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David Scott discusses business, entrepreneurship, sales, success, habits, and life hacks. New episodes published Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
6 Episodes
Do you have somebody toxic in your life? It might be a supervisor, family member, or a friend who is constantly negative or bringing you down. In today’s episode David Scott discusses four strategies to deal with toxic people.
David Scott discusses the changing dynamics of a post-pandemic economy, and why risk may take on a new definition. Entrepreneurs may do well looking at businesses which are not geographically focused, nor reliant on employees.
In episode number three, David Scott talks about criteria in deciding on a career path or business. Identify what’s important to you, then structure your business or career around those key components. You’ll find fulfillment when your career supports your lifestyle, rather than hindering it.
David Scott and Alma Delgado discuss key habits that are critical to success.
David Scott introduces the podcast and discusses the focus of the show, the importance of seeking success, and the connection between ambition, contentment, values, and character.
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