new decade. Change surrounds us more than ever before. Personal, professional, is anything out of its reach?
Stuart Preston shares with us the loss of his son Ian to suicide at age 19. He shares his discovery of psychedelics as a means of treatment for the grief.
Do you like to, do it yourself? This week we're talking all about doing it yourself (DIY), and more importantly when not to (DIFM - Do it For Me).
Starting a business is hard. Starting a business with family can be even harder. We’re joined by several business owners that have beaten the odds.
What if there’s an emergency? What if there's a fire? Phillip Young of National Fire Control joins us to talk about how to protect ourselves and our family.
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